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  1. Welcome to our athletes team: Quirin Herterich!

    Welcome to our raed athlete team: Quirin Herterich! Quirin is an extraordinary highliner. He holds the record for the longest distance ever walked on a Highline after walking non-stop 2,500 meters on the 2.8 km line in Norway 2018. This picture was taken in August 2019 at one of his homespots in Bavaria, Germany. Originally he wanted to go to Chamonix at this time but conditions there did not allow the team to do their project - so he invited the whole crew to hang out at his place and highline the bavarian homespots. Length: 80m Height: 70m Webbing: Double Rainbow Get your own Rainbow in our slackshop:
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  2. Sebastian's "training highline"

    raed athlete Sebastian is one of the highly talented young guns in this amazing community. Last week he sent his first 420 m highline in Bosnia - aged 20. In this picture you can see him training on his home spot near Jena, Germany on his Rainbow highline setup. Line length: 160m. Sebastian uses this line to "make miles". This intense training method aims for a long distance walk back and forth and back and forth and so on until he reaches a point where he can't continue to walk anymore. Then he still keeps pushing hard until he reaches his set distance goal and goes back home for some rest. This kind of training provides the needed physical strength and endurance to master the big lines that are waiting for him. The 420m was just the first step in his journey, this is for sure. Wanna be a strong highliner too? Find your gear in our slackshop: Thx for the pic: Daniel Neumann
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  3. Magdalena at the Terrassenfest at the Seeblickhotel Grundlsee

    Magdalena Preimesberger just sent us a picture from the Terrassenfest at the @SeeblickhotelGrundlsee - highlining in a traditional Austrian "Dirndl" in front of amazing alpine landscape near the Grundlsee, Austria. We love the atmosphere of this line, this shot, this landscape. The webbing she used for the line is TWTMNBN, you find it here in our slackshop:

    Maggie is a member of the raed team for one year now. And we love to support this strong slackgirl on her journey. If you're also a really strong slackgirl and like to become a part of our athletes team: get in touch with us! Thx for the picture: Andreas Syen

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  4. DuraLaVida: A split highline design from raed slacklines

    VIDEO: The DuraLaVida Loop is the split highline setup by raed slacklines.
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