raed athlete team

Raed Athlete Team

The best slackliners of this planet are connected in this amazing pool of talent. Every single one of them has their very own special ability: From highline records to amazing circus rodeo action. This is the creme de la creme of our sport. These athletes come from all over the globe, but our goal is to unite them regularly in breathtaking team adventures so they can benefit from each others strengths and learn from each other.

Our team athletes also are the heart of our innovation process. They give very valuable feedback in our gear development and test our gear prototypes. They drive us to create better and better gear for all of our customers. They are our inspiration. And we love to support them in their journeys. Every single day.

Our Brand Ambassadors

Our brand ambassadors are highly talented slackliners and very well connected in their local communities. They have access to our early adaptors program for new gear and provide valuable feedback in our development process. They're highly recognized as opinion leaders by their peers and on social media.


Clara Herrmann
  1. Welcome to team raed: Alonso Rodriguez!

    Welcome. We're happy to support you in your slacklife!
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  2. Highlining and Fear

    Raed Athlete Soraya's professional perspective on how to deal with fear in highlining
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  3. Winter Highline in the Alps

    Alpine winter highlining is for sure one of the biggest challenges a highliner could choose. You need to be really fast
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  4. Surfbouncing the new AURORA webbing

    "This surfbounces nearly by itself, I've never had sessions feel that easy!" raed athlete Sebastian Klimke said after his very first session on the 100m AURORA midline near Berlin. Check the vid of his surfbounce session:
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  5. Happy CIRCUS time

    Happy CIRCUS time! Raed athlete @pietrobarilli officially received his Circus Diploma from the @inac.circusschool - congrats! In the picture you can see a glimpse of his breathtaking and very entertaining rodeoline performance. Pietro performs his show on TWTMNBN webbing and with a RODEO weblock - you can get your own in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/twtmnbn-highline-webbing & https://raed-slacklines.com/rodeo-weblock

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  6. Quirin plays local with his buddies

    "Play local" is the theme for highliners in 2020. raed athlete @quirinherterich went out with his buddies Lukas and Julian for a fun session in the Alps, this spot is 8km away from Quirin's home. ⁠

    Line: Cumulus https://raed-slacklines.com/cumulus-nylon-highline-webbing⁠

    Weblock:Riglock https://raed-slacklines.com/riglock⁠

    Anchor: Runner Twin Olympic 6mm rope https://raed-slacklines.com/gleistein-runnertwin-olympic-6mm⁠ 

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  7. Kamil's session at a secret spot near Berlin

    Kamil travelled from Poland to Germany to have a session with his fellow Berlin slackers. So we rigged a 70m Cumulus midline, tensioned it to a proper trick highline tension and the whirling started :P⁠ Get your own Cumulus webbing in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/cumulus-nylon-highline-webbing
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  8. Highlining in Sardinia

    Can you spot the highliner? #ulassai and #sardinia provided the perfect place for raed athlete @ayaros_ztluhcs and her 90m Rainbow highline. The line was visible from nearly everywhere in the entire valley, which made the residents enjoy the view and philosophizing about the action going on at the top of their village. ⁠ The amazing atmosphere of this picture was captured by @lepyruvate_outdoor (Forian Beyer)⁠ Get your own Rainbow webbing in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/rainbow-polyester-highline-webbing⁠
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  9. Basti's BIG rodeo surfswing session in Jena

    raed athlete Sebastian likes his rodeo swings high and hard. Fasten your seatbelts:
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  10. 1 hour of continuous rodeoline surfing

    Do you need some inspiration for your lockdown slackline training? Raed athlete Pietro Barilli shows his routine: 1 complete hour of continuous rodeo surfing!
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  11. Connecting Islands – Quirin Herterich's Sardegna highline project

    Quirin Herterich tells about his latest highline adventure between Sardegna and „Pan di Zucchero“ [german]
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  12. Maggie on 105m Rainbow at the THC 2020

