1. Flora's Jan 1st highline freestyle session

    On Dec 31 2022 Flora went to bed early. No big party, no fireworks. Instead she sparkled her very own fireworks of tricks at the morning of Jan 1st 2023.
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  2. New Highline Freestyle Webbing: X-Wing

    X-Wing is the most radical Highline Freestyle Setup for the next generation of tricks that you haven't even thought of by now
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  3. No more T-Loops

    At raed we decided to not offer T-Loops anymore in our sewing services. We rather recommend Dura La Vida loops.
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  4. Highline World Record!

    Highline World Record for raed athlete Julien Roux!
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  5. World Record: Highest Highline

    WORLD RECORD! This short movie takes you to the highest peaks of the Andes in South America.
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  6. New US Highline Record!

    A dream was finally accomplished on November 11, 2021. An amazing group of people came together to rig and send the USA highline record!
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    Watch our video of a 680m highline in Croatia. The beauty and the destruction.
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  8. ☠️ WARNING: Knots in highline webbings ☠️

    We tested more than 60 frost knots in different slackline webbings. The most important lesson: We found massive deviations in the test results of frost knots in slackline webbing. All details in the video
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  9. New RODEO weblock

    The new ultralight RODEO weblock is here. Check the video!
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  10. New: Titanium Leash Ring and Ultralight Leashes

    An ultralight Titanium leash ring and a complete leash set weighing below 200 grams just hit our shop
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  11. New California Highline Record!

    There's a new California Highline Record!
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  12. L’highline e la paura

    Raed Athlete Soraya's professional perspective on how to deal with fear in highlining
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  13. Welcome to team raed: Alonso Rodriguez!

    Welcome. We're happy to support you in your slacklife!
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  14. MOTM webbing: bouncier than ever!

    Amazing news for freestyle highliners and bounce freaks: In 2021 our MOTM webbing is much stretchier than ever before.
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  15. Highlining and Fear

    Raed Athlete Soraya's professional perspective on how to deal with fear in highlining
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  16. The ALLMIGHTY by Eric Hake on MOTM webbing

    One of the hardest, most complex and definitely the most spectacular trick on a highline so far: The ALLMIGHTY. Eric Hake shows perfect timing and execution of it on MOTM webbing. Get your own MOTM webbing in our slackshop to throw the biggest tricks!
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  17. Winter Highline in the Alps

    Alpine winter highlining is for sure one of the biggest challenges a highliner could choose. You need to be really fast
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  18. New: Slackline 1x1 booklet

    The raed Slackline 1x1 booklet contains the most important slackline info flyers and safety documents from the International Slackline Association - ISA as well as a stunning collection of slackline photographies
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  19. Parsec webbing: stronger & lighter!

    Great news for gear nerds: Our PARSEC webbing is now stronger yet lighter than ever before!
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  20. New life for old slackline webbings

    Today we added some new life to many old slackline webbings from Slacklineverein berlin e.V.
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  21. DuraLaVida 2.0 - Next Generation Split Highline Design

    DuraLaVida 2.0 is the next generation split highline design for big highline projects. It's safer, easier to connect and smaller than any other split highline design in the market.
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  22. Surfbouncing the new AURORA webbing

    "This surfbounces nearly by itself, I've never had sessions feel that easy!" raed athlete Sebastian Klimke said after his very first session on the 100m AURORA midline near Berlin. Check the vid of his surfbounce session:
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  23. Break testing old MOTM webbing

    Testing of 18 months permarigged highly used raed MOTM tubular nylon highline webbing vs. new MOTM webbing
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  24. New PRO Multiplier

    Our PRO Double Multiplier just got 20g lighter! With 85g this is the lightest multiplier we ever created
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  25. New webbing: DYNEEMITE

    BOOM. Your old personal best just got blasted: Walking this webbing feels like cheating - on speed... Dyneemite is an ultralight Dyneema-Polyester hybrid webbing for your BIG highline projects. Specs:
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  26. Happy CIRCUS time

    Happy CIRCUS time! Raed athlete @pietrobarilli officially received his Circus Diploma from the @inac.circusschool - congrats! In the picture you can see a glimpse of his breathtaking and very entertaining rodeoline performance. Pietro performs his show on TWTMNBN webbing and with a RODEO weblock - you can get your own in our slackshop: &

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  27. Slackline pulley efficiency comparison by HowNotToHighline

    Ryan from HowNotToHighline tested many ways to tension slacklines on their efficiency, including our famous BLNC 5:1 slackline pulleys.
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  28. The Drill and Chill Festival video 2019 is out!

    The Drill and Chill Climbing and Highlining Festival is the festival with the highest community stoke in Europe. It also is the festival with the highest lines. We supported the last year's edition with 3 amazing lines, 40m Cumulus for Beginners, 100m Rainbow for ambitious highliners and 500ish Rainbow for the pros. Every single one of these lines was mindblowing. The height, the exposure, the view.

    We're crossing fingers that this covid thing will be over very soon and that we all can gather at this magic place again. Until then, we love to show you this video, made by the highly talented Sammy Theurer. Stay safe and healthy, everybody and keep the balance!

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  29. Quirin plays local with his buddies

    "Play local" is the theme for highliners in 2020. raed athlete @quirinherterich went out with his buddies Lukas and Julian for a fun session in the Alps, this spot is 8km away from Quirin's home. ⁠

    Line: Cumulus⁠


    Anchor: Runner Twin Olympic 6mm rope⁠ 

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  30. Kamil's session at a secret spot near Berlin

    Kamil travelled from Poland to Germany to have a session with his fellow Berlin slackers. So we rigged a 70m Cumulus midline, tensioned it to a proper trick highline tension and the whirling started :P⁠ Get your own Cumulus webbing in our slackshop:
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  31. Highlining in Sardinia

    Can you spot the highliner? #ulassai and #sardinia provided the perfect place for raed athlete @ayaros_ztluhcs and her 90m Rainbow highline. The line was visible from nearly everywhere in the entire valley, which made the residents enjoy the view and philosophizing about the action going on at the top of their village. ⁠ The amazing atmosphere of this picture was captured by @lepyruvate_outdoor (Forian Beyer)⁠ Get your own Rainbow webbing in our slackshop:⁠
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  32. Basti's BIG rodeo surfswing session in Jena

    raed athlete Sebastian likes his rodeo swings high and hard. Fasten your seatbelts:
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  33. Rainbow webbing is back!

    Our famous RAINBOW webbing is back!
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  34. Never lose your shackle pin again!

    New in our shop: Shackles with captive pin, so you can never drop the pin down the cliff again
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  35. Do we need the ISA safety labels?

    Do we need the ISA safety labels? Here's our full opinion about it.
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  36. 1 hour of continuous rodeoline surfing

    Do you need some inspiration for your lockdown slackline training? Raed athlete Pietro Barilli shows his routine: 1 complete hour of continuous rodeo surfing!
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  37. Connecting Islands – Quirin Herterich's Sardegna highline project

    Quirin Herterich tells about his latest highline adventure between Sardegna and „Pan di Zucchero“ [german]
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  38. How to install a rodeo slackline in your home

    Wanna see how Ryan from How NOT to Highline uses our RODEO weblock and Helium webbing to install his home rodeo line for the Corona lockdown time? Check his latest video. Bonus: It also includes many PRO tips from a professional house painter on how to remove traces like drilled holes etc. after you uninstall your home rodeo. So this is definitely worth watching! You can find the RODEO weblock in our shop: Helium webbing:
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  39. The new RigLock: A weblock with anti-slippage

    The RigLock is our most versatile weblock. It combines our BLNC weblock and a rigging plate into one device. And did we mention its anti-slippage-functionality? Have a close look at all the features in our video:
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  40. Unicycling on a highline

    Unicycling on a highline. Yes, it's really as impressive as it sounds. And the community of unicycle highliners is growing fast. Augustin showed his extraordinary skills at the @turkishhighlinecarnival this February - and everybody who was watching it this was very excited. His unicycle had an extra leash and no tire on the rim. The webbing of this line was Cumulus as main line and Parsec as backup. If you'd also like to unicycle on a slackline, this facebook group might be a good starting point for you: The best slackline gear for this kind of adventures can be found in our slackshop:
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  41. Maggie on 105m Rainbow at the THC 2020

    Do you have goals for 2020? raed athlete Maggie does: "More highlining than during the last years!" is what she told us some weeks after she finished her studies. So for her it's now time to get back from the desk onto many lines all over the world. Well... At least when this corona pandemy is finally over. In the picture she just went cruising on 105m of Rainbow webbing at the Turkish Highline carnival 2020. Get your own slackline gear in our shop:
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  42. An Alpine Highline - The Vulture's Head

    What happens when four highly motivated highliners receive the message that their dream project is cancelled due to bad weather conditions? Right: They simply go somewhere else and have some fun there. Watch raed athletes Soraya, Flo and Quirin highlining and having fun in the alps, documented by Tom Peek:
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  43. Pietro's Rodeoline showcast video

    Meet Pietro, the latest member of the raed athletes team! Born in Italy, now living in Portugal, Pietro sent us this showcast, to become a raed team member. We were immediately convinced - just watch it and make up your own opinion:

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  44. NEW: The Ultralight Travel Slackline Set.

