Quirin Herterich

Quirin Herterich

Born and grown up in the german Alps I always had a strong relation to the mountains. I started rockclimbing in the early age of three years with my dad. Skiing and skimountaineering has always been a big part of my life from the age of four on. Also travelling and exploring new remote areas is a thing I learned from my dad at a very young age, summitting e.g. the highest mountain of Norway (Galdhøpiggen) in 2004.

I tryed an endless amount of outdoor sports yet such as rockclimbing, kayaking, freeriding, skimountaineering and many more. However since I succesfully ascended my first highline in 2013, highlining has been my biggest passion so far. Still I am constantly trying to combine highlining with other sports such as skimountaineering and rockclimbing. While Highlining I am always looking for new and challenging projects – and I love to push the limits of the sport. The biggest value in my life is the time I spend outside with good friends!

Personal Information

  • Born: 31.03.1994

Slack Vita :

  • 2019 First Ascend of “Sweet Blood” during Highline Project “Connecting Islands” 490m
  • 2019 Shared Ascend of 350 m long, 200 m high highline (Norway)
  • 2019 First Ascend of “Eivind” during alpine Highlineproject for Movie Production“A letter to Freedom” (120m long, 70m high; Lyngen Alps, Norway)
  • 2018 World record highlinewalk (2500m - Norway)
  • 2018 Crossing polyester Highline world record (shared, 1000m - Norway)2017 First ascend of Croatias longest Highline (shared, 400m)
  • 2017 Waterline world record (shared, 675m - China)
  • 2017 Second place with team Germany at speedline contest China – Wanfo Lake
  • 2016 Crossing of polyester world record Highline (800m - France)
  • 2016 First ascend of Albanias longest Highline (180m)
  • 2016 Personal record at Highline Extreme Festival (573m Switzerland)
  • 2016 Urban Highline world record (180m Germany)
  • 2015 Participation as Head Rigger at Highline Extreme Festival (Switzerland)
  • 2015 Participation as Head Rigger at Blue Mountains Highline Gathering (Australia)

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