    Do you have goals for 2020? raed athlete Maggie does: "More highlining than during the last years!" is what she told us some weeks after she finished her studies. So for her it's now time to get back from the desk onto many lines all over the world. Well... At least when this corona pandemy is finally over. In the picture she just went cruising on 105m of Rainbow webbing at the Turkish Highline carnival 2020. Get your own slackline gear in our shop: https://raed-slacklines.com
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  13. An Alpine Highline - The Vulture's Head

    What happens when four highly motivated highliners receive the message that their dream project is cancelled due to bad weather conditions? Right: They simply go somewhere else and have some fun there. Watch raed athletes Soraya, Flo and Quirin highlining and having fun in the alps, documented by Tom Peek:
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  14. Pietro's Rodeoline showcast video

    Meet Pietro, the latest member of the raed athletes team! Born in Italy, now living in Portugal, Pietro sent us this showcast, to become a raed team member. We were immediately convinced - just watch it and make up your own opinion:

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  15. A picture from "the good old times...

    Raed athlete Quirin Herterich sent us this picture from "the good old times..." ;) Length of the line: 190m Height: 80m His personal comment on this one: "Training days - when the Tiroliners crew went out with 4 people to rig 5 Highlines and leave them up for four weeks. In this session i walked the line 2 times fullmen, back in the days this was pretty f***ing long for me." Get your own highline gear in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/ Photo Credits: Tessi Weber
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  16. Kamil on bouncy MOTM

    raed athlete Kamil sends a 89m highline in Poland on our soft and bouncy MOTM webbing. The tubular weave and the relatively low weight of this webbing allows you to either send line with ease or go big with your bounce tricks on it. Get your own MOTM in our shop: https://raed-slacklines.com/motm-tubular-nylon-slackline-webbing
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  17. Welcome to our athletes team: Quirin Herterich!

    Welcome to our raed athlete team: Quirin Herterich! Quirin is an extraordinary highliner. He holds the record for the longest distance ever walked on a Highline after walking non-stop 2,500 meters on the 2.8 km line in Norway 2018. This picture was taken in August 2019 at one of his homespots in Bavaria, Germany. Originally he wanted to go to Chamonix at this time but conditions there did not allow the team to do their project - so he invited the whole crew to hang out at his place and highline the bavarian homespots. Length: 80m Height: 70m Webbing: Double Rainbow Get your own Rainbow in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/rainbow-polyester-highline-webbing
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  18. Sebastian's "training highline"

    raed athlete Sebastian is one of the highly talented young guns in this amazing community. Last week he sent his first 420 m highline in Bosnia - aged 20. In this picture you can see him training on his home spot near Jena, Germany on his Rainbow highline setup. Line length: 160m. Sebastian uses this line to "make miles". This intense training method aims for a long distance walk back and forth and back and forth and so on until he reaches a point where he can't continue to walk anymore. Then he still keeps pushing hard until he reaches his set distance goal and goes back home for some rest. This kind of training provides the needed physical strength and endurance to master the big lines that are waiting for him. The 420m was just the first step in his journey, this is for sure. Wanna be a strong highliner too? Find your gear in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/ Thx for the pic: Daniel Neumann
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  19. Magdalena at the Terrassenfest at the Seeblickhotel Grundlsee

    Magdalena Preimesberger just sent us a picture from the Terrassenfest at the @SeeblickhotelGrundlsee - highlining in a traditional Austrian "Dirndl" in front of amazing alpine landscape near the Grundlsee, Austria. We love the atmosphere of this line, this shot, this landscape. The webbing she used for the line is TWTMNBN, you find it here in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/the-webbing-that-must-not-be-named

    Maggie is a member of the raed team for one year now. And we love to support this strong slackgirl on her journey. If you're also a really strong slackgirl and like to become a part of our athletes team: get in touch with us! Thx for the picture: Andreas Syen

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  20. Waterline: Soraya cruises across the Lago di Cavèdine, Italy