    NEW: The Ultralight Travel Slackline Set. 1090 grams. Yes, you didn't get that wrong: 1090 grams
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  45. Breaking test of the Helium Soft Release

    Did you always want to know how strong a highline soft release is?
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  46. A picture from "the good old times...

    Raed athlete Quirin Herterich sent us this picture from "the good old times..." ;) Length of the line: 190m Height: 80m His personal comment on this one: "Training days - when the Tiroliners crew went out with 4 people to rig 5 Highlines and leave them up for four weeks. In this session i walked the line 2 times fullmen, back in the days this was pretty f***ing long for me." Get your own highline gear in our slackshop: Photo Credits: Tessi Weber
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  47. Kamil on bouncy MOTM

    raed athlete Kamil sends a 89m highline in Poland on our soft and bouncy MOTM webbing. The tubular weave and the relatively low weight of this webbing allows you to either send line with ease or go big with your bounce tricks on it. Get your own MOTM in our shop:
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  48. Welcome to our athletes team: Quirin Herterich!

    Welcome to our raed athlete team: Quirin Herterich! Quirin is an extraordinary highliner. He holds the record for the longest distance ever walked on a Highline after walking non-stop 2,500 meters on the 2.8 km line in Norway 2018. This picture was taken in August 2019 at one of his homespots in Bavaria, Germany. Originally he wanted to go to Chamonix at this time but conditions there did not allow the team to do their project - so he invited the whole crew to hang out at his place and highline the bavarian homespots. Length: 80m Height: 70m Webbing: Double Rainbow Get your own Rainbow in our slackshop:
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  49. Sebastian's "training highline"

    raed athlete Sebastian is one of the highly talented young guns in this amazing community. Last week he sent his first 420 m highline in Bosnia - aged 20. In this picture you can see him training on his home spot near Jena, Germany on his Rainbow highline setup. Line length: 160m. Sebastian uses this line to "make miles". This intense training method aims for a long distance walk back and forth and back and forth and so on until he reaches a point where he can't continue to walk anymore. Then he still keeps pushing hard until he reaches his set distance goal and goes back home for some rest. This kind of training provides the needed physical strength and endurance to master the big lines that are waiting for him. The 420m was just the first step in his journey, this is for sure. Wanna be a strong highliner too? Find your gear in our slackshop: Thx for the pic: Daniel Neumann
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  50. Magdalena at the Terrassenfest at the Seeblickhotel Grundlsee

    Magdalena Preimesberger just sent us a picture from the Terrassenfest at the @SeeblickhotelGrundlsee - highlining in a traditional Austrian "Dirndl" in front of amazing alpine landscape near the Grundlsee, Austria. We love the atmosphere of this line, this shot, this landscape. The webbing she used for the line is TWTMNBN, you find it here in our slackshop:

    Maggie is a member of the raed team for one year now. And we love to support this strong slackgirl on her journey. If you're also a really strong slackgirl and like to become a part of our athletes team: get in touch with us! Thx for the picture: Andreas Syen

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  51. DuraLaVida: A split highline design from raed slacklines

    VIDEO: The DuraLaVida Loop is the split highline setup by raed slacklines.
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  52. New: The BLNC Weblock

    The BLNC Weblock is a true working horse weblock. It provides all the best features like a big hollow diverter, a pushpin at the front, strong steel construction and really big holes for easiest attaching even under difficult rigging circumstances. It weighs only 284 grams and is extremely robust. You can find it in our shop now:
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  53. A Fireline at Move Copenhagen

    We have no words for what happened last weekend at MoveCopenhagen
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  54. Waterline: Soraya cruises across the Lago di Cavèdine, Italy

    Waterline week still to go! Soraya cruises across the Lago di Cavèdine, Italy. In the background you can spot the Monte Casale. For waterlines we recommend soft and bouncy webbing like our Rainbow or SuperMOTM. Check them in our shop: Pic: Tom Peek
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  55. Easy cruising on 170m Rainbow

    Life is often unfair. Sometimes you see people make impossible things look so easy. One of these guys is raed athlete Sebastian. When he cruises across a long highline, it mostly looks effortless for him. In this picture you can see him on a 175m line, rigged on 50m pieces of Rainbow, connected via DuraLaVida loops. Backup: 53m Parsec segments. Would you like to level the field and make it look easy for yourself? Go training. Become stronger. And enjoy cruising these lines. You can find all the gear for your lines in our slackshop:
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  56. Surf it, baby!

    Surf it, baby! One of Sebastians highly appealing highline moves is some immense surfbounce. 80m, 100m, 150m? Doesn't matter - as soon as he finds the sweet spot of a line, he just goes crazy on it. Here you can see him during the Midsummer Highline Meeting at the Aktienbruch quarry in Löbejün, Germany. Wanna go crazy on highliney yourself? Check out our slackshop and find all the gear you need:
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  57. The new RODEO weblock is here

    The next generation RODEO weblock is finally here! We received lots of feedback on our first version, so we collected all that feedback and improved the known version in many little details:
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  58. New Nylon Highline Webbing: CUMULUS

    You think our SuperMOTM kicked like a horse when you bounced it? Well, we got some news for you: CUMULUS is the roundhouse kick for your bouncy sessions! Soft, round, thick, smooth edges make it perfect for your bare feet and catches. With a weight of just 66g/m but 35 kN strength plus robust core/sheath design this webbing is also perfect for your remote highline spots. And the best of it: More than 8% stretch at 5 kN combined with a therma stretch/hydro shield covering makes your bounce sessions smoother and more controlled than ever before. Get your own Cumulus webbing in our slackshop:
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  59. Flo Zoller Highlining in Albania

    Flo, member of the very elitist 1k highliner club and raed athlete went to Albania a while ago with his buddies Quirin, Yannick and Justin for a highline project at a surfer beach. The footage they kept there is breathtaking! Sit back, relax and enjoy this clip of "Surfer's Paradise", a 180m highline right across a beautiful beach. P.S.: wanna rig your own highline projects? get all the gear you need in our slackshop:
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  60. 2018 High-Waterline Village Meeting in Cefalu on Sicily

    It's waterline week! 2018 High-Waterline Village Meeting in Cefalu on Sicily. Here's what raed athlete Kamil has to say about it: "Warm water in the bay, waterlines, deep water soloing and after these morning session we were often going to the highlines because waterlines are so much harder than highlines :P" For your waterlines we recommend a soft and round webbing, like our Rainbow or MOTM. You find them in our slackshop:
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  61. Risks of soft shackles in highline rigs

    We did some tests and found an interesting result when we tested a sewn loop on a soft shackle
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  62. A highline across a waterfall

    Can a highline be any more beautiful than a line crossing a waterfall? raed athlete Maggie shows her home spot in this picture. Wow, we're so jealous now! Here's what Maggie tells about her slacklife in general:

    "Highlining has become incredibly important to me over the last 5 years since I first started. Although it has been nearly impossible to highline during my studies, I never lost the craving for it. Those calm moments, the intense fighting ang struggling, as well as the happiness you experience in this sport, are what keeps me going. It shaped me, widened my way of thinking and gave me opportunities to meet incredible people and simply enriched my life in many different ways."

    Get your own highline gear in our slackshop: pic: Tom Peek

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  63. 230m of Rainbow in the Alps

    Flo is not only one of the elite slackliners who ever walked a line of 1km length, he's also constantly searching for new opportunities to setup beautiful highlines. In this picture you can see a 230m line, rigged on Rainbow webbing at a secret spot in the Alps. 75% of that line are over water. He went there together with his friends Quirin, Lukas, Tessi and Oli. Seems like the #tiroliners had lots of fun :D Thx for the picture: Adriano Losso Get your own Rainbow in our slackshop:
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  64. New slackline pulley system: PRO 5:1 pulleys

    The PRO 5:1 is an extremely efficient and small pulley set, that can be multiplied to 25x mechanical advantage with our PRO Multiplier. So you can easily tension your longline, even if you're pulling alone and one handed! It attaches directly to a lightweight whoopie sling, so you won't need any heavy shackles in your bag. And the best part: It starts at 239€! Get the PRO 5:1 Pulley System in our slackshop:
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  65. Thomas' Rainbow surfbounce session @ thc 2019

    La machiiine! This incredibly unique style and flow can only be one person: raed athlete Thomas! Watch him surfbouncing on 100m Rainbow during the THC in Turkey last month. WOW
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  66. NEW: sewn loops in webbings

    You can add sewn loop ends to any of your webbing orders in our shop now. They are tested, strong and extremely reliable. Get your piece of sewn webbing in our slackshop:
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  67. The lightest slackline pulley system in the market

