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Latest news of our slackline development
  1. New Highline Freestyle Webbing: X-Wing

    X-Wing is the most radical Highline Freestyle Setup for the next generation of tricks that you haven't even thought of by now
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  2. No more T-Loops

    At raed we decided to not offer T-Loops anymore in our sewing services. We rather recommend Dura La Vida loops.
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  3. Highline World Record!

    Highline World Record for raed athlete Julien Roux!
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  4. World Record: Highest Highline

    WORLD RECORD! This short movie takes you to the highest peaks of the Andes in South America.
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  5. New US Highline Record!

    A dream was finally accomplished on November 11, 2021. An amazing group of people came together to rig and send the USA highline record!
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    Watch our video of a 680m highline in Croatia. The beauty and the destruction.
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  7. ☠️ WARNING: Knots in highline webbings ☠️

    We tested more than 60 frost knots in different slackline webbings. The most important lesson: We found massive deviations in the test results of frost knots in slackline webbing. All details in the video
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  8. New RODEO weblock

    The new ultralight RODEO weblock is here. Check the video!
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  9. New: Titanium Leash Ring and Ultralight Leashes

    An ultralight Titanium leash ring and a complete leash set weighing below 200 grams just hit our shop
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  10. New California Highline Record!

    There's a new California Highline Record!
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  11. L’highline e la paura

    Raed Athlete Soraya's professional perspective on how to deal with fear in highlining
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  12. MOTM webbing: bouncier than ever!

    Amazing news for freestyle highliners and bounce freaks: In 2021 our MOTM webbing is much stretchier than ever before.
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  13. Highlining and Fear

    Raed Athlete Soraya's professional perspective on how to deal with fear in highlining
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  14. New: Slackline 1x1 booklet

    The raed Slackline 1x1 booklet contains the most important slackline info flyers and safety documents from the International Slackline Association - ISA as well as a stunning collection of slackline photographies
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  15. Parsec webbing: stronger & lighter!

    Great news for gear nerds: Our PARSEC webbing is now stronger yet lighter than ever before!
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  16. New life for old slackline webbings

    Today we added some new life to many old slackline webbings from Slacklineverein berlin e.V.
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  17. DuraLaVida 2.0 - Next Generation Split Highline Design

    DuraLaVida 2.0 is the next generation split highline design for big highline projects. It's safer, easier to connect and smaller than any other split highline design in the market.
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  18. Surfbouncing the new AURORA webbing

    "This surfbounces nearly by itself, I've never had sessions feel that easy!" raed athlete Sebastian Klimke said after his very first session on the 100m AURORA midline near Berlin. Check the vid of his surfbounce session:
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  19. Break testing old MOTM webbing

    Testing of 18 months permarigged highly used raed MOTM tubular nylon highline webbing vs. new MOTM webbing
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  20. New PRO Multiplier

    Our PRO Double Multiplier just got 20g lighter! With 85g this is the lightest multiplier we ever created
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  21. New webbing: DYNEEMITE

    BOOM. Your old personal best just got blasted: Walking this webbing feels like cheating - on speed... Dyneemite is an ultralight Dyneema-Polyester hybrid webbing for your BIG highline projects. Specs:
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  22. Slackline pulley efficiency comparison by HowNotToHighline

    Ryan from HowNotToHighline tested many ways to tension slacklines on their efficiency, including our famous BLNC 5:1 slackline pulleys.
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  23. Rainbow webbing is back!

    Our famous RAINBOW webbing is back!
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  24. Never lose your shackle pin again!

    New in our shop: Shackles with captive pin, so you can never drop the pin down the cliff again
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  25. Do we need the ISA safety labels?

    Do we need the ISA safety labels? Here's our full opinion about it.
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  26. The new RigLock: A weblock with anti-slippage

    The RigLock is our most versatile weblock. It combines our BLNC weblock and a rigging plate into one device. And did we mention its anti-slippage-functionality? Have a close look at all the features in our video:
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  27. NEW: The Ultralight Travel Slackline Set.