    Waterline week still to go! Soraya cruises across the Lago di Cavèdine, Italy. In the background you can spot the Monte Casale. For waterlines we recommend soft and bouncy webbing like our Rainbow or SuperMOTM. Check them in our shop: https://raed-slacklines.com/slackline-webbing/ Pic: Tom Peek
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  21. Easy cruising on 170m Rainbow

    Life is often unfair. Sometimes you see people make impossible things look so easy. One of these guys is raed athlete Sebastian. When he cruises across a long highline, it mostly looks effortless for him. In this picture you can see him on a 175m line, rigged on 50m pieces of Rainbow, connected via DuraLaVida loops. Backup: 53m Parsec segments. Would you like to level the field and make it look easy for yourself? Go training. Become stronger. And enjoy cruising these lines. You can find all the gear for your lines in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/
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  22. Surf it, baby!

    Surf it, baby! One of Sebastians highly appealing highline moves is some immense surfbounce. 80m, 100m, 150m? Doesn't matter - as soon as he finds the sweet spot of a line, he just goes crazy on it. Here you can see him during the Midsummer Highline Meeting at the Aktienbruch quarry in Löbejün, Germany. Wanna go crazy on highliney yourself? Check out our slackshop and find all the gear you need: https://raed-slacklines.com/
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  23. Flo Zoller Highlining in Albania

    Flo, member of the very elitist 1k highliner club and raed athlete went to Albania a while ago with his buddies Quirin, Yannick and Justin for a highline project at a surfer beach. The footage they kept there is breathtaking! Sit back, relax and enjoy this clip of "Surfer's Paradise", a 180m highline right across a beautiful beach. P.S.: wanna rig your own highline projects? get all the gear you need in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com
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  24. 2018 High-Waterline Village Meeting in Cefalu on Sicily

    It's waterline week! 2018 High-Waterline Village Meeting in Cefalu on Sicily. Here's what raed athlete Kamil has to say about it: "Warm water in the bay, waterlines, deep water soloing and after these morning session we were often going to the highlines because waterlines are so much harder than highlines :P" For your waterlines we recommend a soft and round webbing, like our Rainbow or MOTM. You find them in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/slackline-webbing/
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  25. A highline across a waterfall

    Can a highline be any more beautiful than a line crossing a waterfall? raed athlete Maggie shows her home spot in this picture. Wow, we're so jealous now! Here's what Maggie tells about her slacklife in general:

    "Highlining has become incredibly important to me over the last 5 years since I first started. Although it has been nearly impossible to highline during my studies, I never lost the craving for it. Those calm moments, the intense fighting ang struggling, as well as the happiness you experience in this sport, are what keeps me going. It shaped me, widened my way of thinking and gave me opportunities to meet incredible people and simply enriched my life in many different ways."

    Get your own highline gear in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/ pic: Tom Peek

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  26. Thomas' Rainbow surfbounce session @ thc 2019

    La machiiine! This incredibly unique style and flow can only be one person: raed athlete Thomas! Watch him surfbouncing on 100m Rainbow during the THC in Turkey last month. WOW
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  27. Kamil's highline shoulderstand

    A shoulderstand a day keeps the doct... Nah! The harsh reality is: Learning this trick on a slackline is pretty painful. You will fall many times and your shoulder will hurt a lot from the pressure of the thin webbing. And transfering it to a highline comes with even more pain: falling into the leash in the most undesired angles is not always a pleasure. But as you can see: raed athlete Kamil did his homework and performs it really well. If you'd like to try a shoulderstand on your own, we recommend a soft webbing with nice, round edges - like our Rainbow. Check it out in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/rainbow-polyester-highline-webbing
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  28. A highline sunset session in sardegna

    A sunset session with a walk directly into the sunset is one of the most iconic things every highliner dreams about. Here's what raed athlete Soraya has to tell about this one:

    "Before we went to Sardinia we did some research and had contact with a local highliner. He had never rigged the line at Capo Testa but he knew it has been done before. The information that he could give us was: bolting is not aloud. Everything is rigged natural.

