1. New RODEO weblock

    The new ultralight RODEO weblock is here. Check the video!
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  2. New: Titanium Leash Ring and Ultralight Leashes

    An ultralight Titanium leash ring and a complete leash set weighing below 200 grams just hit our shop
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  3. New webbing: DYNEEMITE

    BOOM. Your old personal best just got blasted: Walking this webbing feels like cheating - on speed... Dyneemite is an ultralight Dyneema-Polyester hybrid webbing for your BIG highline projects. Specs:
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  4. NEW: The Ultralight Travel Slackline Set.

    NEW: The Ultralight Travel Slackline Set. 1090 grams. Yes, you didn't get that wrong: 1090 grams
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  5. The lightest slackline pulley system in the market

    866g! This is the lightest, yet most efficient slackline pulley system in the market. It's so tiny, it fits into the pocket of your jacket. But it gives you the 25x power of your arm - so you can easily tension longlines one handed. And the best: It starts at 199,- € Get your BLNC 5:1 pulley in our slackshop and start a lot lighter into the new season: https://raed-slacklines.com/blnc-5-1-pulley-system
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