    NEW: The Ultralight Travel Slackline Set. 1090 grams. Yes, you didn't get that wrong: 1090 grams
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  28. Breaking test of the Helium Soft Release

    Did you always want to know how strong a highline soft release is?
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  29. DuraLaVida: A split highline design from raed slacklines

    VIDEO: The DuraLaVida Loop is the split highline setup by raed slacklines.
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  30. New: The BLNC Weblock

    The BLNC Weblock is a true working horse weblock. It provides all the best features like a big hollow diverter, a pushpin at the front, strong steel construction and really big holes for easiest attaching even under difficult rigging circumstances. It weighs only 284 grams and is extremely robust. You can find it in our shop now: https://raed-slacklines.com/blnc-weblock
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  31. The new RODEO weblock is here

    The next generation RODEO weblock is finally here! We received lots of feedback on our first version, so we collected all that feedback and improved the known version in many little details:
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  32. New Nylon Highline Webbing: CUMULUS

    You think our SuperMOTM kicked like a horse when you bounced it? Well, we got some news for you: CUMULUS is the roundhouse kick for your bouncy sessions! Soft, round, thick, smooth edges make it perfect for your bare feet and catches. With a weight of just 66g/m but 35 kN strength plus robust core/sheath design this webbing is also perfect for your remote highline spots. And the best of it: More than 8% stretch at 5 kN combined with a therma stretch/hydro shield covering makes your bounce sessions smoother and more controlled than ever before. Get your own Cumulus webbing in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/cumulus-nylon-highline-webbing
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  33. Risks of soft shackles in highline rigs

    We did some tests and found an interesting result when we tested a sewn loop on a soft shackle
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  34. New slackline pulley system: PRO 5:1 pulleys

    The PRO 5:1 is an extremely efficient and small pulley set, that can be multiplied to 25x mechanical advantage with our PRO Multiplier. So you can easily tension your longline, even if you're pulling alone and one handed! It attaches directly to a lightweight whoopie sling, so you won't need any heavy shackles in your bag. And the best part: It starts at 239€! Get the PRO 5:1 Pulley System in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/pro-5-1-pulley-system
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  35. NEW: sewn loops in webbings

    You can add sewn loop ends to any of your webbing orders in our shop now. They are tested, strong and extremely reliable. Get your piece of sewn webbing in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/slackline-webbing/
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  36. The lightest slackline pulley system in the market

    866g! This is the lightest, yet most efficient slackline pulley system in the market. It's so tiny, it fits into the pocket of your jacket. But it gives you the 25x power of your arm - so you can easily tension longlines one handed. And the best: It starts at 199,- € Get your BLNC 5:1 pulley in our slackshop and start a lot lighter into the new season: https://raed-slacklines.com/blnc-5-1-pulley-system
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  37. NEW: BLNC 9:1 slackline pulley system

    The third of our brand new pulley systems is the BLNC version of our famous 9:1 pulleys. It connects to shackles and comes with a very abrasion resistant, therefore long lasting rope. Of course it's made from our ROCsolid steel for maximum strength. It is very affordable too: Starting at 249,- € this pulleys will let you rig high tension longlines with a smile on your face. Get the new BLNC 9:1 pulleys in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/blnc-9-1-pulley-system
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  38. The lightest slackline pulley system in the market

    Oooops, we did it again! We built the lightest, smallest but yet most efficient slackline pulley system in the world! It weighs 866g incl. 20m rope, which is 37% lighter than the lightest competitor in the market. It fits into the pocket of your jacket. And it gives you the 25x power of your arm pulling. You can easily tension a 100m longline alone and one handed with it, promised. And the best part of it: This tiny masterpiece of German engineering starts at 199,- €. Get your own BLNC 5:1 pulley system in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/blnc-5-1-pulley-system Check the weight comparison of 5:1 pulley systems in the market:
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  39. Whoopies on Trees as Slackline Anchors?

    Whoopies on Trees as Slackline Anchors? Well, you might want to read this...
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  40. Some safety concerns on soft shackles in highline rigs

    We know a little bit about Dyneema. And during the last 24 hours we received many questions about soft shackles for the connection of webbing pieces in long highlines.
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  41. tensile test raed PRO weblock 2016 vs 2017

    Destruction pr0n ftw: In preparation for the International Slackline Association - ISA safety certification of weblocks
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  42. Efficiency comparison test of slackline pulley systems for longlines

    Anytime when you want to walk across a slackline, you have to tension it first.
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  43. Now available: Perfect gifts for slackliners

    Everybody knows their slackliner buddies: They usually own all the gear they're burning for. So you mostly don't know what might be the right present for their birthday or christmas. We know a solution: Have a close look at our slackline gifts category in our slackline online shop. We're sure you'll find sweet gifts for your slackline friends in there which they don't own yet but they'd really love one of them :)
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  44. Countries where we shipped raed gear grows rapidly