    We needed to go to this place as we got mesmerized by the pictures in the climbing topo.

    After a short walk we entered the valley. I was impressed. The shapes of the rocks where fascinating and the highline was obvious. We scrambled/climbed up on both sides to check out the anchors and made a plan. You have to be creative when you rig a natural anchor what makes it a lot of fun. To rig a 155m highline in a team of 2 can be a challenge. It's always hard work but everything went smooth. Just before sunset we finished the highline and we could have the cherry on the cake: a beautiful session at sunset."

    Line specs: 155m Double Rainbow ( https://raed-slacklines.com/rainbow-polyester-highline-webbing ) Anchors: all natural Location: Capo Testa, Sardinia Picture: Tom Peek

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  29. Flo cruising on 230m Rainbow highline

    Raed athlete Flo Zoller explores the sky on his Rainbow webbing and Adriano finds the perfect place for a beautiful picture of him. Wow. Get your own Rainbow webbing in our shop: https://raed-slacklines.com/rainbow-polyester-highline-webbing Line-specs: Main: Rainbow Backup: Bluewing 230m long, 30m high, 75% over water 4-5 kN tension Location: a secret spot in the Northern Alps Pic: Adriano Losso
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  30. Flo won't stop his highline training in snowy winter

    Despite snow stacking hips deep on the ground and a continuing snow storm, raed athlete Flo appreciates to have found this opportunity to be on the highline during winter. Before walking he even had to remove a many centimeters thick layer of ice and snow from the 133m webbing of his permanent training rig. While all these circumstances made the line much more difficult to walk, he really liked this training opportunity for the warmer summer time to come very soon. That's the spirit! Get your own highline gear in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/ pic: Lukas Riediger
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  31. Welcome to team raed: Thomas!

    We're happy to announce a new raed athlete in our team: Thomas! This guy has insane surfing skills, as you can see in the picture where he goes rad on our MOTM webbing. He is also easily mastering long highlines. You can read about Thomas' slacklife in his short summary:

    "I’ve been slacklining since 2011. It all started with a little piece of 15m gibbon slackline that my climbing coach gave me in order to improve my skills on the walls. I got addicted super fast and 4 years later, after I torn it apart by using a stupid piece of concrete anchor, I bought the surfer line from gibbon a 30m piece. But I got bored super quickly, I wanted more ! One week later I had my first longline setup with a piece of 150m polyester… I think It’s here that my real slackline journey started.

    Unfortunately like I was studying in the north of France I didn’t get the opportunity to highline so much. Only 3 sessions over three years. I realy started highlining in 2017 around Toulouse in South of France. And now after 1.5 years of practice over France and Europe I can proudly say that I’ve passed 460m, and 350m blindfolded. Even if I love walking long highlines, I’ve always been more passionate about surfing. I just love that pure graceful act of balance. It gets you into a flow very quickly and the sensations can be ridiculously insane… So between a huge long highline and a line that you can surf I would always choose the line that you can surf, regarless the beauty of the spot of course. Notice that my favourite setup to surf line is not nylon, but heavy polyester, at least 90gr, on 100 meters at least. I can also say that among all the hours of slacklining I’ve surfed more than I’ve walked."

    Welcome to the team, Thomas!

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  32. A waterline summer session

    While Central Europe is recently drowning in snow, we're happy about raed athlete Maggie sending us a picture from a fun waterline in the sunny summer. Get your own waterline gear for the next spring in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/ pic: Karl Steinegger
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  33. Highline trip to Sardegna

    Raed athlete Soraya went to Sardinia with her partner Tom and many meters of Rainbow webbing in their backpack. Here's the story she brought from that adventure:

    "Before we went to Sardinia we did some research and had contact with a local highliner. He had never rigged the line at Capo Testa but he knew it has been done before. The information that he could give us was: bolting is not aloud. Everything is rigged natural.