    866g! This is the lightest, yet most efficient slackline pulley system in the market. It's so tiny, it fits into the pocket of your jacket. But it gives you the 25x power of your arm - so you can easily tension longlines one handed. And the best: It starts at 199,- € Get your BLNC 5:1 pulley in our slackshop and start a lot lighter into the new season:
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  68. NEW: BLNC 9:1 slackline pulley system

    The third of our brand new pulley systems is the BLNC version of our famous 9:1 pulleys. It connects to shackles and comes with a very abrasion resistant, therefore long lasting rope. Of course it's made from our ROCsolid steel for maximum strength. It is very affordable too: Starting at 249,- € this pulleys will let you rig high tension longlines with a smile on your face. Get the new BLNC 9:1 pulleys in our slackshop:
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  69. Kamil's highline shoulderstand

    A shoulderstand a day keeps the doct... Nah! The harsh reality is: Learning this trick on a slackline is pretty painful. You will fall many times and your shoulder will hurt a lot from the pressure of the thin webbing. And transfering it to a highline comes with even more pain: falling into the leash in the most undesired angles is not always a pleasure. But as you can see: raed athlete Kamil did his homework and performs it really well. If you'd like to try a shoulderstand on your own, we recommend a soft webbing with nice, round edges - like our Rainbow. Check it out in our slackshop:
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  70. A highline sunset session in sardegna

    A sunset session with a walk directly into the sunset is one of the most iconic things every highliner dreams about. Here's what raed athlete Soraya has to tell about this one:

    "Before we went to Sardinia we did some research and had contact with a local highliner. He had never rigged the line at Capo Testa but he knew it has been done before. The information that he could give us was: bolting is not aloud. Everything is rigged natural.

    We needed to go to this place as we got mesmerized by the pictures in the climbing topo.

    After a short walk we entered the valley. I was impressed. The shapes of the rocks where fascinating and the highline was obvious. We scrambled/climbed up on both sides to check out the anchors and made a plan. You have to be creative when you rig a natural anchor what makes it a lot of fun. To rig a 155m highline in a team of 2 can be a challenge. It's always hard work but everything went smooth. Just before sunset we finished the highline and we could have the cherry on the cake: a beautiful session at sunset."

    Line specs: 155m Double Rainbow ( ) Anchors: all natural Location: Capo Testa, Sardinia Picture: Tom Peek

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  71. The lightest slackline pulley system in the market

    Oooops, we did it again! We built the lightest, smallest but yet most efficient slackline pulley system in the world! It weighs 866g incl. 20m rope, which is 37% lighter than the lightest competitor in the market. It fits into the pocket of your jacket. And it gives you the 25x power of your arm pulling. You can easily tension a 100m longline alone and one handed with it, promised. And the best part of it: This tiny masterpiece of German engineering starts at 199,- €. Get your own BLNC 5:1 pulley system in our slackshop: Check the weight comparison of 5:1 pulley systems in the market:
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  72. Whoopies on Trees as Slackline Anchors?

    Whoopies on Trees as Slackline Anchors? Well, you might want to read this...
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  73. Flo cruising on 230m Rainbow highline

    Raed athlete Flo Zoller explores the sky on his Rainbow webbing and Adriano finds the perfect place for a beautiful picture of him. Wow. Get your own Rainbow webbing in our shop: Line-specs: Main: Rainbow Backup: Bluewing 230m long, 30m high, 75% over water 4-5 kN tension Location: a secret spot in the Northern Alps Pic: Adriano Losso
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  74. Daniel waterlines like Jesus ;)

    While summer is still a bit away in Europe, we like to remember the warmer days with a nice waterline picture. Here you can see Daniel doing it like Jesus himself on MOTM webbing. Get your own MOTM in our shop:
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  75. Flo won't stop his highline training in snowy winter

    Despite snow stacking hips deep on the ground and a continuing snow storm, raed athlete Flo appreciates to have found this opportunity to be on the highline during winter. Before walking he even had to remove a many centimeters thick layer of ice and snow from the 133m webbing of his permanent training rig. While all these circumstances made the line much more difficult to walk, he really liked this training opportunity for the warmer summer time to come very soon. That's the spirit! Get your own highline gear in our slackshop: pic: Lukas Riediger
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  76. Welcome to team raed: Thomas!

    We're happy to announce a new raed athlete in our team: Thomas! This guy has insane surfing skills, as you can see in the picture where he goes rad on our MOTM webbing. He is also easily mastering long highlines. You can read about Thomas' slacklife in his short summary:

    "I’ve been slacklining since 2011. It all started with a little piece of 15m gibbon slackline that my climbing coach gave me in order to improve my skills on the walls. I got addicted super fast and 4 years later, after I torn it apart by using a stupid piece of concrete anchor, I bought the surfer line from gibbon a 30m piece. But I got bored super quickly, I wanted more ! One week later I had my first longline setup with a piece of 150m polyester… I think It’s here that my real slackline journey started.

    Unfortunately like I was studying in the north of France I didn’t get the opportunity to highline so much. Only 3 sessions over three years. I realy started highlining in 2017 around Toulouse in South of France. And now after 1.5 years of practice over France and Europe I can proudly say that I’ve passed 460m, and 350m blindfolded. Even if I love walking long highlines, I’ve always been more passionate about surfing. I just love that pure graceful act of balance. It gets you into a flow very quickly and the sensations can be ridiculously insane… So between a huge long highline and a line that you can surf I would always choose the line that you can surf, regarless the beauty of the spot of course. Notice that my favourite setup to surf line is not nylon, but heavy polyester, at least 90gr, on 100 meters at least. I can also say that among all the hours of slacklining I’ve surfed more than I’ve walked."

    Welcome to the team, Thomas!

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  77. Some safety concerns on soft shackles in highline rigs

    We know a little bit about Dyneema. And during the last 24 hours we received many questions about soft shackles for the connection of webbing pieces in long highlines.
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  78. A waterline summer session

    While Central Europe is recently drowning in snow, we're happy about raed athlete Maggie sending us a picture from a fun waterline in the sunny summer. Get your own waterline gear for the next spring in our slackshop: pic: Karl Steinegger
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  79. Highline trip to Sardegna

    Raed athlete Soraya went to Sardinia with her partner Tom and many meters of Rainbow webbing in their backpack. Here's the story she brought from that adventure:

    "Before we went to Sardinia we did some research and had contact with a local highliner. He had never rigged the line at Capo Testa but he knew it has been done before. The information that he could give us was: bolting is not aloud. Everything is rigged natural.

    We needed to go to this place as we got mesmerized by the pictures in the climbing topo. After a short walk we entered the valley. I was impressed. The shapes of the rocks where fascinating and the highline was obvious. We scrambled/climbed up on both sides to check out the anchors and made a plan. You have to be creative when you rig a natural anchor what makes it a lot of fun. To rig a 155m highline in a team of 2 can be a challenge. It's always hard work but everything went smooth. Just before sunset we finished the highline and we could have the cherry on the cake: a beautiful session at sunset."

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  80. Snow is just frozen water

    Did we say summer and sushine? Waterlines can also be fun if the water below is frozen to fancy white flakes. And the flakes have also been on the line: raed athlete Kamil literally walked on the snow on the line barely even touching the 83m of webbing - what a fun experience! You want to go high on your own highline experiences? Get all the gear you need in our shop: Picture: Piotr Błaszczak
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  81. A summer waterline in Berlin

    While winter in Europe gets colder and the snow higher every day, we like to remember the summer times with the refreshing waterlines. Here you see a 200m line across the Schlachtensee in Berlin, Germany. webbing: Parsec ( ) length: ca 200m height: ca 8m picture: Daniel Neumann
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  82. The Moleson Highline Extreme 2018

    A short video from the Moleson Highline Extreme 2018. Enjoy ;)
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  83. Welcome to team raed: Magdalena Preimesberger!

    Please welcome to our team of slackline athletes: Maggie! In this picture you can see her on a highline from Rad Pack Projects in the olympic stadium in Munich, Germany during a shooting for Bogner.

    Maggie is an extraordinary #slackgirl - very calm and relaxed on the ground, but with the heart of a fighting lion and blessed with lots of talent for movement when being on the line. When we asked her, what webbing she needs for her training, she immediately answered: "Give me the heavy "webbing which must not be named", I want the heaviest and most difficult training line I can get." That's her spirit!

    If you want to traing like Maggie, get your "webbing which must not be named" in our slackshop:

    Welcome to the team Maggie
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  84. Soraya at the Safety Meeting 2018

    raed athlete Soraya was one of the riggers at the Safety Meeting in the Netherlands last autumn. Here you can see her on the 40m MOTM line between these brutalist concrete buildings. What an amazing week that was! Get your own MOTM in our slackshop: line specs: * main: 40m MOTM / backup: 40m Parsec * raed PRO weblocks picture: Tom Peek
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  85. 230m of Rainbow

    When raed athlete Flo Zoller told us about this spot we had to promise not to spread the name or the coordinates. Just that much: 230m of Rainbow webbing, 30m high, 75% over water. He went there together with Quirin, Lukas, Tessi and Oli. Seems like the #tiroliners had lots of fun :D Thx for the picture: Adriano Losso Get your own Rainbow:
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  86. Welcome to the team: Soraya!

