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  1. The ALLMIGHTY by Eric Hake on MOTM webbing

    One of the hardest, most complex and definitely the most spectacular trick on a highline so far: The ALLMIGHTY. Eric Hake shows perfect timing and execution of it on MOTM webbing. Get your own MOTM webbing in our slackshop to throw the biggest tricks!
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  2. Surfbouncing the new AURORA webbing

    "This surfbounces nearly by itself, I've never had sessions feel that easy!" raed athlete Sebastian Klimke said after his very first session on the 100m AURORA midline near Berlin. Check the vid of his surfbounce session:
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  3. The Drill and Chill Festival video 2019 is out!

    The Drill and Chill Climbing and Highlining Festival is the festival with the highest community stoke in Europe. It also is the festival with the highest lines. We supported the last year's edition with 3 amazing lines, 40m Cumulus for Beginners, 100m Rainbow for ambitious highliners and 500ish Rainbow for the pros. Every single one of these lines was mindblowing. The height, the exposure, the view.

    We're crossing fingers that this covid thing will be over very soon and that we all can gather at this magic place again. Until then, we love to show you this video, made by the highly talented Sammy Theurer. Stay safe and healthy, everybody and keep the balance!

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  4. An Alpine Highline - The Vulture's Head

    What happens when four highly motivated highliners receive the message that their dream project is cancelled due to bad weather conditions? Right: They simply go somewhere else and have some fun there. Watch raed athletes Soraya, Flo and Quirin highlining and having fun in the alps, documented by Tom Peek:
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  5. Highline trip to Sardegna

    Raed athlete Soraya went to Sardinia with her partner Tom and many meters of Rainbow webbing in their backpack. Here's the story she brought from that adventure:

    "Before we went to Sardinia we did some research and had contact with a local highliner. He had never rigged the line at Capo Testa but he knew it has been done before. The information that he could give us was: bolting is not aloud. Everything is rigged natural.

    We needed to go to this place as we got mesmerized by the pictures in the climbing topo. After a short walk we entered the valley. I was impressed. The shapes of the rocks where fascinating and the highline was obvious. We scrambled/climbed up on both sides to check out the anchors and made a plan. You have to be creative when you rig a natural anchor what makes it a lot of fun. To rig a 155m highline in a team of 2 can be a challenge. It's always hard work but everything went smooth. Just before sunset we finished the highline and we could have the cherry on the cake: a beautiful session at sunset."

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  6. Video: Slackline Rodeo training in Berlin

    Video: Some neat Slackline Rodeo training in Berlin:
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  7. Videos: Urban Highlining in Moscow

    What a nice highline in the urban heights of Moscow, Russia: Semyon Kolesnik, walking on Parsec Webbing.

    И первый пошел ? #slackline #highline #moscow #москва #девушки #красавицы #смотрят #на #Семена

    Ein von Фёдор Мутьев/Theodore Matthew (@fedor_of_all_trades) gepostetes Video am

    #moscow #highline #slackline #moscow

    Ein von Фёдор Мутьев/Theodore Matthew (@fedor_of_all_trades) gepostetes Video am

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