    We needed to go to this place as we got mesmerized by the pictures in the climbing topo. After a short walk we entered the valley. I was impressed. The shapes of the rocks where fascinating and the highline was obvious. We scrambled/climbed up on both sides to check out the anchors and made a plan. You have to be creative when you rig a natural anchor what makes it a lot of fun. To rig a 155m highline in a team of 2 can be a challenge. It's always hard work but everything went smooth. Just before sunset we finished the highline and we could have the cherry on the cake: a beautiful session at sunset."

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  34. Snow is just frozen water

    Did we say summer and sushine? Waterlines can also be fun if the water below is frozen to fancy white flakes. And the flakes have also been on the line: raed athlete Kamil literally walked on the snow on the line barely even touching the 83m of webbing - what a fun experience! You want to go high on your own highline experiences? Get all the gear you need in our shop: https://raed-slacklines.com/ Picture: Piotr Błaszczak
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  35. Welcome to team raed: Magdalena Preimesberger!

    Please welcome to our team of slackline athletes: Maggie! In this picture you can see her on a highline from Rad Pack Projects in the olympic stadium in Munich, Germany during a shooting for Bogner.

    Maggie is an extraordinary #slackgirl - very calm and relaxed on the ground, but with the heart of a fighting lion and blessed with lots of talent for movement when being on the line. When we asked her, what webbing she needs for her training, she immediately answered: "Give me the heavy "webbing which must not be named", I want the heaviest and most difficult training line I can get." That's her spirit!

    If you want to traing like Maggie, get your "webbing which must not be named" in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/the-webbing-that-must-not-be-named

    Welcome to the team Maggie
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  36. Soraya at the Safety Meeting 2018

    raed athlete Soraya was one of the riggers at the Safety Meeting in the Netherlands last autumn. Here you can see her on the 40m MOTM line between these brutalist concrete buildings. What an amazing week that was! Get your own MOTM in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/motm-tubular-nylon-slackline-webbing line specs: * main: 40m MOTM / backup: 40m Parsec * raed PRO weblocks picture: Tom Peek
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  37. 230m of Rainbow

    When raed athlete Flo Zoller told us about this spot we had to promise not to spread the name or the coordinates. Just that much: 230m of Rainbow webbing, 30m high, 75% over water. He went there together with Quirin, Lukas, Tessi and Oli. Seems like the #tiroliners had lots of fun :D Thx for the picture: Adriano Losso Get your own Rainbow: https://raed-slacklines.com/rainbow-polyester-highline-webbing
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  38. Welcome to the team: Soraya!

    Please welcome our next team athlete: Soraya! Soraya comes from the flattest country on the planet. Here's what she has to say about her slack carreer so far: "In the summer of 2014, I took my first steps on the slackline, and I was addicted right away. Two weeks later, I tried my first highline which terrified me! Highlining is 100% mental and 100% physical. Ever since, I’ve been captivated by opening new highlines in the most beautiful places. I’m mostly interested in complex highlines in alpine environments. Since I’m from the flattest country in the world, this can be quite a challenge. I’m very happy that Raed Slackline will support me on this journey with strong, light and reliable gear!" We're looking forward for many cool projects with you, Soraya! If you also want to rig beautiful highlines, you will find the right gear for it in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/
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  39. Welcome to team raed: Flo Zoller

    Please welcome a new member of the raed team: Flo Zoller! Flo started slacklining in 2009 during summer holidays. He became addicted immediately and bought his first trickline to spend every free minute on it. In 2014 he tried highlining for the first time and his addiction changed. Since that moment he tries to constantly walk, explore and open new highlines all over the world. This summer he joined the club1000, the elite circle of human beings that ever sent a 1000m long highline. From now on he will use raed gear in his journey and help us to develop the most advanced gear for this sport. Welcome to our team Flo, we're looking forward for a great time and beautiful projects with you!
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  40. Basti's little Highline Bouncesession Montiggl

