Monthly Archives: April 2017

  1. Call for Slackgirls

    CALL FOR SLACKGIRLS We at raed slacklines truly believe in the awesomeness of the slackline community, where women and girls achieve the same great things as men and boys do. That's why we're building our slackteam 50:50 of boys and girls. To achieve this goal, we call out for all strong slackgirls to apply for a place in our raed slacklines team. Drop us an Email to and send us your personal achievements, pictures of your most beautiful lines and tell us a bit about your ambitions. We're looking forward to hear from you and get in contact with all you talented girls out there. Keep the balance, your raed slacklines team.
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  2. Daniel owns the 104m long, 40m sag Rodeoline

    Go big or go home! Daniel totally owns the 104m long and 40m sag Rodeoline made of Helium, the dedicated rodeo webbing, at the abandoned Aktienbruch quarry in Löbejün, Germany.
    Get your Helium webbing here:

    raed slacklines Helium webbing at a 40m sag Rodeoline

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