Flora Fink

Flora Fink

I did not know about highlining until 2017. After I’d found out something crazy like this exists, it took me 2 more years to finally get on a highline. It was at this really beautiful spot named Ostrov, checking out the Women Highline Meeting 2019. By the way, I would recommend WHM to every woman slackening or not! Back then I fell in love with the first leash fall or maybe it was just the love for the purest kick of adrenalin without the feeling of death. Superdupercrazyamazing.

Since then, I still enjoy every fall, which means I’m still having fun. But also fun can be quite specific and comes down to something with a certain bounce: at least 60 meters of nylon or 120 meters of polyester. I don’t mind being alone on a spot, especially during winter, but it´s also super nice hanging out there with crew and friends.

What is most important to maintain passion and performance is good sugary food and, if possible, a secluded anchor chill point not straight along the hiking track! At the end it’s about enjoying those wild moments on the line, close to flying, somewhere on the sunny side of life :) !

My vision: more women on highlines.

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