Flo Zoller

Flo Zoller

I started Slacklining in 2009 and I was right away fascinated about all the tricks which are possible on this thin, tensioned webbing. Back then i was the only „Trickliner“ in my homecountry in Tyrol, Austria, and so I went to a lot of Trickline-Competitions and Festivals in Germany to meet other fanatics.

The first time I tried Highlining was in 2015 with some bavarian friends at a very exposed spot in Tyrol. I immediately became addicted to it – and from this point on, the real fun started!

My friends and me always tried to rigg higher, longer and more challenging highlines, and soon broke a lot of national and international records. Some of my favourite projects took place in China, Norway, Canada, Croatia, Albania, Swiss, Italy and ofcourse in my home-mountains in Austria. While trying to always push the limits of this sport, we never lose the fun in it. In the end, every great project needs great friends


  • 2010 1st Place Tricklinecontest in Obergurgl, Austria
  • 2016 first national highline-record broken (210m)
  • 2016 Send of longest highline in Albania (180m)
  • 2017 Waterline-Worldrecord in China (675m, shared)
  • 2017 2nd Place Speedline Contest with Team Germany in China
  • 2018 Night send of 1k Highline in Norway (1020m, shared, national record)
  • 2019 First Ascend of the alpine highline „Honolulu Jungle“ (130m)
  • 2019 Head Rigger at Highline Project „Connecting Islands“ in Sardinia


    Watch our video of a 680m highline in Croatia. The beauty and the destruction.
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  2. An Alpine Highline - The Vulture's Head

    What happens when four highly motivated highliners receive the message that their dream project is cancelled due to bad weather conditions? Right: They simply go somewhere else and have some fun there. Watch raed athletes Soraya, Flo and Quirin highlining and having fun in the alps, documented by Tom Peek:
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  3. Flo Zoller Highlining in Albania

    Flo, member of the very elitist 1k highliner club and raed athlete went to Albania a while ago with his buddies Quirin, Yannick and Justin for a highline project at a surfer beach. The footage they kept there is breathtaking! Sit back, relax and enjoy this clip of "Surfer's Paradise", a 180m highline right across a beautiful beach. P.S.: wanna rig your own highline projects? get all the gear you need in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com
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  4. Flo cruising on 230m Rainbow highline

    Raed athlete Flo Zoller explores the sky on his Rainbow webbing and Adriano finds the perfect place for a beautiful picture of him. Wow. Get your own Rainbow webbing in our shop: https://raed-slacklines.com/rainbow-polyester-highline-webbing Line-specs: Main: Rainbow Backup: Bluewing 230m long, 30m high, 75% over water 4-5 kN tension Location: a secret spot in the Northern Alps Pic: Adriano Losso
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  5. Flo won't stop his highline training in snowy winter

    Despite snow stacking hips deep on the ground and a continuing snow storm, raed athlete Flo appreciates to have found this opportunity to be on the highline during winter. Before walking he even had to remove a many centimeters thick layer of ice and snow from the 133m webbing of his permanent training rig. While all these circumstances made the line much more difficult to walk, he really liked this training opportunity for the warmer summer time to come very soon. That's the spirit! Get your own highline gear in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/ pic: Lukas Riediger
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  6. 230m of Rainbow

    When raed athlete Flo Zoller told us about this spot we had to promise not to spread the name or the coordinates. Just that much: 230m of Rainbow webbing, 30m high, 75% over water. He went there together with Quirin, Lukas, Tessi and Oli. Seems like the #tiroliners had lots of fun :D Thx for the picture: Adriano Losso Get your own Rainbow: https://raed-slacklines.com/rainbow-polyester-highline-webbing
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  7. Welcome to team raed: Flo Zoller

    Please welcome a new member of the raed team: Flo Zoller! Flo started slacklining in 2009 during summer holidays. He became addicted immediately and bought his first trickline to spend every free minute on it. In 2014 he tried highlining for the first time and his addiction changed. Since that moment he tries to constantly walk, explore and open new highlines all over the world. This summer he joined the club1000, the elite circle of human beings that ever sent a 1000m long highline. From now on he will use raed gear in his journey and help us to develop the most advanced gear for this sport. Welcome to our team Flo, we're looking forward for a great time and beautiful projects with you!
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