Monthly Archives: January 2018

  1. Video: Slackline Rodeo training in Berlin

    Video: Some neat Slackline Rodeo training in Berlin:
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  2. Daniel pushing his rodeo surfing to new heights

    Daniel trains hard to push his rodeo surfing to new heights. And we guess it pays off :D Length: 25m Helium, 4,5 m high, with RODEO weblocks
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  3. Bastis sunny highline session in Löbejün

    Good old summer highline times. Winter in Germany is harsh so we show a pic of a sunny highline session today. Basti Klimke plays on this 80m highline in an abandoned quarry near Löbejün, Germany. Let the sun in your heart and the flow will follow.
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  4. Happy new slackyear :D

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let's all have lots of highline fun and leashfalls in 2018! Line: Otto Lilienthal's passion. Length: 140m, height: 20m Slackliner: Sebastian Klimke Photo: Daniel Neumann
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