Monthly Archives: September 2018

  1. "the most difficult highline of my life"

    In this picture you can see raed athlete Sebastian on a line that he described as "the most difficult highline of my life". As you can see: the backup was tight as hell and the line was more than 300m long. This combination made it a real beast to walk. Do you want to become a strong highliner too? Get some heavy training webbing in our slackshop:
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  2. Now that's what we call exposure!

    Now that's what we call exposure! * Athlete: Sebastian Klimke * Height: 400+ m * line length: 150m * Spot: Montiggl, Italy Get your own highline gear in our shop:
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  3. How does the training routine of our raed athletes usually look like?

    How does the training routine of our raed athletes usually look like? Sebastian chooses to waterline as much as he can during the warmer time of the year to strengthen his body and sharpen his skills and tricks on the line. Of course that includes hundreds of leashfalls, climbs and mounts, so these techniques are extremely advanced. For his training lines Sebastian mostly chooses MOTM webbing in PRO weblocks, usually tensioned between 3 and 4 kN. It's a playful and bouncy setup that is also quite challenging, depending on the length and height of the line. Get your gear in our slackshop: MOTM webbing: - PRO weblocks:
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  4. Waterlining at the Göllersee in South Tyrol

    Let's call it a waterline week to start this summer! Sebastian finds the perfect balance and bounce on 100m SuperMOTM across the Göllersee in Südtirol, Italy. Get your own piece of it in our shop:
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  5. Kamil's blindfolded session @Montiggl, Italy

    Sit back and enjoy the next 3 minutes of laid back beats and extremely relaxed highlining footage. No fancy whirling around, no bounces, no tricks. Plain blindfold walking and exposure on a 150m long and 400m high highline.

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  6. Free Download: Slackline Wallpaper for your devices

    Looking for a cool new slackline wallpaper for your electronic device? Look no further, we've got you covered! The wallpaper can be downloaded in several sizes for different screens:



    Laptop 16:9






    Android Tablet:

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  7. sunset session on SuperMOTM

    The summer comes to an end, but these amazing waterlines still don't stop. Daniel has his sunset session on SuperMOTM webbing across river Havel in Potsdam, Germany. Pic:
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