Soft Shackles made of Dyneema available now

Soft shackles are awesome. You can open and close them, so you can use them like a shackle or a carabiner. But at their given strength they only weigh one seventh of a steel shackle coming with same strength. Soft shackles are made of Dyneema, an extremely strong fibre that is as strong as a steel cable the same size but at way less weight. It is so lightweight, it even swims in water! 

Ou 50 kN raed soft shackles with are made of 6mm DynaOne which is known for superior strength and durability in many conditions due to its innovative coating. You can use them as replacement for your steel shackles and save lots of weight in your backpack. We promise: once you experienced a lightweight rucksack full of gear you will never want to go back to the heavy stuff ;)

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