    The list of countries where we already shipped our famous raed slacklines gear grows every day. Loom how impressive it became! Help us to fill the white spots and order your own raed slackline gear today :P
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  45. Why your slackline gear should never be made of aluminium

    There's some change happening in the slackline community, that we want to take a closer look at today: Aluminium gear for longlines and highlines
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  46. Call for Slackgirls

    CALL FOR SLACKGIRLS We at raed slacklines truly believe in the awesomeness of the slackline community, where women and girls achieve the same great things as men and boys do. That's why we're building our slackteam 50:50 of boys and girls. To achieve this goal, we call out for all strong slackgirls to apply for a place in our raed slacklines team. Drop us an Email to stephan@raed-slacklines.com and send us your personal achievements, pictures of your most beautiful lines and tell us a bit about your ambitions. We're looking forward to hear from you and get in contact with all you talented girls out there. Keep the balance, your raed slacklines team.
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  47. ISA study: raed ultralight slackline anchor set doesn't harm trees

    slackline tree protection for whoopie slings It's official now: Dyneema whoopies don't harm trees if they are used with raed TreePRO, the only carbon fibre reinforced tree protection on the market. Read the full study, authored by the International Slackline Association and get the lightest slackline anchor set available today:  Many thanks to Philipp, Lisa, Thomas, Ruth, Bradley, Sonya and Jan for the huge efforts everyone of them put into this study and the ISA in general. You all are really pushing the whole slackline community to an awesome direction.

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  48. Lightweight Slackline Anchors

    Longline sets used to be heavy and bulky over the last years. But somehow times change and things get better - and lighter. Time for us to take a closer look on slackline anchor systems from the perspective of their weight.

    Longline anchors usually work the same way: you wrap some kind of sling around a tree and connect your slackline gear to it. But this is where the similarities end. There are many differences in slackline anchors. Some brands use relabeled spansets that are known from industry rigging, others use modified webbing and a quite new approach is the use of spliced Dyneema rope.

    For our comparison we took the most known longline brands and added the weights of their anchor components: the anchor sling itself plus the treeprotection that is usually sold along. Let's keep it short & simple, these are the results, sorted from lightweight to heavyweight:

    slackline anchors by weight

    1. raed whoopie + TreePRO (894 g per set)
    2. BC adjustable sling + TreeLite (1024 g per set)
    3. Slacktivity adjustable sling + Treeprotector (1380 g per set)
    4. SlacklineTools Baumschlinge + Landcruising TreePlus (1760 g per set)
    5. Landcruising Spanset + Landcruising TreePlus (2580 g per set)

    slackline anchors: potential weight savings

    As you can see, there is a very easy way to save lots of weight in your slackline backpack. The difference between the commonly used combination of spansets / TreePlus and whoopies / TreePRO is more than 1650 grams. Thats the equivalent of a 1.5l water bottle!

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  49. New product: raed sling trainer from recycled slackline gear

    Do you want to become a better and stronger slackliner? We have the right training tool for you, completely made from slackline components: The raed sling trainer

    A slingtrainer is the perfect training tool for your core stability. The raed suspension trainer is a very simple but powerful tool that makes you stronger everytime you use it. And it's fun to take it to the park too: Connect it to a branch of a tree and train after a slackline session. You will love the feeling of getting stronger outdoors.

    sling trainer

    There are 2 versions of our slingtrainer available. The brand new version is built from new materials. New pulley, new rope, new carabiner and so on. The recycled version of our sling trainer is very environmental friendly. It comes with recycled pulleys, carabiners and slings from used slackline sets and pulley systems. So this slackline gear gets a new life after its awesome slackline use. You will see that it had a great life as slackline gear before and it will still bring you environmental friendly fun and huge training effects.

    Every part is completely tested for safety of course. Every part of our raed sling trainer is made in Germany and oringinally made for the daily slackline use. The webbing for the slings is made from our most famous MOTM for example. It's so smooth and soft, it's just perfect to snuggle it to your wrists in training sessions. The pulley on the other hand is from our PRO pulley system. It's completely frictionless, so it challenges you for really intense body engagement during your training sessions. You see: every single part is very strong and robust. This sling trainer will be your best training buddy for years and it will make you as strong as you never believed to be. Go hard or go home ;) 

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  50. Dyneema Soft shackles and whoopie slings for slackliners

    Spliced Dyneema becomes more and more popular among enthusiast slackliners. It's one of the easiest ways to save lots of weight in a backpack full of gear. Check out our Dyneema Whoopies as slackline anchor slings and our incredibly strong soft shackles. You will love them, promised!

