Flo Zoller

Flo Zoller

I started Slacklining in 2009 and I was right away fascinated about all the tricks which are possible on this thin, tensioned webbing. Back then i was the only „Trickliner“ in my homecountry in Tyrol, Austria, and so I went to a lot of Trickline-Competitions and Festivals in Germany to meet other fanatics.

The first time I tried Highlining was in 2015 with some bavarian friends at a very exposed spot in Tyrol. I immediately became addicted to it – and from this point on, the real fun started!

My friends and me always tried to rigg higher, longer and more challenging highlines, and soon broke a lot of national and international records. Some of my favourite projects took place in China, Norway, Canada, Croatia, Albania, Swiss, Italy and ofcourse in my home-mountains in Austria. While trying to always push the limits of this sport, we never lose the fun in it. In the end, every great project needs great friends


  • 2010 1st Place Tricklinecontest in Obergurgl, Austria
  • 2016 first national highline-record broken (210m)
  • 2016 Send of longest highline in Albania (180m)
  • 2017 Waterline-Worldrecord in China (675m, shared)
  • 2017 2nd Place Speedline Contest with Team Germany in China
  • 2018 Night send of 1k Highline in Norway (1020m, shared, national record)
  • 2019 First Ascend of the alpine highline „Honolulu Jungle“ (130m)
  • 2019 Head Rigger at Highline Project „Connecting Islands“ in Sardinia

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