Kamil Dudek

Kamil Dudek

Hi, my name is Kamil. I’m from Chrzanow – a small city on the southern side of Poland.

My slackline adventure started in 2015. I saw many photos on Instagram and it was so interesting to me, so I decided to try this new field. After 2 years I became the organizer of NO Fun Highline Meeting, which is in Bolechowice. This is the biggest slackline spot in Poland. I’m also an official ISA rigger from 1st course. Safety has always been the most important thing to me. I feel responsible for people who are coming onto the slackline. The biggest thing, however, is having fun with friends. It’s way more valuable than training for winning competitions.

Slacklining gives me a chance to meet a lot of interesting people from all over the world. Thanks to slack, I learned a lot about myself too. When I am on the line, I am alone surrounded by trees and the sky. It’s pure freedom. I love being close to nature, admiring beautiful views, and discovering new spots. I am currently focused on searching for incredible places to slackline in the Tatras mountains. I think this mountain range is very underestimated, and I want to show the uniqueness of this area.

Fun fact: I graduated school with a miners profile, so it’s the biggest paradox since I should be working 500m below ground, but I choose to step 500m above.

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