Monthly Archives: February 2019

  1. Daniel waterlines like Jesus ;)

    While summer is still a bit away in Europe, we like to remember the warmer days with a nice waterline picture. Here you can see Daniel doing it like Jesus himself on MOTM webbing. Get your own MOTM in our shop:
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  2. Flo won't stop his highline training in snowy winter

    Despite snow stacking hips deep on the ground and a continuing snow storm, raed athlete Flo appreciates to have found this opportunity to be on the highline during winter. Before walking he even had to remove a many centimeters thick layer of ice and snow from the 133m webbing of his permanent training rig. While all these circumstances made the line much more difficult to walk, he really liked this training opportunity for the warmer summer time to come very soon. That's the spirit! Get your own highline gear in our slackshop: pic: Lukas Riediger
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  3. Welcome to team raed: Thomas!

    We're happy to announce a new raed athlete in our team: Thomas! This guy has insane surfing skills, as you can see in the picture where he goes rad on our MOTM webbing. He is also easily mastering long highlines. You can read about Thomas' slacklife in his short summary:

    "I’ve been slacklining since 2011. It all started with a little piece of 15m gibbon slackline that my climbing coach gave me in order to improve my skills on the walls. I got addicted super fast and 4 years later, after I torn it apart by using a stupid piece of concrete anchor, I bought the surfer line from gibbon a 30m piece. But I got bored super quickly, I wanted more ! One week later I had my first longline setup with a piece of 150m polyester… I think It’s here that my real slackline journey started.

    Unfortunately like I was studying in the north of France I didn’t get the opportunity to highline so much. Only 3 sessions over three years. I realy started highlining in 2017 around Toulouse in South of France. And now after 1.5 years of practice over France and Europe I can proudly say that I’ve passed 460m, and 350m blindfolded. Even if I love walking long highlines, I’ve always been more passionate about surfing. I just love that pure graceful act of balance. It gets you into a flow very quickly and the sensations can be ridiculously insane… So between a huge long highline and a line that you can surf I would always choose the line that you can surf, regarless the beauty of the spot of course. Notice that my favourite setup to surf line is not nylon, but heavy polyester, at least 90gr, on 100 meters at least. I can also say that among all the hours of slacklining I’ve surfed more than I’ve walked."

    Welcome to the team, Thomas!

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