Monthly Archives: April 2020

  1. 1 hour of continuous rodeoline surfing

    Do you need some inspiration for your lockdown slackline training? Raed athlete Pietro Barilli shows his routine: 1 complete hour of continuous rodeo surfing!
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  2. Connecting Islands – Quirin Herterich's Sardegna highline project

    Quirin Herterich tells about his latest highline adventure between Sardegna and „Pan di Zucchero“ [german]
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  3. How to install a rodeo slackline in your home

    Wanna see how Ryan from How NOT to Highline uses our RODEO weblock and Helium webbing to install his home rodeo line for the Corona lockdown time? Check his latest video. Bonus: It also includes many PRO tips from a professional house painter on how to remove traces like drilled holes etc. after you uninstall your home rodeo. So this is definitely worth watching! You can find the RODEO weblock in our shop: Helium webbing:
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  4. The new RigLock: A weblock with anti-slippage

    The RigLock is our most versatile weblock. It combines our BLNC weblock and a rigging plate into one device. And did we mention its anti-slippage-functionality? Have a close look at all the features in our video:
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  5. Unicycling on a highline

    Unicycling on a highline. Yes, it's really as impressive as it sounds. And the community of unicycle highliners is growing fast. Augustin showed his extraordinary skills at the @turkishhighlinecarnival this February - and everybody who was watching it this was very excited. His unicycle had an extra leash and no tire on the rim. The webbing of this line was Cumulus as main line and Parsec as backup. If you'd also like to unicycle on a slackline, this facebook group might be a good starting point for you: The best slackline gear for this kind of adventures can be found in our slackshop:
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  6. Maggie on 105m Rainbow at the THC 2020

    Do you have goals for 2020? raed athlete Maggie does: "More highlining than during the last years!" is what she told us some weeks after she finished her studies. So for her it's now time to get back from the desk onto many lines all over the world. Well... At least when this corona pandemy is finally over. In the picture she just went cruising on 105m of Rainbow webbing at the Turkish Highline carnival 2020. Get your own slackline gear in our shop:
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