    Please welcome our next team athlete: Soraya! Soraya comes from the flattest country on the planet. Here's what she has to say about her slack carreer so far: "In the summer of 2014, I took my first steps on the slackline, and I was addicted right away. Two weeks later, I tried my first highline which terrified me! Highlining is 100% mental and 100% physical. Ever since, I’ve been captivated by opening new highlines in the most beautiful places. I’m mostly interested in complex highlines in alpine environments. Since I’m from the flattest country in the world, this can be quite a challenge. I’m very happy that Raed Slackline will support me on this journey with strong, light and reliable gear!" We're looking forward for many cool projects with you, Soraya! If you also want to rig beautiful highlines, you will find the right gear for it in our slackshop:
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  87. Welcome to team raed: Flo Zoller

    Please welcome a new member of the raed team: Flo Zoller! Flo started slacklining in 2009 during summer holidays. He became addicted immediately and bought his first trickline to spend every free minute on it. In 2014 he tried highlining for the first time and his addiction changed. Since that moment he tries to constantly walk, explore and open new highlines all over the world. This summer he joined the club1000, the elite circle of human beings that ever sent a 1000m long highline. From now on he will use raed gear in his journey and help us to develop the most advanced gear for this sport. Welcome to our team Flo, we're looking forward for a great time and beautiful projects with you!
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  88. Basti's little Highline Bouncesession Montiggl

    Basti's little bounce session in Montiggl, Italy. Line: 60m SuperMOTM, 400m height, PRO weblocks, tensioned with PRO Pulley System. Backup: Parsec Get your highline setup in our slackshop: Slackliner: Sebastian Klimke Music: Rob Viktum, 4/17/1975
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  89. Video: Dyneema in slackline rigs

    Just a short comment on the use of Dyneema rope parts in highline rigs.
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  90. "the most difficult highline of my life"

    In this picture you can see raed athlete Sebastian on a line that he described as "the most difficult highline of my life". As you can see: the backup was tight as hell and the line was more than 300m long. This combination made it a real beast to walk. Do you want to become a strong highliner too? Get some heavy training webbing in our slackshop:
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  91. Now that's what we call exposure!

    Now that's what we call exposure! * Athlete: Sebastian Klimke * Height: 400+ m * line length: 150m * Spot: Montiggl, Italy Get your own highline gear in our shop:
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  92. How does the training routine of our raed athletes usually look like?

    How does the training routine of our raed athletes usually look like? Sebastian chooses to waterline as much as he can during the warmer time of the year to strengthen his body and sharpen his skills and tricks on the line. Of course that includes hundreds of leashfalls, climbs and mounts, so these techniques are extremely advanced. For his training lines Sebastian mostly chooses MOTM webbing in PRO weblocks, usually tensioned between 3 and 4 kN. It's a playful and bouncy setup that is also quite challenging, depending on the length and height of the line. Get your gear in our slackshop: MOTM webbing: - PRO weblocks:
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  93. Waterlining at the Göllersee in South Tyrol

    Let's call it a waterline week to start this summer! Sebastian finds the perfect balance and bounce on 100m SuperMOTM across the Göllersee in Südtirol, Italy. Get your own piece of it in our shop:
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  94. Kamil's blindfolded session @Montiggl, Italy

    Sit back and enjoy the next 3 minutes of laid back beats and extremely relaxed highlining footage. No fancy whirling around, no bounces, no tricks. Plain blindfold walking and exposure on a 150m long and 400m high highline.

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  95. Free Download: Slackline Wallpaper for your devices

    Looking for a cool new slackline wallpaper for your electronic device? Look no further, we've got you covered! The wallpaper can be downloaded in several sizes for different screens:



    Laptop 16:9






    Android Tablet:

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  96. sunset session on SuperMOTM

    The summer comes to an end, but these amazing waterlines still don't stop. Daniel has his sunset session on SuperMOTM webbing across river Havel in Potsdam, Germany. Pic:
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  97. 430m waterline across Vistula river

    This is soo awesome, we can only quote from raed athlete Kamil directly: "At the beggining of this week with @pablosignoret, @newton_slack and @positively_addicted we did a show in Toruń. That were two days full of suprices and a lot of fun! We rigged big waterline (430m) across the Vistula river (3rd time!). I've had a pleasure to send this line as first and set my new PB! One year ago at this time I was dreaming about send 70m highline. Now after send this mid-waterline (40m isn't high enough to name this line as highline) I'm so stoked about my progress and more motivated to do more new, big projects! Thanks so much for invite @herrherold and for this amazing photo @aidanwilliamsphoto " Picture: Aidan Willians
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  98. 215m Waterline across Schlachtensee, Berlin

    Daniel Neumann and his friends from Slackline Brandenburg used the hot summer days for an impressive 215m waterline across the Schlachtensee in the west of Berlin. Anchor height: 15m! length: 215m height: 15m webbing: Parsec ( ) pic:
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  99. Welcome to team raed: Kamil Dudek!

    Please welcome raed's new team athlete Kamil! Born and raised 20 years ago in Chrzanow, Poland, Kamil is one of the most talented and fastest growing slackliners in Europe. He started slacklining only 3 years ago and his personal best is now 430 meters on a mid waterline. In this picture you can see him sending a 150m highline in Montiggl, Italy. Height: frightening 400 meters straight down. Welcome to the team and keep the balance!
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  100. Russian Slackgirls in Moscow use MOTM for their highlines

    Russia's slack community is vivid. Moscow slackgirl Elena Kustowa sends her first 20m highline on MOTM webbing in this picture on a railway bridge near the metropolis. Get your own MOTM in our slackline shop:

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  101. tensile test raed PRO weblock 2016 vs 2017

    Destruction pr0n ftw: In preparation for the International Slackline Association - ISA safety certification of weblocks
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  102. Waterlining in the Alps

    Summer is at the door, so is the waterline season! Waterlines are perfect to try new tricks and moves on a line. If you fall, you fall soft into the water without any injuries. So do it like raed athlete Maggie, grab your swim trunks, bikini or whatever mother nature gave you and have fun on a waterline this summer.

    We recommend webbing with soft edges for waterlines, like our Rainbow:

    Picture: Karl Steinegger

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  103. Soraya highlines in an abandoned place

    Abandoned industrial sites have a very unique attraction to highliners. In 2017 raed athlete Soraya went to the Landschaftspark Duisburg, Germany to establish a new highline. The name: "Walk With the Wind" - Lenght_ ~50m. 60m height. A black & white picture with high contrast seems like a perfect way to express the aesthetics of such a line. Perfect. Pic: Tom Peek Get your own highline gear in our slackshop:
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  104. Highlining over River Elbe in Hamburg

    Hamburg, meine Perle! Last year Daniel sent the 55m long, 9m high water-midline above a side channel of river Elbe with a biig smile on his face. Webbing: raed SuperMOTM ( )
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  105. 140m of glorious feelings

    140m of glorious feelings. At the place where human flight was invented. Otto Lilienthal would be proud of Sebastian and his friends from Slackline Brandenburg! pic: Daniel Neumann

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  106. 140m of glorious feelings

    140m of glorious feelings. At the place where human flight was invented. Otto Lilienthal would be proud of Sebastian and his friends from Slackline Brandenburg! pic: Daniel Neumann
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  107. A highline in Brandenburg

    The combination of Parsec webbing for both, main- & backup line has proven to be a very easy to learn setup for beginner highlines. Raimon visited this beginner's session for a quick ride to demonstrate, how it's done the right way. Thanks for joining in and teaching! Parsec webbing: PRO weblock:

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  108. Efficiency comparison test of slackline pulley systems for longlines

    Anytime when you want to walk across a slackline, you have to tension it first.
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  109. Unboxing Helium: Some fan video from Russia :)

    Awesome! :) Get your Helium webbing here:

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  110. A highline in the sky

    Walking a highline is like dancing in the sky. Playing with the clouds is one of raed athlete Sebastian Klimke's favorite dances. Highline slackline in the sky

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  111. #FFF slackline webbing in action

    raed customer Jonas Schneider shows his locked arms exposure skills on raed's good old #FFF webbing. This webbing is discontinued, but you can train your skills on Parsec, our famous longline webbing: exposure with locked arms

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  112. Beautiful waterline in Russian sunset

    raed Parsec webbing is the easiest way to tension a beautiful line in very short time. Its low stretch makes it possible, for example in this beautiful sunset waterline in Russia. Get your Parsec webbing here: waterline in sunset

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  113. Maggie's slackline shooting for BOGNER

    Some slackliners somehow manage to make some money out of balancing on a line. One of them is raed athlete Maggie Preimesberger. In this amazing shot you can see her balancing in the Olympia Stadium in Munich at a photo shooting for the ski clothing brand BOGNER. Want to make some money from slacklining too? Train hard! The right gear for this is available in our slackshop :)
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  114. Raimons heavy rodeo surfing session

