Monthly Archives: February 2018

  1. Now available: Perfect gifts for slackliners

    Everybody knows their slackliner buddies: They usually own all the gear they're burning for. So you mostly don't know what might be the right present for their birthday or christmas. We know a solution: Have a close look at our slackline gifts category in our slackline online shop. We're sure you'll find sweet gifts for your slackline friends in there which they don't own yet but they'd really love one of them :)
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  2. Rainmund highlining in Srbsko, Czech

    Raimon, a good friend of us, enjoys this sunny moment on the MOTM / Parsec line in Srbsko, Czech. The combination of MOTM as mainline and Parsec as backup webbing has proven to be awesome on mid length highlines. Get MOTM here: Get Parsec here: THX to Daniel Neumann for the pic.
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  3. Tutorial: Howto softpoint a slackline without a LineGrip / StropoChvat / LineCoil

    You want to softpoint your slackline but you don't own a LineGrip® or any other device for it? This might be a good alternative for your rigging process:
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