    Whoopies: https://raed-slacklines.com/slackline-hardware/slackline-anchor-slings/l/dyneema/

    Soft shackles: https://raed-slacklines.com/slackline-hardware/slackline-soft-shackles/l/dyneema/


    Spliced eye of a Dyneema Whoopie Sling Dyneema Soft Shackle Dyneema Whoopie Sling Splice
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  51. Longline Webbing for France

    That's an awesome package we sent to France today. Many hundreds of meters of Parsec, our low stretch Polyester Longline webbing and 100 additional meters of MOTM, our high stretch tubular nylon slackline webbing. Seems like there are huge projects going on in France. Keep the balance!


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  52. "Is your PRO slackline pulley system compatible to other brands' gear?"

    "Is your PRO pulley system connective to other brands' gear?" Of course it is. See our PRO slackline pulley system working together with the shiny SeaHorse from Slacktivity. Thanks to Arne for this nice picture! Slackline Pulley System compatible with Slacktivity SeaHorse Weblock

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  53. PRO Longline Set available without webbing now

    Due to many customer requests we decided to make it a bit easier for you to order our famous PRO gear even if you fell in love with some non-raed-webbing. From today it's possible to configure the PRO Longline Set without any webbing. Choose whatever webbing you want, but use the best gear to tension your lines. Of course the non-webbing-version saves you lots of money too. Money that you can spend in some awesome webbing for your next projects. Maybe you want to try some of the webbings we really like to recommend to you:

    Slacktivity Marathon - some really nice low stretch webbing for long projects

    Landcruising Sonic - Landcruising's masterpiece. Stretchy, soft, bouncy.

    BC Mantra MK4 - low stretch, round edges - what else would you want?

    SlackFR McFly - really stretchy and round edges. Lovely

    Landcruising Core 2 - heavy duty webbing for those who need to rely on heavy things.

    BC Feather PRO - some lightweight webbing for low tension projects

    SlackFR MILF- strong and soft webbing for longer projects

    Slacktivity RedTube - really high stretch. Can you control that beast?

    Whatever webbing you love: Our PRO Longline Set will have it tensioned for you with ease in a few minutes. So have fun and keep the balance!

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  54. Dyneema slings on trees - the evolution of raed slacklines TreePRO

    Some months ago we introduced TreePRO to the awesome slackline community. TreePRO is some kind of new school tree protection that allows you to use Dyneema whoopie slings as anchor slings on trees, as shown in our famous PRO Longline Set for example.

    We recieved tons of feedback about the TreePRO concept. The feedback included many suggestions on how to further improve the protection of trees. So we tried lots of smaller and bigger changes on the design. In tis article we want to show the state of the evolution of TreePRO and highlight the PROs and CONs of the designs.

    DESIGN 1
    The first design was quite simple. We took some Cordura nylon, folded it in half, some pocket seams were sewn in and the carbon plates were put in.

    the first design of TreePRO

    PROs: easy to produce, lightweight, needs only Cordura and carbon fibre plates,
    CONs: no possibility to fix it to the tree during setup, the anchor sling can not be fixed to prevent abrasion, the carbon plates have 'unprotected' space in between, where traces can occure under circumstances of very rough bark, no soft padding of the carbon plates against the bark

    DESIGN 2
    The second design was a unique prototype that became deprecated quickly

    The second design of TreePRO

    PROs: nice look
    CONs: all of design 1, harder to produce, not robust enough

    DESIGN 3
    Design 3 tried to avoid many of the CONs of design 1. We added some very flexible but robust memory foam with cordura cover as base layer, the red cordura was sewn onto this base layer to create the pockets. Velcro patches were attached to the red Cordura. The velcros should create the ability to fix TreePRO to the tree and to fix the anchor sling to TreePRO.

    Third design of TreePRO

    Have a closer look at the sandwich structure of this design. A base layer of Cordura, memory foam and Cordura again, carbon plates in the middle and Cordura on the outside:

    Cross section of TreePRO

    PROs: ability to fix it to the tree during setup, ability to fix the anchor sling

    CONs: velcros can't keep the whoopie in place when using saggy lines, unprotected space between carbon plates

    DESIGN 4
    When introducing design 3, some people's feedback was that the concept may be right but to get it done perfectly we most propably would have to make it even heavier and more bulky. That's why we did exactly the opposite: We designed it smaller, lighter and nevertheless with lots of more tree protection and usability than in version 3

    Design 4 of TreePRO

    PROs: Same load distribution area like the bulkier versions before, Nearly no unprotected space between carbon plates, memory foam base layer, friction protection by Cordura nylon, velcro straps to attach it to the tree during setup, velcro straps can be threaded with anchor sling for protection against slipping when tensioning saggy,
    CONs: velcro straps are too wide, under some circumstances the anchor sling can put pressure below the carbon plates

    DESIGN 5

    Design 5 is a small but important change of design 4. The pockets for the carbon plates are 15% longer for even more load distribution area and the velcros are attached a little higher on the outside cordura. This prevents the anchor sling to slip below the carbon plates. This makes sure that the anchor sling always lies on the carbon plates for full load distribution.