    Raimons rodeo surfing skills are quite impressive. Here he shows how it's done during a training session in a Berlin gym. Webbing: raed Helium Weblocks: raed RODEO
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  115. International Women's Day Waterline

    Today it's International Women's Day. Raed Slacklines stands strong behind all slackgirls and slackwomen in this world. Whereever you are, whatever you do: You matter. You rock. And we are glad to see that the slack community becomes more and more female. We hope that you will not only have a great day but also a great season out there. Keep the balance and go crush all your project lines!
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  116. Now available: Perfect gifts for slackliners

    Everybody knows their slackliner buddies: They usually own all the gear they're burning for. So you mostly don't know what might be the right present for their birthday or christmas. We know a solution: Have a close look at our slackline gifts category in our slackline online shop. We're sure you'll find sweet gifts for your slackline friends in there which they don't own yet but they'd really love one of them :)
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  117. Rainmund highlining in Srbsko, Czech

    Raimon, a good friend of us, enjoys this sunny moment on the MOTM / Parsec line in Srbsko, Czech. The combination of MOTM as mainline and Parsec as backup webbing has proven to be awesome on mid length highlines. Get MOTM here: Get Parsec here: THX to Daniel Neumann for the pic.
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  118. Tutorial: Howto softpoint a slackline without a LineGrip / StropoChvat / LineCoil

    You want to softpoint your slackline but you don't own a LineGrip® or any other device for it? This might be a good alternative for your rigging process:
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  119. Video: Slackline Rodeo training in Berlin

    Video: Some neat Slackline Rodeo training in Berlin:
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  120. Daniel pushing his rodeo surfing to new heights

    Daniel trains hard to push his rodeo surfing to new heights. And we guess it pays off :D Length: 25m Helium, 4,5 m high, with RODEO weblocks
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  121. Bastis sunny highline session in Löbejün

    Good old summer highline times. Winter in Germany is harsh so we show a pic of a sunny highline session today. Basti Klimke plays on this 80m highline in an abandoned quarry near Löbejün, Germany. Let the sun in your heart and the flow will follow.
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  122. Happy new slackyear :D

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let's all have lots of highline fun and leashfalls in 2018! Line: Otto Lilienthal's passion. Length: 140m, height: 20m Slackliner: Sebastian Klimke Photo: Daniel Neumann
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  123. BIG surfing on raed RODEO Set

    This is what happens if you combine the RODEO weblock and HELIUM webbing: BIG surfing sessions. Length: 20m, height: 4,50m Thanks to Daniel Neumann for pushing the boundaries from session to session. RODEO: HELIUM:
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  124. The "Passion of Otto Lilienthal" highline project

    The "Passion of Otto Lilienthal" was one of the beautiful highline projects we've seen in 2017. raed athlete Sebastian Klimke sends the 140 m very calm and controlled. Location: at the exact same place where human flight was invented (really!) Pic: Daniel Neumann
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  125. waterline at Les Calanques, Cassis

    raed athlete Clara cruises the waterline at Les Calanques, Cassis in southern France. Line specs: 45m MOTM, 7 kN, tensioned with PRO Pulley System, all natural anchors. Infos on PRO Pulley System: Infos on MOTM webbing:
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  126. Flying high above hobbit land

    raed athlete Sebastian flies high above his new home, New Zealand. Seems like he found friends for projects there very quick ;) Thanks to @ferkpok for the beautiful shot!
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  127. Clara cruises the waterline at Les Calanques, Cassis

    raed athlete Clara cruises the waterline at Les Calanques, Cassis in southern France. Line specs: 45m MOTM, 7 kN, tensioned with PRO Pulley System, all natural anchors. Infos on PRO Pulley System: Infos on MOTM webbing: P.S.: please take care: This spot is in a national park and slacklining there is mostly prohibited. This rig was only possible with a permission from the park rangers.
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  128. Clara cruises the waterline at Les Calanques, Cassis

    raed athlete Clara cruises the waterline at Les Calanques, Cassis in southern France. Line specs: 45m MOTM, 7 kN, tensioned with PRO Pulley System, all natural anchors. Infos on PRO Pulley System: Infos on MOTM webbing: P.S.: please take care: This spot is in a national park and slacklining there is mostly prohibited. This rig was only possible with a permission from the park rangers.
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  129. Raimon surfs the Rodeoline at high amplitude into the sunset

    Raimon surfs the Rodeoline at high amplitude into the sunset. Specs: 21m of raed #FFF webbing, Location: Hasenheide, Berlin. Want to rodeosurf too? Get some Helium webbin, it's perfect for rodeo-surfing: Pic: Mind Produktion
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  130. Sebastian surfing BIIIIIG

    What an emotional moment! raed athlete Sebastian surfs the most out of the urban highline during UHF in Lublin, Poland. You wanna go big into bouncing and surfing? Get some stretchy MOTM webbing and surf hard:
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  131. Countries where we shipped raed gear grows rapidly

    The list of countries where we already shipped our famous raed slacklines gear grows every day. Loom how impressive it became! Help us to fill the white spots and order your own raed slackline gear today :P
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  132. Why your slackline gear should never be made of aluminium

    There's some change happening in the slackline community, that we want to take a closer look at today: Aluminium gear for longlines and highlines
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  133. Waterline Surfbounce Session @ Spektesee Berlin

    Watch Sebastian and Raimon having a hard waterline surfbounce session @ Spektesee, Berlin. Line Specs: 61 m of MOTM webbing @ about 5 kN over clear water, tensioned with raed PRO pulley system.

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  134. Call for Slackgirls

    CALL FOR SLACKGIRLS We at raed slacklines truly believe in the awesomeness of the slackline community, where women and girls achieve the same great things as men and boys do. That's why we're building our slackteam 50:50 of boys and girls. To achieve this goal, we call out for all strong slackgirls to apply for a place in our raed slacklines team. Drop us an Email to and send us your personal achievements, pictures of your most beautiful lines and tell us a bit about your ambitions. We're looking forward to hear from you and get in contact with all you talented girls out there. Keep the balance, your raed slacklines team.
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  135. Daniel owns the 104m long, 40m sag Rodeoline

    Go big or go home! Daniel totally owns the 104m long and 40m sag Rodeoline made of Helium, the dedicated rodeo webbing, at the abandoned Aktienbruch quarry in Löbejün, Germany.
    Get your Helium webbing here:

    raed slacklines Helium webbing at a 40m sag Rodeoline

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  136. ISA study: raed ultralight slackline anchor set doesn't harm trees

    slackline tree protection for whoopie slings It's official now: Dyneema whoopies don't harm trees if they are used with raed TreePRO, the only carbon fibre reinforced tree protection on the market. Read the full study, authored by the International Slackline Association and get the lightest slackline anchor set available today:  Many thanks to Philipp, Lisa, Thomas, Ruth, Bradley, Sonya and Jan for the huge efforts everyone of them put into this study and the ISA in general. You all are really pushing the whole slackline community to an awesome direction.

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  137. Urban Highline in Vladivostok, Russia

    What an awesome picture. Алексей closes the gap between 2 skyscrapers in Vladivostok with his Parsec webbing. Picture: Sergey Shevchenko, check his Instagram Urban Highline Vladivostok, Russia
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  138. Lightweight Slackline Anchors

    Longline sets used to be heavy and bulky over the last years. But somehow times change and things get better - and lighter. Time for us to take a closer look on slackline anchor systems from the perspective of their weight.

    Longline anchors usually work the same way: you wrap some kind of sling around a tree and connect your slackline gear to it. But this is where the similarities end. There are many differences in slackline anchors. Some brands use relabeled spansets that are known from industry rigging, others use modified webbing and a quite new approach is the use of spliced Dyneema rope.

    For our comparison we took the most known longline brands and added the weights of their anchor components: the anchor sling itself plus the treeprotection that is usually sold along. Let's keep it short & simple, these are the results, sorted from lightweight to heavyweight:

    slackline anchors by weight

    1. raed whoopie + TreePRO (894 g per set)
    2. BC adjustable sling + TreeLite (1024 g per set)
    3. Slacktivity adjustable sling + Treeprotector (1380 g per set)
    4. SlacklineTools Baumschlinge + Landcruising TreePlus (1760 g per set)
    5. Landcruising Spanset + Landcruising TreePlus (2580 g per set)

    slackline anchors: potential weight savings

    As you can see, there is a very easy way to save lots of weight in your slackline backpack. The difference between the commonly used combination of spansets / TreePlus and whoopies / TreePRO is more than 1650 grams. Thats the equivalent of a 1.5l water bottle!

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  139. Dyneema Safety Advice: Loopies vs. Whoopies vs. Loopies 2.0

    tl;dr: Loopies are extremely dangerous. Don't use them as highline/slackline anchors. Whoopies are definitely safer and easy to use, Loopies 2.0 are definitely safer but have high potential to use them wrong.

