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  1. Easy cruising on 170m Rainbow

    Life is often unfair. Sometimes you see people make impossible things look so easy. One of these guys is raed athlete Sebastian. When he cruises across a long highline, it mostly looks effortless for him. In this picture you can see him on a 175m line, rigged on 50m pieces of Rainbow, connected via DuraLaVida loops. Backup: 53m Parsec segments. Would you like to level the field and make it look easy for yourself? Go training. Become stronger. And enjoy cruising these lines. You can find all the gear for your lines in our slackshop:
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  2. Surf it, baby!

    Surf it, baby! One of Sebastians highly appealing highline moves is some immense surfbounce. 80m, 100m, 150m? Doesn't matter - as soon as he finds the sweet spot of a line, he just goes crazy on it. Here you can see him during the Midsummer Highline Meeting at the Aktienbruch quarry in Löbejün, Germany. Wanna go crazy on highliney yourself? Check out our slackshop and find all the gear you need:
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  3. The new RODEO weblock is here

    The next generation RODEO weblock is finally here! We received lots of feedback on our first version, so we collected all that feedback and improved the known version in many little details:
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  4. New Nylon Highline Webbing: CUMULUS

    You think our SuperMOTM kicked like a horse when you bounced it? Well, we got some news for you: CUMULUS is the roundhouse kick for your bouncy sessions! Soft, round, thick, smooth edges make it perfect for your bare feet and catches. With a weight of just 66g/m but 35 kN strength plus robust core/sheath design this webbing is also perfect for your remote highline spots. And the best of it: More than 8% stretch at 5 kN combined with a therma stretch/hydro shield covering makes your bounce sessions smoother and more controlled than ever before. Get your own Cumulus webbing in our slackshop:
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  5. Flo Zoller Highlining in Albania

    Flo, member of the very elitist 1k highliner club and raed athlete went to Albania a while ago with his buddies Quirin, Yannick and Justin for a highline project at a surfer beach. The footage they kept there is breathtaking! Sit back, relax and enjoy this clip of "Surfer's Paradise", a 180m highline right across a beautiful beach. P.S.: wanna rig your own highline projects? get all the gear you need in our slackshop:
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  6. 2018 High-Waterline Village Meeting in Cefalu on Sicily

    It's waterline week! 2018 High-Waterline Village Meeting in Cefalu on Sicily. Here's what raed athlete Kamil has to say about it: "Warm water in the bay, waterlines, deep water soloing and after these morning session we were often going to the highlines because waterlines are so much harder than highlines :P" For your waterlines we recommend a soft and round webbing, like our Rainbow or MOTM. You find them in our slackshop:
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