    Basti's little bounce session in Montiggl, Italy. Line: 60m SuperMOTM, 400m height, PRO weblocks, tensioned with PRO Pulley System. Backup: Parsec Get your highline setup in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com Slackliner: Sebastian Klimke Music: Rob Viktum, 4/17/1975
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  41. "the most difficult highline of my life"

    In this picture you can see raed athlete Sebastian on a line that he described as "the most difficult highline of my life". As you can see: the backup was tight as hell and the line was more than 300m long. This combination made it a real beast to walk. Do you want to become a strong highliner too? Get some heavy training webbing in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/twtmnbn-highline-webbing
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  42. Now that's what we call exposure!

    Now that's what we call exposure! * Athlete: Sebastian Klimke * Height: 400+ m * line length: 150m * Spot: Montiggl, Italy Get your own highline gear in our shop: https://raed-slacklines.com/
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  43. How does the training routine of our raed athletes usually look like?

    How does the training routine of our raed athletes usually look like? Sebastian chooses to waterline as much as he can during the warmer time of the year to strengthen his body and sharpen his skills and tricks on the line. Of course that includes hundreds of leashfalls, climbs and mounts, so these techniques are extremely advanced. For his training lines Sebastian mostly chooses MOTM webbing in PRO weblocks, usually tensioned between 3 and 4 kN. It's a playful and bouncy setup that is also quite challenging, depending on the length and height of the line. Get your gear in our slackshop: MOTM webbing: https://raed-slacklines.com/motm-tubular-nylon-slackline-webbing - PRO weblocks: https://raed-slacklines.com/pro-weblock
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  44. Waterlining at the Göllersee in South Tyrol

    Let's call it a waterline week to start this summer! Sebastian finds the perfect balance and bounce on 100m SuperMOTM across the Göllersee in Südtirol, Italy. Get your own piece of it in our shop: https://raed-slacklines.com/supermotm-threaded-tubular-nylon-slackline-webbing
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  45. Kamil's blindfolded session @Montiggl, Italy

    Sit back and enjoy the next 3 minutes of laid back beats and extremely relaxed highlining footage. No fancy whirling around, no bounces, no tricks. Plain blindfold walking and exposure on a 150m long and 400m high highline.

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  46. Free Download: Slackline Wallpaper for your devices

    Looking for a cool new slackline wallpaper for your electronic device? Look no further, we've got you covered! The wallpaper can be downloaded in several sizes for different screens:



    Laptop 16:9






    Android Tablet:

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  47. 430m waterline across Vistula river

    This is soo awesome, we can only quote from raed athlete Kamil directly: "At the beggining of this week with @pablosignoret, @newton_slack and @positively_addicted we did a show in Toruń. That were two days full of suprices and a lot of fun! We rigged big waterline (430m) across the Vistula river (3rd time!). I've had a pleasure to send this line as first and set my new PB! One year ago at this time I was dreaming about send 70m highline. Now after send this mid-waterline (40m isn't high enough to name this line as highline) I'm so stoked about my progress and more motivated to do more new, big projects! Thanks so much for invite @herrherold and for this amazing photo @aidanwilliamsphoto " Picture: Aidan Willians
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  48. Welcome to team raed: Kamil Dudek!

    Please welcome raed's new team athlete Kamil! Born and raised 20 years ago in Chrzanow, Poland, Kamil is one of the most talented and fastest growing slackliners in Europe. He started slacklining only 3 years ago and his personal best is now 430 meters on a mid waterline. In this picture you can see him sending a 150m highline in Montiggl, Italy. Height: frightening 400 meters straight down. Welcome to the team and keep the balance!
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  49. Waterlining in the Alps

    Summer is at the door, so is the waterline season! Waterlines are perfect to try new tricks and moves on a line. If you fall, you fall soft into the water without any injuries. So do it like raed athlete Maggie, grab your swim trunks, bikini or whatever mother nature gave you and have fun on a waterline this summer.