    Dyneema becomes more and more popular among keen slackliners. Many reasons speak for it: It's strong, it's lightweight, it packs small, it's easy to splice. But it has downsides too: Knots reduce its strength a lot and you have to splice it. And this is what this article is about: Dyneema splices for advanced slacklining use. There are several techniques to splice Dyneema ropes to build anchors for longlines or highlines. This article highlights the most common techniques that can be found in the wild nowadays and show their advantages and their flaws.

    Some weeks ago i saw a picture of a highline anchor in my facebook feed. Nice, clean, lightweight. But there was one big flaw: There was a loopie sling used in a highline anchor. I studied the picture for some minutes and realized: wow, this is really dangerous (I will point out the reason a little later). I commented on it, there was a little discussion, I forgot about it some days after. During the last days I came across another picture like this: Clean, lightweight, Loopie. And once again: Hell, this is f***ing dangerous. That's why I decided to write about the danger of Loopies and how to avoid it. So here we go:

    Hard to recognize but this is really dangerous: A Loopie Sling in a highline anchor. Pic: David Kingston

    Why are Loopies dangerous? Basics of hollow braid splicing

    A splice in a hollow braid rope always works the same way: The rope is threaded through the hollow core of the rope itself. When the outer braids come under tension, they reduce their volume, the outer braids press onto the threaded rope, the friction keeps the inner rope from slipping. It's that simple. But it's also that simple to misunderstand this: If the outer rope braids are not under tension anymore, the inner rope is completely free to slip again. I'll come back to this later.

    left side: rope sections under high tension reduce their volume and produce friction to the inner rope. Right side: No tension means hollow braid without any friction for the inner rope

    Whoopie Slings

    Whoopies are awesome. They are quite easy to splice and give you a completely adjustible rope with a loop on both ends. The adjustable splice has a huge advantage to any other spliced loop: As long as the eyes of the whoopie are loaded, the splice itself is loaded, so the inner rope is always under pressure from the outer braids and can never slip. There's nearly no way to use a whoopie the wrong way. 2 Loops, adjust the length, ready to go as soon as there's tension. Whoopies are safe.

    Splice section of a whoopie sling

    Loopie Slings

    Loopie splice section.

    The left part of the splice can easily be undone even under load because the loose tail doesn't carry any load at all Loopie slings are even easier to make than whoopies. You splice the rope to a loop and bury both loose ends. That's it. And there's another thing that seems to be a huge advantage on first sight: Loopies always carry the load on 2 strands, so they should be twice as strong as whoopies in theory. But they aren't. Loopie slings are extremely dangerous as an anchor slings for slacklines. Here's why: The splice section of a loopie has one loaded end (right side in the picture) and one end, that's a loose tail (left side in the picture), which is completely unloaded. This unloaded tail moves freely when the sling shakes. These shakes can easily be caused by wind or leashfalls for example. As soon as the loose tail moves, the splice opens and the inner rope is not under pressure anymore. The inner rope slips out and the whole anchor fails.

    There are several strategies that try to avoid the loose end to move freely: 1.: Whipplings. This seems to be an easy method to keep the tail in place. I tried it, it still moves and it slips. 2. Bend the splice section through a shackle or a basket hitch: This works well in arborists' configurations. They have low loads and none to little movement in their setups. Slacklines are the exact opposite: High tensions and lots of movement, caused by wind, surfing, bouncing, leashfalls, some children touching the anchor sling and move the splice section, you name it. The result: The shaking makes the bent splice section move forth and back in the shackle or the basket hitch. This can move the splice section into one direction, what opens the splice completely. The result: the anchor fails in a split second. I tried it. I used it in a 60m Longline in the park. Suddenly I stood on the ground and didn't even realize how quick it became undone. So you can learn from my mistakes: This is dangerous! It will become undone under several circumstances. Loopies should never be used in a highline rig!

    Loopie Sling 2.0 a.k.a. "Pirate Loopie"

    Concept of the improved Loopie Sling, called Loopie 2.0 a.k.a. "Pirate Loopie"

    There is an advanced loopie sling method. It's more complicated to splice it and more complicated to use it. Keen users might like this but it's neither foolproof nor safe for novices. So please be aware: If loopie 2.0 is used wrong, it's just a simple loopie sling with all its risks of failure! The trick of Loopie 2.0 is an additional loop splice in the loose tail, where the loopie part is threaded through once. If both eyes are loaded, both parts of the splice section are loaded and the splice can not become undone. PROs: Reduces rhe risks of a Loopie Sling. CONs: It still has a potential of failure when used the wrong way. Maybe a thimble is needed to reduce friction and abrasion in the spliced eye.


    * comparison of breaking strength Whoopie vs. Loopie 2.0

    Splicing Knowledge: Straight Bury vs. Brummel Lock splice

    Some customers asked us what kind of eye splice we use for our Whoopie slings. There are 2 possibilities to splice an eye: The straight bury and the Brummel Lock Splice. We use the Brummel Lock for a very simple reason: The straight bury is very unsafe in conditions where load appears in cycles. There are cases known from climbing slings where simple straight buries became undone just by handling the sling. The Brummel Lock Splice prevents this effectively. Even if it becomes opened it will be fixed in its former correct position when being under load again.

    upper row: straight bury being unloaded and loaded again will increase eyesize aka the splice will fail - Lower row: brummel lock splice unloaded and loaded again: Everything is in correct position


    Philipp Gesing: For very inspirational input about splicing techniques of the Loopie 2.0 and other good talks, David Kingston for a very nice chat about Loopies vs. Whoopies, for being another inspirational source on splicing techniques, Gleistein Ropes for their awesome Dyneema ropes, Selma ( ) for their convenient splicing fids.

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  140. Howto: Build a Sling Trainer from recycled slackline and climbing gear

    Winter days are training days. One of the most effective training tools to become a stronger slackliner is a sling trainer. This is how you can build your own simple and effective sling trainer  from old slackline and climbing gear, you don't want to use anymore. Here's what you need:

    Gear used for building a slingtrainer

    • 1 piece of rope between 4m and 8m, depending on the height you want to use it
    • 1 pulley,
    • 1 carabiner,
    • 1 6mm Paracord sling, 1-2m
    • 2 3mm Paracord slings, 50 cm each
    • 2 pieces of webbing, 1m each (we use MOTM tubular nylon webbing here)


    Step 1: Connect the pulley to the carabiner and thread the rope through the pulley. Build your own slingtrainer



    Step 2: Connect one 3mm Paracord via a Prusik Hitch to each strand of the rope. Use an overhand knot to tie the ends of the Paracord. Build your own slingtrainer


    Step 3: Connect the webbing pieces to the prusik slings. Tie the ends of the webbing with an overhand knot Build your own slingtrainer


    Step 4: Connect the 6mm Paracord to the carabiner. Use the Cord to attach your sling trainer to a branch or a hook in your wall. Build your own slingtrainer


    You are ready for training now! Have a look at the inspiring training videos in our Sling Trainer page

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  141. New product: raed sling trainer from recycled slackline gear

    Do you want to become a better and stronger slackliner? We have the right training tool for you, completely made from slackline components: The raed sling trainer

    A slingtrainer is the perfect training tool for your core stability. The raed suspension trainer is a very simple but powerful tool that makes you stronger everytime you use it. And it's fun to take it to the park too: Connect it to a branch of a tree and train after a slackline session. You will love the feeling of getting stronger outdoors.

    sling trainer

    There are 2 versions of our slingtrainer available. The brand new version is built from new materials. New pulley, new rope, new carabiner and so on. The recycled version of our sling trainer is very environmental friendly. It comes with recycled pulleys, carabiners and slings from used slackline sets and pulley systems. So this slackline gear gets a new life after its awesome slackline use. You will see that it had a great life as slackline gear before and it will still bring you environmental friendly fun and huge training effects.

    Every part is completely tested for safety of course. Every part of our raed sling trainer is made in Germany and oringinally made for the daily slackline use. The webbing for the slings is made from our most famous MOTM for example. It's so smooth and soft, it's just perfect to snuggle it to your wrists in training sessions. The pulley on the other hand is from our PRO pulley system. It's completely frictionless, so it challenges you for really intense body engagement during your training sessions. You see: every single part is very strong and robust. This sling trainer will be your best training buddy for years and it will make you as strong as you never believed to be. Go hard or go home ;) 

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  142. 200m Longline onsight by Sebastian Klimke

    raed athlete Sebastian Klimke during his 200m onsight send on Parsec Longline webbing. Get yours here: and crush your personal bests too!

    Picture: mh bilder ( ) Organisation: Slackline Brandenburg


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  143. Dyneema Soft shackles and whoopie slings for slackliners

    Spliced Dyneema becomes more and more popular among enthusiast slackliners. It's one of the easiest ways to save lots of weight in a backpack full of gear. Check out our Dyneema Whoopies as slackline anchor slings and our incredibly strong soft shackles. You will love them, promised!


