Welcome Ruben Langer to team raed slacklines!

Welcome Ruben Langer to team raed slacklines!

We welcome to our team: Ruben Langer from Dresden, Germany! Here's what Ruben has to say about himself:

"Hi, I'm Ruben, a Slackliner from Germany. I consider myself to be a Project Highliner. Making dreams come true by thinking outside the box and creatively overcoming difficulties is what amazes me the most about Slacklining.

I would like to share with you the 5 projects I'm most proud of:

  1. Tagging a 360m long and 100m high Highline with a Bald Eagle. (2019)
  2. 2. Planning, rigging, and completing a record-breaking 2130m long and 600m high Highline in the Arctic Circle of Sweden, known as the "#Lapportenproject." (2021)
  3. 3. Organizing a Highline meeting for 70 participants. (2022)
  4. 4. Walking the longest human-powered Highline. (2022)

Other than Highlining, I enjoy paragliding, scuba diving, and rock climbing."

We're happy to have Ruben in our team. With his in depth knowledge about highlining he will help us to create better gear for everybody in the slackline community.

Webbing in the video: Dyneemite PRO. You can get it in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/dyneemite-pro-ultralight-highline-project-webbing

Weblocks in the video: TiLock: You can get it in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/tilock

Leash in the video: PRO leash set. You can get it in our slackshop: https://raed-slacklines.com/pro-leash-set

Keep the balance :)

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