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  1. The couple of your wettest dreams: PRO pulley system and LineGrip

    The second most question that we recieve is: Is your PRO pulley system compatible to a LineGrip? How can other gears be connected to your system? We want to show you the simplest option:

    raed PRO pulley system connected to a LineGrip with a stainless omega shackle. raed PRO pulley system connected to a LineGrip with a stainless omega shackle.

    The PRO pulley system has an outer width of 24mm which makes it compatible to stainless omega shackles. This shackle can be used to attach anything you like. A LineGrip, a different weblock, whatever you can imagine.

    Of course there are many more options of connection.

    Way 2: use a soft shackle around the attached weblock diverter to attach your linegrip. Quick n dirty...

    Way 3: you could attach 8mm express slings to the screw of the pulley system to create a new anchor point.

    We are sure there are more options to connect gear to our PRO pulley system. So be creative but be safe. And keep the balance!



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  2. How to clean dirty slackline gear

    Slackline gear becomes dirty over time. That's no big deal, you can easily clean it in your washing machine or bath tub. This helps to keep your gear shiny and reduces wear over time. Here's how to do it:

    * Put your webbing or rope into a pillow case or a net bag before putting it into the washing machine. This reduces tangling to nearly zero.
    * There are detergents for synthetic fibres like sports clothes available in drugstores. These are very good for washing webbing and ropes, because your gear is made from the same fibres (polyamid/polyester). There are also special rope detergents available in outdoor stores. 
    * Use low temperature programs like the hand wash program or the wool program. These are very careful to sensitive textiles, so they are best for your gear too. Max water temperature: 30°C. Please make sure that your washing machine can handle the load of your gear - clean it by hand in a bathtub if your machine can't handle the load.
    * Most washing machines have an extra rinse program, it's worth using it after washing, to completely wash out all detergents. If you wash by hand, make sure to rinse well after washing too. 
    * Don't spin dry or tumble dry your gear. For drying it's recommended to hang it in smaller loops, like shown in the picture:

    * You're done. Now take your gear, get out and rock some lines. Keep the balance :)


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  3. Highline in an abandoned place in Russia

    Short but awesome highline in an abandoned place in Russia. Slackliner: Alexander Tschernjawski. Webbing: raed Parsec.

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  4. Videos: Urban Highlining in Moscow

    What a nice highline in the urban heights of Moscow, Russia: Semyon Kolesnik, walking on Parsec Webbing.

    И первый пошел ? #slackline #highline #moscow #москва #девушки #красавицы #смотрят #на #Семена

    Ein von Фёдор Мутьев/Theodore Matthew (@fedor_of_all_trades) gepostetes Video am

    #moscow #highline #slackline #moscow

    Ein von Фёдор Мутьев/Theodore Matthew (@fedor_of_all_trades) gepostetes Video am

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  5. PRO Longline Set available without webbing now

    Due to many customer requests we decided to make it a bit easier for you to order our famous PRO gear even if you fell in love with some non-raed-webbing. From today it's possible to configure the PRO Longline Set without any webbing. Choose whatever webbing you want, but use the best gear to tension your lines. Of course the non-webbing-version saves you lots of money too. Money that you can spend in some awesome webbing for your next projects. Maybe you want to try some of the webbings we really like to recommend to you:

    Slacktivity Marathon - some really nice low stretch webbing for long projects

    Landcruising Sonic - Landcruising's masterpiece. Stretchy, soft, bouncy.

    BC Mantra MK4 - low stretch, round edges - what else would you want?

    SlackFR McFly - really stretchy and round edges. Lovely

    Landcruising Core 2 - heavy duty webbing for those who need to rely on heavy things.

    BC Feather PRO - some lightweight webbing for low tension projects

    SlackFR MILF- strong and soft webbing for longer projects

    Slacktivity RedTube - really high stretch. Can you control that beast?

    Whatever webbing you love: Our PRO Longline Set will have it tensioned for you with ease in a few minutes. So have fun and keep the balance!

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  6. Clara having fun on 80m Longline

    Girl Power: 80m Parsec webbing, one handed rigged with PRO pulley system by Clara in less than 5 minutes. Clara made an impressive walk across this wonderful longline and had even much more fun on it. Location: Barnstorfer Wald, Rostock, Germany - get it here:


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