    Soft shackles:


    Spliced eye of a Dyneema Whoopie Sling Dyneema Soft Shackle Dyneema Whoopie Sling Splice
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  144. A 76 m Longline in the German autumn

    German Slackliner Clara having fun on a 76 m Longline, easily tensioned with the raed PRO slackline pulley system and Parsec longline webbing in the last sunny days of the german autumn.

    Clara on a 76m Longline tensioned with the PRO slackline pulley system and Parsec webbing

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  145. Cruising a 280 m Longline

    French Slackliner David Znaty cruising on a 280 m Longline of Parsec webbing. Sag: 13m! Get your own Parsec Longline webbing

    280 m Longline of Parsec webbing

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  146. Howto: tension a primitive ellington slackline with 4 carabiners tutorial

    A primitive "ellington" slackline set is the easiest and simplest way to tension a slackline. All you need is 4 carabiners, 2 anchor slings, 2 chainlinks and some webbing. This video shows how to tension a slackline with the "primitive ellington method. Get your own slackline set! Keep the balance!
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  147. Longline Webbing for France

    That's an awesome package we sent to France today. Many hundreds of meters of Parsec, our low stretch Polyester Longline webbing and 100 additional meters of MOTM, our high stretch tubular nylon slackline webbing. Seems like there are huge projects going on in France. Keep the balance!


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  148. "Is your PRO slackline pulley system compatible to other brands' gear?"

    "Is your PRO pulley system connective to other brands' gear?" Of course it is. See our PRO slackline pulley system working together with the shiny SeaHorse from Slacktivity. Thanks to Arne for this nice picture! Slackline Pulley System compatible with Slacktivity SeaHorse Weblock

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  149. The couple of your wettest dreams: PRO pulley system and LineGrip

    The second most question that we recieve is: Is your PRO pulley system compatible to a LineGrip? How can other gears be connected to your system? We want to show you the simplest option:

    raed PRO pulley system connected to a LineGrip with a stainless omega shackle. raed PRO pulley system connected to a LineGrip with a stainless omega shackle.

    The PRO pulley system has an outer width of 24mm which makes it compatible to stainless omega shackles. This shackle can be used to attach anything you like. A LineGrip, a different weblock, whatever you can imagine.

    Of course there are many more options of connection.

    Way 2: use a soft shackle around the attached weblock diverter to attach your linegrip. Quick n dirty...

    Way 3: you could attach 8mm express slings to the screw of the pulley system to create a new anchor point.

    We are sure there are more options to connect gear to our PRO pulley system. So be creative but be safe. And keep the balance!



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  150. How to clean dirty slackline gear

    Slackline gear becomes dirty over time. That's no big deal, you can easily clean it in your washing machine or bath tub. This helps to keep your gear shiny and reduces wear over time. Here's how to do it:

    * Put your webbing or rope into a pillow case or a net bag before putting it into the washing machine. This reduces tangling to nearly zero.
    * There are detergents for synthetic fibres like sports clothes available in drugstores. These are very good for washing webbing and ropes, because your gear is made from the same fibres (polyamid/polyester). There are also special rope detergents available in outdoor stores. 
    * Use low temperature programs like the hand wash program or the wool program. These are very careful to sensitive textiles, so they are best for your gear too. Max water temperature: 30°C. Please make sure that your washing machine can handle the load of your gear - clean it by hand in a bathtub if your machine can't handle the load.
    * Most washing machines have an extra rinse program, it's worth using it after washing, to completely wash out all detergents. If you wash by hand, make sure to rinse well after washing too. 
    * Don't spin dry or tumble dry your gear. For drying it's recommended to hang it in smaller loops, like shown in the picture:

    * You're done. Now take your gear, get out and rock some lines. Keep the balance :)


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  151. Highline in an abandoned place in Russia

    Short but awesome highline in an abandoned place in Russia. Slackliner: Alexander Tschernjawski. Webbing: raed Parsec.

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  152. Videos: Urban Highlining in Moscow

    What a nice highline in the urban heights of Moscow, Russia: Semyon Kolesnik, walking on Parsec Webbing.

    И первый пошел ? #slackline #highline #moscow #москва #девушки #красавицы #смотрят #на #Семена

    Ein von Фёдор Мутьев/Theodore Matthew (@fedor_of_all_trades) gepostetes Video am

    #moscow #highline #slackline #moscow

    Ein von Фёдор Мутьев/Theodore Matthew (@fedor_of_all_trades) gepostetes Video am

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  153. PRO Longline Set available without webbing now

    Due to many customer requests we decided to make it a bit easier for you to order our famous PRO gear even if you fell in love with some non-raed-webbing. From today it's possible to configure the PRO Longline Set without any webbing. Choose whatever webbing you want, but use the best gear to tension your lines. Of course the non-webbing-version saves you lots of money too. Money that you can spend in some awesome webbing for your next projects. Maybe you want to try some of the webbings we really like to recommend to you:

    Slacktivity Marathon - some really nice low stretch webbing for long projects

    Landcruising Sonic - Landcruising's masterpiece. Stretchy, soft, bouncy.

    BC Mantra MK4 - low stretch, round edges - what else would you want?

    SlackFR McFly - really stretchy and round edges. Lovely

    Landcruising Core 2 - heavy duty webbing for those who need to rely on heavy things.

    BC Feather PRO - some lightweight webbing for low tension projects

    SlackFR MILF- strong and soft webbing for longer projects

    Slacktivity RedTube - really high stretch. Can you control that beast?

    Whatever webbing you love: Our PRO Longline Set will have it tensioned for you with ease in a few minutes. So have fun and keep the balance!

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  154. Clara having fun on 80m Longline

    Girl Power: 80m Parsec webbing, one handed rigged with PRO pulley system by Clara in less than 5 minutes. Clara made an impressive walk across this wonderful longline and had even much more fun on it. Location: Barnstorfer Wald, Rostock, Germany - get it here:


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  155. Dyneema slings on trees - the evolution of raed slacklines TreePRO

    Some months ago we introduced TreePRO to the awesome slackline community. TreePRO is some kind of new school tree protection that allows you to use Dyneema whoopie slings as anchor slings on trees, as shown in our famous PRO Longline Set for example.

    We recieved tons of feedback about the TreePRO concept. The feedback included many suggestions on how to further improve the protection of trees. So we tried lots of smaller and bigger changes on the design. In tis article we want to show the state of the evolution of TreePRO and highlight the PROs and CONs of the designs.

    DESIGN 1
    The first design was quite simple. We took some Cordura nylon, folded it in half, some pocket seams were sewn in and the carbon plates were put in.

    the first design of TreePRO

    PROs: easy to produce, lightweight, needs only Cordura and carbon fibre plates,
    CONs: no possibility to fix it to the tree during setup, the anchor sling can not be fixed to prevent abrasion, the carbon plates have 'unprotected' space in between, where traces can occure under circumstances of very rough bark, no soft padding of the carbon plates against the bark

    DESIGN 2
    The second design was a unique prototype that became deprecated quickly

    The second design of TreePRO

    PROs: nice look
    CONs: all of design 1, harder to produce, not robust enough

    DESIGN 3
    Design 3 tried to avoid many of the CONs of design 1. We added some very flexible but robust memory foam with cordura cover as base layer, the red cordura was sewn onto this base layer to create the pockets. Velcro patches were attached to the red Cordura. The velcros should create the ability to fix TreePRO to the tree and to fix the anchor sling to TreePRO.

    Third design of TreePRO

    Have a closer look at the sandwich structure of this design. A base layer of Cordura, memory foam and Cordura again, carbon plates in the middle and Cordura on the outside:

    Cross section of TreePRO

    PROs: ability to fix it to the tree during setup, ability to fix the anchor sling

    CONs: velcros can't keep the whoopie in place when using saggy lines, unprotected space between carbon plates

    DESIGN 4
    When introducing design 3, some people's feedback was that the concept may be right but to get it done perfectly we most propably would have to make it even heavier and more bulky. That's why we did exactly the opposite: We designed it smaller, lighter and nevertheless with lots of more tree protection and usability than in version 3

    Design 4 of TreePRO

    PROs: Same load distribution area like the bulkier versions before, Nearly no unprotected space between carbon plates, memory foam base layer, friction protection by Cordura nylon, velcro straps to attach it to the tree during setup, velcro straps can be threaded with anchor sling for protection against slipping when tensioning saggy,
    CONs: velcro straps are too wide, under some circumstances the anchor sling can put pressure below the carbon plates

    DESIGN 5

    Design 5 is a small but important change of design 4. The pockets for the carbon plates are 15% longer for even more load distribution area and the velcros are attached a little higher on the outside cordura. This prevents the anchor sling to slip below the carbon plates. This makes sure that the anchor sling always lies on the carbon plates for full load distribution.

    Design 5 of TreePRO
    TreePRO is shown here in use in a bad angle configuration. The anchor sling is kept in place by the velcros nevertheless.