    Design 5 of TreePRO
    TreePRO is shown here in use in a bad angle configuration. The anchor sling is kept in place by the velcros nevertheless.

    PROs: huge load distribution area, nearly no unprotected space between carbon plates, memory foam base layer, friction protection by Cordura nylon, velcro straps to attach it to the tree during setup, velcro straps can be threaded with anchor sling for protection against slipping when tensioning saggy or in bad angle conditions

    CONs: no cons known at this moment

    Results when using TreePRO

    TreePRO design 4 & 5 are in use for some weeks now. We had lots of internal tests. After these tests we were confident to show this update to the public and went to several slackline festivals, like the TüTü-Slack in Tübingen or the Slackline Festival NRW (thanks for the awesome time to both festivals b.t.w.). We believe that most slackers will agree that slackline festivals can be seen as an ultimate gear test. Dozens of slackliners walking, bouncing, jumping around on your gear for many days in a row. That's why we don't want to keep the results of those heavy use installations from you:

    Results of TreePRO usage on a very soft and wet bark
    The result of 100 m Parsec line with about 3.5 m sag, rigged at Roßberg during the TüTü Slack on a tree with a very wet and therefore soft and moss-covered bark. No visible traces beyond some greener moss because of keeping the bark wet unter the TreePRO. No traces of load, no traces of Dyneema rope in the bark.

    Results of 3 days continuous TreePRO usage on a very rough bark
    The result of anchor 1 of 70 m Parsec line with 2 m sag, rigged on a birch tree with quite uneven bark at Slackline Festival NRW. Time of load to the tree: 3 days. Visible traces: None

    Results of 3 days continuous TreePRO usage on a smooth bark
    The result of anchor 2 of 70 m Parsec line with 2 m sag, rigged on a beech tree with very even bark at Slackline Festival NRW. Time of load to the tree: 3 days. Visible traces: None


    It's official: The International Slackline Association made some very technical and insightful tests to find out about the forces of different slackline anchor slings on trees. They found: Dyneema whoopies don't harm trees if they are used with raed TreePRO, the only carbon fibre reinforced tree protection on the market. The forces even stay below the threshhold of none damaging loads of permanently installed rigs. Read the full study, authored by the International Slackline Association. As the study tested a worst case scenario with a very small diameter tree, we put up some calculations about higher loads you can put on whoopie slings at larger trees without going beyond the threshhold of tree friendliness. These calculations are based on a worst case scenario, so the values will most likely be a little below. But we believe it's worth protecting our trees a little more. So these are the numbers for your orientation:



    TreePRO weighs 297 grams each. Rolled together it's smaller than a hand. See the pictures:

    TreePRO weight: 297 grams

    TreePRO is very small packing

    It's really small, huh?



    For our comparison we took the most known longline brands and added the weights of their anchor components: the anchor sling itself plus the treeprotection that is usually sold along. Let's keep it short & simple, these are the results, sorted from lightweight to heavyweight:

    slackline anchors by weight

    1. raed whoopie + TreePRO (894 g per set)
    2. BC adjustable sling + TreeLite (1024 g per set)
    3. Slacktivity adjustable sling + Treeprotector (1380 g per set)
    4. SlacklineTools Baumschlinge + Landcruising TreePlus (1760 g per set)
    5. Landcruising Spanset + Landcruising TreePlus (2580 g per set)

    slackline anchors: potential weight savings

    As you can see, there is a very easy way to save lots of weight in your slackline backpack. The difference between the commonly used combination of spansets / TreePlus and whoopies / TreePRO is more than 1650 grams. Thats the equivalent of a 1.5l water bottle!

    So: Get the lightest slackline anchor set available today, protect your trees and and save lots of space and weight in your slackline backpack. It's a win win. 

