PRO Longline Set available without webbing now

Due to many customer requests we decided to make it a bit easier for you to order our famous PRO gear even if you fell in love with some non-raed-webbing. From today it's possible to configure the PRO Longline Set without any webbing. Choose whatever webbing you want, but use the best gear to tension your lines. Of course the non-webbing-version saves you lots of money too. Money that you can spend in some awesome webbing for your next projects. Maybe you want to try some of the webbings we really like to recommend to you:

Slacktivity Marathon - some really nice low stretch webbing for long projects

Landcruising Sonic - Landcruising's masterpiece. Stretchy, soft, bouncy.

BC Mantra MK4 - low stretch, round edges - what else would you want?

SlackFR McFly - really stretchy and round edges. Lovely

Landcruising Core 2 - heavy duty webbing for those who need to rely on heavy things.

BC Feather PRO - some lightweight webbing for low tension projects

SlackFR MILF- strong and soft webbing for longer projects

Slacktivity RedTube - really high stretch. Can you control that beast?

Whatever webbing you love: Our PRO Longline Set will have it tensioned for you with ease in a few minutes. So have fun and keep the balance!

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