Monthly Archives: July 2020

  1. The Drill and Chill Festival video 2019 is out!

    The Drill and Chill Climbing and Highlining Festival is the festival with the highest community stoke in Europe. It also is the festival with the highest lines. We supported the last year's edition with 3 amazing lines, 40m Cumulus for Beginners, 100m Rainbow for ambitious highliners and 500ish Rainbow for the pros. Every single one of these lines was mindblowing. The height, the exposure, the view.

    We're crossing fingers that this covid thing will be over very soon and that we all can gather at this magic place again. Until then, we love to show you this video, made by the highly talented Sammy Theurer. Stay safe and healthy, everybody and keep the balance!

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  2. Quirin plays local with his buddies

    "Play local" is the theme for highliners in 2020. raed athlete @quirinherterich went out with his buddies Lukas and Julian for a fun session in the Alps, this spot is 8km away from Quirin's home. ⁠

    Line: Cumulus⁠


    Anchor: Runner Twin Olympic 6mm rope⁠ 

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  3. Kamil's session at a secret spot near Berlin

    Kamil travelled from Poland to Germany to have a session with his fellow Berlin slackers. So we rigged a 70m Cumulus midline, tensioned it to a proper trick highline tension and the whirling started :P⁠ Get your own Cumulus webbing in our slackshop:
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  4. Highlining in Sardinia

    Can you spot the highliner? #ulassai and #sardinia provided the perfect place for raed athlete @ayaros_ztluhcs and her 90m Rainbow highline. The line was visible from nearly everywhere in the entire valley, which made the residents enjoy the view and philosophizing about the action going on at the top of their village. ⁠ The amazing atmosphere of this picture was captured by @lepyruvate_outdoor (Forian Beyer)⁠ Get your own Rainbow webbing in our slackshop:⁠
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