    TreePRO by raed slacklines is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
    Based on a work at https://raed-slacklines.com/treepro

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  55. Parsec Longline webbing is now stronger than ever before

    Parsec is the most famous longline webbing webbing from raed slacklines. New tensile tests of this awesome piece of weavery show: It's stronger than ever before. The first generation of Parsec achieved a breaking strength of about 36 kN - we added some safety margin and it was sold as a 33 kN webbing.

    The latest development of this webbing makes it even stronger. Tensile tests assure a minimum breaking strength of more than 37.5 kN in average. And again we add some safety margin. Parsec is now sold as 35 kN longline webbing. These improvements don't change anything on the price of Parsec webbing of course. You can buy it in our online shop for the best price possible. 

    Always be safe and keep the balance - on strong Parsec webbing :)

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  56. Testing the strength of our PRO weblock

    The safety of slackline gear is essential for slackliners. Longlines are set up with high tensions so there is lots of potential energy stored in the parts of a longline set when you walk across your line. Nobody wants the line or the components like pulley system or weblock to fail. This could lead to serious injuries when a slackliner is hit by flying parts of a high tension slackline after one part failed.

    That's the reason why safety concerns are absolutely taken serious by the raed slacklines team. Every part is accurately engineered by our german engineering team. Many prototypes are produced to make sure everything works absolutely fine. Afterwards every product is tested in lab tests and used by ourselves in many field tests. Only products that pass all those tests will make it to our shop.

    Take our PRO weblock for example. It's an engineering part that we are really proud of. No shackles, no parts to lose. And yet way lighter and stronger than most other weblocks out there. Its MBS: More than 100 kN. During the lab test there were 16mm stainless shackles connected to it to make sure it stays in place. These heavy duty shackles were completely bent before the PRO weblock failed at more than 10 tons of load. Watch the video above to see the strength of our PRO weblock. Fun facts about this test: The side plates, made of the ultrastrong ROCsolid steel don't even show signs of deformation after the 100 kN load. Only the screw of the center divider was cut off by this huge load. The shackles that have been connected to the weblock had to be cut out afterwards because of their heavy bendings. Enjoy the detail pictures ;)

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  57. Introducing the PRO Longline Set

    Hey Slackers around the globe! We are proud to introduce PRO, our revolutionary longline system, to you. This longline set doesn't need any heavy shackles. It also doesn't need any heavy industry slings. It's just a pure result of german engineering to bring you the most efficient and lightweight longline set ever. The complete PRO set - including everything you need to walk 100 m of awesome webbing - weighs less than 9 (!) kilograms. Yes, including anchorslings, weblocks, pulley system, treepro, everything. The best thing about it: With this efficient system you can rig 100m of slackline in about 5 minutes. Alone. Times when 5 guys were needed to tension a longline are over! ;) Want to have a closer look at it? Just click https://raed-slacklines.com/pro-longline-set

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  58. Worldwide Shipping

    During the last months we shipped our slackline gear to EU-countries only. But there arrived more and more questions of slackers around the world who wanted us to ship to their far away destinations so we decided to add more countries to our shipping list to make shopping much easier for you wherever you are. The list of added countries contains: USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Argentina, Morocco, Mexico, Jordan, Israel, Iran, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand and Turkey. Have fun everywhere and keep the balance :)
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  59. Testing the PRO Slackline Set in Spain

    El Chorro. One of the best winter climbing destinations in Europe. Home of countless hard climbs, refuge for many addicted climbers and slackers during the harsh winter in northern europe. Like us.

    What's one of the best part of climbing trips? You all know it: resting days to go sklacklining! So we took our raed slacklines PRO pulley system and 45 m of MOTM tubular nylon slackline webbing and looked for a nice spot to rig a decent longline. The spot was quickly found inside a reservoir with very low water level. The enclosed basin was absolutely perfect for rigging the line only knee high but left us enough sag to have tons of fun on the bouncy nylon webbing.


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  60. Soft Shackles made of Dyneema available now

    Soft shackles are awesome. You can open and close them, so you can use them like a shackle or a carabiner. But at their given strength they only weigh one seventh of a steel shackle coming with same strength. Soft shackles are made of Dyneema, an extremely strong fibre that is as strong as a steel cable the same size but at way less weight. It is so lightweight, it even swims in water! 

    Ou 50 kN raed soft shackles with are made of 6mm DynaOne which is known for superior strength and durability in many conditions due to its innovative coating. You can use them as replacement for your steel shackles and save lots of weight in your backpack. We promise: once you experienced a lightweight rucksack full of gear you will never want to go back to the heavy stuff ;)

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