Quirin Herterich

Quirin Herterich

Born and grown up in the german Alps I always had a strong relation to the mountains. I started rockclimbing in the early age of three years with my dad. Skiing and skimountaineering has always been a big part of my life from the age of four on. Also travelling and exploring new remote areas is a thing I learned from my dad at a very young age, summitting e.g. the highest mountain of Norway (Galdhøpiggen) in 2004.

I tryed an endless amount of outdoor sports yet such as rockclimbing, kayaking, freeriding, skimountaineering and many more. However since I succesfully ascended my first highline in 2013, highlining has been my biggest passion so far. Still I am constantly trying to combine highlining with other sports such as skimountaineering and rockclimbing. While Highlining I am always looking for new and challenging projects – and I love to push the limits of the sport. The biggest value in my life is the time I spend outside with good friends!

Personal Information

  • Born: 31.03.1994

Slack Vita :

  • 2019 First Ascend of “Sweet Blood” during Highline Project “Connecting Islands” 490m
  • 2019 Shared Ascend of 350 m long, 200 m high highline (Norway)
  • 2019 First Ascend of “Eivind” during alpine Highlineproject for Movie Production“A letter to Freedom” (120m long, 70m high; Lyngen Alps, Norway)
  • 2018 World record highlinewalk (2500m - Norway)
  • 2018 Crossing polyester Highline world record (shared, 1000m - Norway)2017 First ascend of Croatias longest Highline (shared, 400m)
  • 2017 Waterline world record (shared, 675m - China)
  • 2017 Second place with team Germany at speedline contest China – Wanfo Lake
  • 2016 Crossing of polyester world record Highline (800m - France)
  • 2016 First ascend of Albanias longest Highline (180m)
  • 2016 Personal record at Highline Extreme Festival (573m Switzerland)
  • 2016 Urban Highline world record (180m Germany)
  • 2015 Participation as Head Rigger at Highline Extreme Festival (Switzerland)
  • 2015 Participation as Head Rigger at Blue Mountains Highline Gathering (Australia)

  1. World Record: Highest Highline

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    Watch our video of a 680m highline in Croatia. The beauty and the destruction.
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  3. Winter Highline in the Alps

    Alpine winter highlining is for sure one of the biggest challenges a highliner could choose. You need to be really fast
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  4. Quirin plays local with his buddies

    "Play local" is the theme for highliners in 2020. raed athlete @quirinherterich went out with his buddies Lukas and Julian for a fun session in the Alps, this spot is 8km away from Quirin's home. ⁠

    Line: Cumulus https://raed-slacklines.com/cumulus-nylon-highline-webbing⁠

    Weblock:Riglock https://raed-slacklines.com/riglock⁠

    Anchor: Runner Twin Olympic 6mm rope https://raed-slacklines.com/gleistein-runnertwin-olympic-6mm⁠ 

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  5. Connecting Islands – Quirin Herterich's Sardegna highline project

    Quirin Herterich tells about his latest highline adventure between Sardegna and „Pan di Zucchero“ [german]
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  7. A picture from "the good old times...

    Raed athlete Quirin Herterich sent us this picture from "the good old times..." ;) Length of the line: 190m Height: 80m His personal comment on this one: "Training days - when the Tiroliners crew went out with 4 people to rig 5 Highlines and leave them up for four weeks. In this session i walked the line 2 times fullmen, back in the days this was pretty f***ing long for me." Get your own highline gear in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/ Photo Credits: Tessi Weber
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  8. Welcome to our athletes team: Quirin Herterich!

    Welcome to our raed athlete team: Quirin Herterich! Quirin is an extraordinary highliner. He holds the record for the longest distance ever walked on a Highline after walking non-stop 2,500 meters on the 2.8 km line in Norway 2018. This picture was taken in August 2019 at one of his homespots in Bavaria, Germany. Originally he wanted to go to Chamonix at this time but conditions there did not allow the team to do their project - so he invited the whole crew to hang out at his place and highline the bavarian homespots. Length: 80m Height: 70m Webbing: Double Rainbow Get your own Rainbow in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/rainbow-polyester-highline-webbing
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