ZAED - a revolutionary belay device

raed releases ZAED, a revolutionary belay device for sports climbers with a larger weight difference to their belayer

ZAED is an adjustable belay resistor that allows lightweight climbers to belay their heavier climbing partner. It allows for soft belaying - our testers say ZAED feels like belaying / being belayed by a climber of the same weight. Now you can enjoy sports climbing with soft belays, regardless of the weight difference.

ZAED comes in two flavors: stainless steel and titanium. The stainless steel version is robust, affordable and perfect for gym climbing. The titanium version is 20% lighter, so it's perfect for longer approaches to your favorite crag.

Don't trust our words, trust your eyes: We filmed Ray (82 kg) and Prisca (50 kg) during a sports climbing session at the Allgäu. They tested ZAED in a steep climb when Prisca belayed 32 kg heavier Ray. 

In the table above you can see the recommendations for the weight difference between belayer and climber in the different configurations: without ZAED and with ZAED's different friction levels.


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