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Pietro Barilli Highline

My name is Pietro, I come from Verbania, an Italian village at the foot of the Alps, and I was born in an Italian village just at the foot of the Alps and bordering Switzerland in June 96.

Three years ago I discovered the world of slackline and from there, my life took a new direction. I entered the circus school in Granada where i could spend my time training on slack, in rodeoline mode, but also learning many other things. So i could mix my passion for sport with the world of art and theatre. After two years of school, and many highlines.

I went to Portugal, where I still live, to work first in a festival and then in a circus, always with my slackline. now I have been admitted to the second and final year of the portuguese national school of circus arts (INAC), where I can continue to train while waiting for the summer, when it will be time to give life to my highline and rodeoline projects. And dedicate my life to travel, make shows and art.

  1. Happy CIRCUS time

    Happy CIRCUS time! Raed athlete @pietrobarilli officially received his Circus Diploma from the @inac.circusschool - congrats! In the picture you can see a glimpse of his breathtaking and very entertaining rodeoline performance. Pietro performs his show on TWTMNBN webbing and with a RODEO weblock - you can get your own in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/twtmnbn-highline-webbing & https://raed-slacklines.com/rodeo-weblock

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  2. 1 hour of continuous rodeoline surfing

    Do you need some inspiration for your lockdown slackline training? Raed athlete Pietro Barilli shows his routine: 1 complete hour of continuous rodeo surfing!
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  3. Pietro's Rodeoline showcast video

    Meet Pietro, the latest member of the raed athletes team! Born in Italy, now living in Portugal, Pietro sent us this showcast, to become a raed team member. We were immediately convinced - just watch it and make up your own opinion:

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