Monthly Archives: July 2019

  1. New: The BLNC Weblock

    The BLNC Weblock is a true working horse weblock. It provides all the best features like a big hollow diverter, a pushpin at the front, strong steel construction and really big holes for easiest attaching even under difficult rigging circumstances. It weighs only 284 grams and is extremely robust. You can find it in our shop now:
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  2. A Fireline at Move Copenhagen

    We have no words for what happened last weekend at MoveCopenhagen
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  3. Waterline: Soraya cruises across the Lago di Cavèdine, Italy

    Waterline week still to go! Soraya cruises across the Lago di Cavèdine, Italy. In the background you can spot the Monte Casale. For waterlines we recommend soft and bouncy webbing like our Rainbow or SuperMOTM. Check them in our shop: Pic: Tom Peek
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