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  1. 430m waterline across Vistula river

    This is soo awesome, we can only quote from raed athlete Kamil directly: "At the beggining of this week with @pablosignoret, @newton_slack and @positively_addicted we did a show in Toruń. That were two days full of suprices and a lot of fun! We rigged big waterline (430m) across the Vistula river (3rd time!). I've had a pleasure to send this line as first and set my new PB! One year ago at this time I was dreaming about send 70m highline. Now after send this mid-waterline (40m isn't high enough to name this line as highline) I'm so stoked about my progress and more motivated to do more new, big projects! Thanks so much for invite @herrherold and for this amazing photo @aidanwilliamsphoto " Picture: Aidan Willians
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  2. 215m Waterline across Schlachtensee, Berlin

    Daniel Neumann and his friends from Slackline Brandenburg used the hot summer days for an impressive 215m waterline across the Schlachtensee in the west of Berlin. Anchor height: 15m! length: 215m height: 15m webbing: Parsec ( ) pic:
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  3. Welcome to team raed: Kamil Dudek!

    Please welcome raed's new team athlete Kamil! Born and raised 20 years ago in Chrzanow, Poland, Kamil is one of the most talented and fastest growing slackliners in Europe. He started slacklining only 3 years ago and his personal best is now 430 meters on a mid waterline. In this picture you can see him sending a 150m highline in Montiggl, Italy. Height: frightening 400 meters straight down. Welcome to the team and keep the balance!
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