New US Highline Record!

New US Highline Record!

US Highline Record 2021 - 1350m - Alonso Rodriguez - Dyneemite

We're just going to quote raed athlete Alonso Rodriguez from California here: "A dream was finally accomplished on November 11, 2021.

An amazing group of people came together to rig and send the USA highline record! In highlining, wind is our worst enemy. Even though we had checked the forecasts previously, they are only forecasts… Things can change quickly and in this instance they did.. With our taglines up in the sky, the winds gusted at over 30 mph and inevitably broke our tag… After 3 days of waiting for winds to clear, we re-tagged and got the line up!!!

On day 1, I fell 1150 meters in and had a windy sesh on the way back. Followed by Jose, Emily and Danny’s crossing with Danny nearly sending with one fall only 20 meters from the anchor!!! With nobody else wanting to get on the line and one hour of daylight left, I decided to give it one more go! This time was different. The line felt easier and I felt much more relaxed. Even after having already walked 2.7 km this day and my left shoulder being so sore that I couldn’t put it over my head, I felt good! I crossed the line with no falls and a time of 39 minutes!! I couldn’t believe it… I had just walked a new USA record.

We derigged the line on Sunday and coined the name “It’s not that sick”. Both for how casual the whole thing felt and the fact that almost everybody got slightly ill during the project. The webbing was pulled and released by a team of 10 people and walked by many. Here are the crossings and times of all those that made the trek:

Alonso - 1 fall - 53 mins

Jose - 8 Falls - 1 hr 37 mins

Alonso - 3 falls in wind - ???

Danny - 1 fall HB - 1 hr 25 mins

Emily - 3 Falls - 1 hr 30 min

Alonso - send - 39 minutes

Greg - 15 falls - 1 hr 50 min

Emily - 4 falls - 1 hr 35 min

Danny - 2 fall - 1 hr 23 min

Ryan - 2 falls - 1 hr 24 min

Danny - 4 falls - 1 hr 25 mins

Jose - 6 falls - 1 hr 20 mins

Victor - Falls - 2 hr 3 min

Danny - fall HB - 1 hr 12 min

Alonso - 4 falls - 50 mins

Ryan - 2 Falls - 1 hr 30 mins

Emily - 2 falls - 1 hr 20 mins

Alonso - no falls- 1 hr 30 mins

Thank you to everyone that was involved in this project. I can’t wait to put up a bigger line with ya monkeys ❤️

“It’s not that sick” 1.35 km Mainline / Backup: Dyneemite

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