Monthly Archives: January 2021

  1. The ALLMIGHTY by Eric Hake on MOTM webbing

    One of the hardest, most complex and definitely the most spectacular trick on a highline so far: The ALLMIGHTY. Eric Hake shows perfect timing and execution of it on MOTM webbing. Get your own MOTM webbing in our slackshop to throw the biggest tricks!
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  2. Winter Highline in the Alps

    Alpine winter highlining is for sure one of the biggest challenges a highliner could choose. You need to be really fast
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  3. New: Slackline 1x1 booklet

    The raed Slackline 1x1 booklet contains the most important slackline info flyers and safety documents from the International Slackline Association - ISA as well as a stunning collection of slackline photographies
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  4. Parsec webbing: stronger & lighter!

    Great news for gear nerds: Our PARSEC webbing is now stronger yet lighter than ever before!
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