raed slacklines discount codes

Highest quality comes at a price

We want you to be 100% satisfied with our raed products. That's why we pay rent, wages, machines, raw materials, taxes and many more things directly in Germany to produce all the high quality gear our customers love. This way we can ensure the highest quality standards compared to cheaper production somewhere else on the other side of the globe. We take the money needed for that from our customers and use it for the development of our gear. If we gave out our work for free or at high discounts, we wouldn’t be able to offer the high quality products you’d like to use. Because with limited resources we’d only be able to develop subpar or maybe average products. That's why you won't find big discount codes for raed slacklines anywhere online. It's simply not compatible with our philosophy of how we develop high quality gear. 

Slackline SALE

If you're looking for discounted slackline gear, always have a close look at our SALE. We offer refurbished hardware, rest pieces of webbing and gear from the past seasons that's still in our stock at a highly discounted price. Happy shopping ;)

Volume discounts

If you plan to purchase a large amount of gear for your association or local community in our shop, feel free to ask for an official quote. Please get in touch with us via e-mail at slackshop@raed-slacklines.com in this case. Please be aware that volume discounts really only work on large order volumes. 

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