    PROs: huge load distribution area, nearly no unprotected space between carbon plates, memory foam base layer, friction protection by Cordura nylon, velcro straps to attach it to the tree during setup, velcro straps can be threaded with anchor sling for protection against slipping when tensioning saggy or in bad angle conditions

    CONs: no cons known at this moment

    Results when using TreePRO

    TreePRO design 4 & 5 are in use for some weeks now. We had lots of internal tests. After these tests we were confident to show this update to the public and went to several slackline festivals, like the TüTü-Slack in Tübingen or the Slackline Festival NRW (thanks for the awesome time to both festivals b.t.w.). We believe that most slackers will agree that slackline festivals can be seen as an ultimate gear test. Dozens of slackliners walking, bouncing, jumping around on your gear for many days in a row. That's why we don't want to keep the results of those heavy use installations from you:

    Results of TreePRO usage on a very soft and wet bark
    The result of 100 m Parsec line with about 3.5 m sag, rigged at Roßberg during the TüTü Slack on a tree with a very wet and therefore soft and moss-covered bark. No visible traces beyond some greener moss because of keeping the bark wet unter the TreePRO. No traces of load, no traces of Dyneema rope in the bark.

    Results of 3 days continuous TreePRO usage on a very rough bark
    The result of anchor 1 of 70 m Parsec line with 2 m sag, rigged on a birch tree with quite uneven bark at Slackline Festival NRW. Time of load to the tree: 3 days. Visible traces: None

    Results of 3 days continuous TreePRO usage on a smooth bark
    The result of anchor 2 of 70 m Parsec line with 2 m sag, rigged on a beech tree with very even bark at Slackline Festival NRW. Time of load to the tree: 3 days. Visible traces: None


    It's official: The International Slackline Association made some very technical and insightful tests to find out about the forces of different slackline anchor slings on trees. They found: Dyneema whoopies don't harm trees if they are used with raed TreePRO, the only carbon fibre reinforced tree protection on the market. The forces even stay below the threshhold of none damaging loads of permanently installed rigs. Read the full study, authored by the International Slackline Association. As the study tested a worst case scenario with a very small diameter tree, we put up some calculations about higher loads you can put on whoopie slings at larger trees without going beyond the threshhold of tree friendliness. These calculations are based on a worst case scenario, so the values will most likely be a little below. But we believe it's worth protecting our trees a little more. So these are the numbers for your orientation:



    TreePRO weighs 297 grams each. Rolled together it's smaller than a hand. See the pictures:

    TreePRO weight: 297 grams

    TreePRO is very small packing

    It's really small, huh?



    For our comparison we took the most known longline brands and added the weights of their anchor components: the anchor sling itself plus the treeprotection that is usually sold along. Let's keep it short & simple, these are the results, sorted from lightweight to heavyweight:

    slackline anchors by weight

    1. raed whoopie + TreePRO (894 g per set)
    2. BC adjustable sling + TreeLite (1024 g per set)
    3. Slacktivity adjustable sling + Treeprotector (1380 g per set)
    4. SlacklineTools Baumschlinge + Landcruising TreePlus (1760 g per set)
    5. Landcruising Spanset + Landcruising TreePlus (2580 g per set)

    slackline anchors: potential weight savings

    As you can see, there is a very easy way to save lots of weight in your slackline backpack. The difference between the commonly used combination of spansets / TreePlus and whoopies / TreePRO is more than 1650 grams. Thats the equivalent of a 1.5l water bottle!

    So: Get the lightest slackline anchor set available today, protect your trees and and save lots of space and weight in your slackline backpack. It's a win win. 

    TreePRO by raed slacklines is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
    Based on a work at

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  156. Parsec Longline webbing is now stronger than ever before

    Parsec is the most famous longline webbing webbing from raed slacklines. New tensile tests of this awesome piece of weavery show: It's stronger than ever before. The first generation of Parsec achieved a breaking strength of about 36 kN - we added some safety margin and it was sold as a 33 kN webbing.

    The latest development of this webbing makes it even stronger. Tensile tests assure a minimum breaking strength of more than 37.5 kN in average. And again we add some safety margin. Parsec is now sold as 35 kN longline webbing. These improvements don't change anything on the price of Parsec webbing of course. You can buy it in our online shop for the best price possible. 

    Always be safe and keep the balance - on strong Parsec webbing :)

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  157. Testing the strength of our PRO weblock

    The safety of slackline gear is essential for slackliners. Longlines are set up with high tensions so there is lots of potential energy stored in the parts of a longline set when you walk across your line. Nobody wants the line or the components like pulley system or weblock to fail. This could lead to serious injuries when a slackliner is hit by flying parts of a high tension slackline after one part failed.

    That's the reason why safety concerns are absolutely taken serious by the raed slacklines team. Every part is accurately engineered by our german engineering team. Many prototypes are produced to make sure everything works absolutely fine. Afterwards every product is tested in lab tests and used by ourselves in many field tests. Only products that pass all those tests will make it to our shop.

    Take our PRO weblock for example. It's an engineering part that we are really proud of. No shackles, no parts to lose. And yet way lighter and stronger than most other weblocks out there. Its MBS: More than 100 kN. During the lab test there were 16mm stainless shackles connected to it to make sure it stays in place. These heavy duty shackles were completely bent before the PRO weblock failed at more than 10 tons of load. Watch the video above to see the strength of our PRO weblock. Fun facts about this test: The side plates, made of the ultrastrong ROCsolid steel don't even show signs of deformation after the 100 kN load. Only the screw of the center divider was cut off by this huge load. The shackles that have been connected to the weblock had to be cut out afterwards because of their heavy bendings. Enjoy the detail pictures ;)

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  158. colourful slacklife to the rainy palace park of Fontainebleau

    Bringing some colourful slacklife to the rainy palace park of Fontainebleau, France.
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  159. Introducing the PRO Longline Set

    Hey Slackers around the globe! We are proud to introduce PRO, our revolutionary longline system, to you. This longline set doesn't need any heavy shackles. It also doesn't need any heavy industry slings. It's just a pure result of german engineering to bring you the most efficient and lightweight longline set ever. The complete PRO set - including everything you need to walk 100 m of awesome webbing - weighs less than 9 (!) kilograms. Yes, including anchorslings, weblocks, pulley system, treepro, everything. The best thing about it: With this efficient system you can rig 100m of slackline in about 5 minutes. Alone. Times when 5 guys were needed to tension a longline are over! ;) Want to have a closer look at it? Just click

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  160. Worldwide Shipping

    During the last months we shipped our slackline gear to EU-countries only. But there arrived more and more questions of slackers around the world who wanted us to ship to their far away destinations so we decided to add more countries to our shipping list to make shopping much easier for you wherever you are. The list of added countries contains: USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Japan, Argentina, Morocco, Mexico, Jordan, Israel, Iran, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand and Turkey. Have fun everywhere and keep the balance :)
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  161. Testing the PRO Slackline Set in Spain

    El Chorro. One of the best winter climbing destinations in Europe. Home of countless hard climbs, refuge for many addicted climbers and slackers during the harsh winter in northern europe. Like us.

    What's one of the best part of climbing trips? You all know it: resting days to go sklacklining! So we took our raed slacklines PRO pulley system and 45 m of MOTM tubular nylon slackline webbing and looked for a nice spot to rig a decent longline. The spot was quickly found inside a reservoir with very low water level. The enclosed basin was absolutely perfect for rigging the line only knee high but left us enough sag to have tons of fun on the bouncy nylon webbing.


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  162. Soft Shackles made of Dyneema available now

    Soft shackles are awesome. You can open and close them, so you can use them like a shackle or a carabiner. But at their given strength they only weigh one seventh of a steel shackle coming with same strength. Soft shackles are made of Dyneema, an extremely strong fibre that is as strong as a steel cable the same size but at way less weight. It is so lightweight, it even swims in water! 

    Ou 50 kN raed soft shackles with are made of 6mm DynaOne which is known for superior strength and durability in many conditions due to its innovative coating. You can use them as replacement for your steel shackles and save lots of weight in your backpack. We promise: once you experienced a lightweight rucksack full of gear you will never want to go back to the heavy stuff ;)

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  163. Bouncing on a tubular nylon slackline is fun

    Playing around on tubular nylon slacklines is the most fun you could get. Bouncing around nearly weightless like the man on the moon. Feeling the high stretch when going up and down. Surfing from side to side like on a huge wave in the ocean. The easiest way ta feel what I mean is to try our MOTM tubular nylon slackline webbing. Its key tech specs: It weighs only 56 g/m, has a breaking strength of 27 kN and some high stretch of more than 14%. It takes some effort to tension it, but when you got it right, you will definitely LOOOOOVE the bounce of it. Promise! P.S.: Of course there are other tubes on the market, Philipp even wrote a huge comparison of them all. But we are convinced: If you like to feel like the man on the moon, you absolutely need to get MOTM. tubular nylon slackline webbing.
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