Monthly Archives: August 2020

  1. New webbing: DYNEEMITE

    BOOM. Your old personal best just got blasted: Walking this webbing feels like cheating - on speed... Dyneemite is an ultralight Dyneema-Polyester hybrid webbing for your BIG highline projects. Specs:
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  2. Happy CIRCUS time

    Happy CIRCUS time! Raed athlete @pietrobarilli officially received his Circus Diploma from the @inac.circusschool - congrats! In the picture you can see a glimpse of his breathtaking and very entertaining rodeoline performance. Pietro performs his show on TWTMNBN webbing and with a RODEO weblock - you can get your own in our slackshop: &

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  3. Slackline pulley efficiency comparison by HowNotToHighline

    Ryan from HowNotToHighline tested many ways to tension slacklines on their efficiency, including our famous BLNC 5:1 slackline pulleys.
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