    We recommend webbing with soft edges for waterlines, like our Rainbow: https://raed-slacklines.com/rainbow-polyester-highline-webbing

    Picture: Karl Steinegger

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  50. Soraya highlines in an abandoned place

    Abandoned industrial sites have a very unique attraction to highliners. In 2017 raed athlete Soraya went to the Landschaftspark Duisburg, Germany to establish a new highline. The name: "Walk With the Wind" - Lenght_ ~50m. 60m height. A black & white picture with high contrast seems like a perfect way to express the aesthetics of such a line. Perfect. Pic: Tom Peek Get your own highline gear in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/
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  51. 140m of glorious feelings

    140m of glorious feelings. At the place where human flight was invented. Otto Lilienthal would be proud of Sebastian and his friends from Slackline Brandenburg! https://raed-slacklines.com/parsec-longline-webbing pic: Daniel Neumann

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  52. 140m of glorious feelings

    140m of glorious feelings. At the place where human flight was invented. Otto Lilienthal would be proud of Sebastian and his friends from Slackline Brandenburg! https://raed-slacklines.com/parsec-longline-webbing pic: Daniel Neumann
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  53. A highline in the sky

    Walking a highline is like dancing in the sky. Playing with the clouds is one of raed athlete Sebastian Klimke's favorite dances. Highline slackline in the sky

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  54. Maggie's slackline shooting for BOGNER

    Some slackliners somehow manage to make some money out of balancing on a line. One of them is raed athlete Maggie Preimesberger. In this amazing shot you can see her balancing in the Olympia Stadium in Munich at a photo shooting for the ski clothing brand BOGNER. Want to make some money from slacklining too? Train hard! The right gear for this is available in our slackshop :)
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  55. Bastis sunny highline session in Löbejün

    Good old summer highline times. Winter in Germany is harsh so we show a pic of a sunny highline session today. Basti Klimke plays on this 80m highline in an abandoned quarry near Löbejün, Germany. Let the sun in your heart and the flow will follow. https://raed-slacklines.com/motm-tubular-nylon-slackline-webbing
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  56. Happy new slackyear :D

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let's all have lots of highline fun and leashfalls in 2018! Line: Otto Lilienthal's passion. Length: 140m, height: 20m Slackliner: Sebastian Klimke Photo: Daniel Neumann https://raed-slacklines.com/parsec-longline-webbing
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  57. The "Passion of Otto Lilienthal" highline project

    The "Passion of Otto Lilienthal" was one of the beautiful highline projects we've seen in 2017. raed athlete Sebastian Klimke sends the 140 m very calm and controlled. Location: at the exact same place where human flight was invented (really!) Pic: Daniel Neumann
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  58. Flying high above hobbit land

    raed athlete Sebastian flies high above his new home, New Zealand. Seems like he found friends for projects there very quick ;) Thanks to @ferkpok for the beautiful shot!
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  59. Sebastian surfing BIIIIIG

    What an emotional moment! raed athlete Sebastian surfs the most out of the urban highline during UHF in Lublin, Poland. You wanna go big into bouncing and surfing? Get some stretchy MOTM webbing and surf hard: https://raed-slacklines.com/motm-tubular-nylon-slackline-webbing
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  60. Waterline Surfbounce Session @ Spektesee Berlin

    Watch Sebastian and Raimon having a hard waterline surfbounce session @ Spektesee, Berlin. Line Specs: 61 m of MOTM webbing @ about 5 kN over clear water, tensioned with raed PRO pulley system.

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  61. 200m Longline onsight by Sebastian Klimke

    raed athlete Sebastian Klimke during his 200m onsight send on Parsec Longline webbing. Get yours here: https://raed-slacklines.com/parsec-longline-webbing and crush your personal bests too!

    Picture: mh bilder ( http://www.mind-produktion.de ) Organisation: Slackline Brandenburg


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