1. DuraLaVida 2.0 - Next Generation Split Highline Design

    DuraLaVida 2.0 is the next generation split highline design for big highline projects. It's safer, easier to connect and smaller than any other split highline design in the market.
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  2. Surfbouncing the new AURORA webbing

    "This surfbounces nearly by itself, I've never had sessions feel that easy!" raed athlete Sebastian Klimke said after his very first session on the 100m AURORA midline near Berlin. Check the vid of his surfbounce session:
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  3. Connecting Islands – Quirin Herterich's Sardegna highline project

    Quirin Herterich tells about his latest highline adventure between Sardegna and „Pan di Zucchero“ [german]
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  4. The new RigLock: A weblock with anti-slippage

    The RigLock is our most versatile weblock. It combines our BLNC weblock and a rigging plate into one device. And did we mention its anti-slippage-functionality? Have a close look at all the features in our video:
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  5. Welcome to our athletes team: Quirin Herterich!

    Welcome to our raed athlete team: Quirin Herterich! Quirin is an extraordinary highliner. He holds the record for the longest distance ever walked on a Highline after walking non-stop 2,500 meters on the 2.8 km line in Norway 2018. This picture was taken in August 2019 at one of his homespots in Bavaria, Germany. Originally he wanted to go to Chamonix at this time but conditions there did not allow the team to do their project - so he invited the whole crew to hang out at his place and highline the bavarian homespots. Length: 80m Height: 70m Webbing: Double Rainbow Get your own Rainbow in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/rainbow-polyester-highline-webbing
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  6. Surf it, baby!

    Surf it, baby! One of Sebastians highly appealing highline moves is some immense surfbounce. 80m, 100m, 150m? Doesn't matter - as soon as he finds the sweet spot of a line, he just goes crazy on it. Here you can see him during the Midsummer Highline Meeting at the Aktienbruch quarry in Löbejün, Germany. Wanna go crazy on highliney yourself? Check out our slackshop and find all the gear you need: https://raed-slacklines.com/
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  7. A highline across a waterfall

    Can a highline be any more beautiful than a line crossing a waterfall? raed athlete Maggie shows her home spot in this picture. Wow, we're so jealous now! Here's what Maggie tells about her slacklife in general:

    "Highlining has become incredibly important to me over the last 5 years since I first started. Although it has been nearly impossible to highline during my studies, I never lost the craving for it. Those calm moments, the intense fighting ang struggling, as well as the happiness you experience in this sport, are what keeps me going. It shaped me, widened my way of thinking and gave me opportunities to meet incredible people and simply enriched my life in many different ways."

    Get your own highline gear in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/ pic: Tom Peek

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  8. Highline trip to Sardegna

    Raed athlete Soraya went to Sardinia with her partner Tom and many meters of Rainbow webbing in their backpack. Here's the story she brought from that adventure:

    "Before we went to Sardinia we did some research and had contact with a local highliner. He had never rigged the line at Capo Testa but he knew it has been done before. The information that he could give us was: bolting is not aloud. Everything is rigged natural.

    We needed to go to this place as we got mesmerized by the pictures in the climbing topo. After a short walk we entered the valley. I was impressed. The shapes of the rocks where fascinating and the highline was obvious. We scrambled/climbed up on both sides to check out the anchors and made a plan. You have to be creative when you rig a natural anchor what makes it a lot of fun. To rig a 155m highline in a team of 2 can be a challenge. It's always hard work but everything went smooth. Just before sunset we finished the highline and we could have the cherry on the cake: a beautiful session at sunset."

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  9. Welcome to team raed: Magdalena Preimesberger!

    Please welcome to our team of slackline athletes: Maggie! In this picture you can see her on a highline from Rad Pack Projects in the olympic stadium in Munich, Germany during a shooting for Bogner.

    Maggie is an extraordinary #slackgirl - very calm and relaxed on the ground, but with the heart of a fighting lion and blessed with lots of talent for movement when being on the line. When we asked her, what webbing she needs for her training, she immediately answered: "Give me the heavy "webbing which must not be named", I want the heaviest and most difficult training line I can get." That's her spirit!

    If you want to traing like Maggie, get your "webbing which must not be named" in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/the-webbing-that-must-not-be-named

    Welcome to the team Maggie
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  10. Kamil's blindfolded session @Montiggl, Italy

    Sit back and enjoy the next 3 minutes of laid back beats and extremely relaxed highlining footage. No fancy whirling around, no bounces, no tricks. Plain blindfold walking and exposure on a 150m long and 400m high highline.

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