Sascha's highline leash broke

Sascha's highline leash broke

Sascha's PRO leash broke!

Hey, I'm Stephan from raed slacklines - this is Sascha's broken PRO highline leash.

He got this leash in early 2022 and used it for 2 years nearly every single day. It was installed in his freestyle perma rig and exposed to the elements there for about one year. In addition it traveled with him around the world and was used in many freestyle lines as well as festivals and big lines. After all it's safe to say that this leash has seen a heavy amount of use and lots of UV radiation from being in the outdoors.

We were curious: How much strength is left in it? Is the sewn connection still safe after all this? So we put it to the test. As you've seen the leash broke at 13.32 kN in the figure 8 knot. This is how the sewn connection looks like after the test: The sewing is in great condition and doesn't show any signs of weakness. After 2 years of intense athlete use it's still significantly stronger than the figure 8 knot which is great news.

That's all I have for you today. If you're interested in the PRO leash set with our ultralight HALO Titanium leash ring, please visit this link to learn more about it:

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