Monthly Archives: December 2018

  1. The Moleson Highline Extreme 2018

    A short video from the Moleson Highline Extreme 2018. Enjoy ;)
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  2. Welcome to team raed: Magdalena Preimesberger!

    Please welcome to our team of slackline athletes: Maggie! In this picture you can see her on a highline from Rad Pack Projects in the olympic stadium in Munich, Germany during a shooting for Bogner.

    Maggie is an extraordinary #slackgirl - very calm and relaxed on the ground, but with the heart of a fighting lion and blessed with lots of talent for movement when being on the line. When we asked her, what webbing she needs for her training, she immediately answered: "Give me the heavy "webbing which must not be named", I want the heaviest and most difficult training line I can get." That's her spirit!

    If you want to traing like Maggie, get your "webbing which must not be named" in our slackshop:

    Welcome to the team Maggie
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