Monthly Archives: March 2018

  1. Beautiful waterline in Russian sunset

    raed Parsec webbing is the easiest way to tension a beautiful line in very short time. Its low stretch makes it possible, for example in this beautiful sunset waterline in Russia. Get your Parsec webbing here: waterline in sunset

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  2. Maggie's slackline shooting for BOGNER

    Some slackliners somehow manage to make some money out of balancing on a line. One of them is raed athlete Maggie Preimesberger. In this amazing shot you can see her balancing in the Olympia Stadium in Munich at a photo shooting for the ski clothing brand BOGNER. Want to make some money from slacklining too? Train hard! The right gear for this is available in our slackshop :)
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  3. Raimons heavy rodeo surfing session

    Raimons rodeo surfing skills are quite impressive. Here he shows how it's done during a training session in a Berlin gym. Webbing: raed Helium Weblocks: raed RODEO
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  4. International Women's Day Waterline

    Today it's International Women's Day. Raed Slacklines stands strong behind all slackgirls and slackwomen in this world. Whereever you are, whatever you do: You matter. You rock. And we are glad to see that the slack community becomes more and more female. We hope that you will not only have a great day but also a great season out there. Keep the balance and go crush all your project lines!
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