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TiLock is the highest evolution weblock in the market. Ultralight Titanium components. Athlete proven features for maximum safety. Radical design for harsh alpine highline conditions.

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TiLock is the highest evolution weblock in the market. Ultralight Titanium components. Athlete proven features for maximum safety. Radical design for harsh alpine highline conditions.

Our TiLock can be configured:

  • Width of 25mm (classic webbings) or 19mm (narrow webbings like Dyneemite PRO and X-Wing)
  • Titanium PushPins or Stainless Steel PushPins

Weblock body made of ultralight high strength Titanium

Titanium is a magical material: At the light weight of Aluminium it provides the impressive strength of the strongest steel alloy. This material property allows us to create a weblock body in FrameTec design that's optimized for all the loads of modern highlines - at an absolutely minimized weight. But that's not enough: Titanium is also highly resistant to cyclic loading fatigue, corrosion and external impacts. This makes it the perfect material for a weblock that's used in harsh alpine highline conditions. TiLock's radical design also makes a very good impression in the park of course ;)
The FrameTec design allows for very high side plates, so the webbing is perfectly protected from external influences like rock abrasion. During pretensioning the webbing is also guided perfectly smooth.

Icons TiLock Titanium weblock

Easy Soft Release attachment via PushPin

TiLock comes with a PushPin at the rear end for the soft release attachment. This doesn't only make inserting the soft release much easier - it also allows the use of a half length soft release compared to a weblock without the pushpin - at the same release length! So this pin makes rigger's life easier and saves you weight.

TiLock Titanium Weblock - Soft Release
TiLock Weblock - SlipLock Webbing slippage mitigation

SlipLock for webbing slippage mitigation

Webbing slippage is one of the most common causes in highline accidents so far. There are also several known incidents of severe webbing slippage even though the weblock had a webbing tieback. TiLock comes with SlipLock, raed's most capable anti slipping mechanism so far. This mechanism utilizes an additional carabiner (you always have one at your harness anyways, right?) to create a highly effective slipping prevention. It's very easy to install and very easy to uninstall. SlipLock has proven to work very well even with ultralight hightech webbings too. No more complicated knots - just use SlipLock.

Highest Quality PushPins - Made in Germany

Cheap Asian pushpins have shown to fail many times which has lead to several highline accidents - we only use German highest quality pins that are even certified for the use in aircraft. They're certainly not the cheapest - but they're safe.
You can choose between Titanium Pins or High Strength Steel Pins. The titanium pins are significantly lighter while the steel pins are much cheaper, we'll leave the choice to your preferences. Of course we also use shorter length pushpins for the 19mm weblock width - every single gram counts ;)

TiLock Weblock - Pushpins made in Germany
TiLock Titanium weblock WebCap

WebCap Design

Regular weblocks can't handle untensioned webbings in a safe way. TiLock's WebCap design allows capturing the webbing in untensioned scenarios like highline backups. This ensures a safe guidance of the untensioned webbing into the weblock in case of a sudden load like a backup fall. This little feature is overlooked by many - but you'll love this extra layer of safety once you really need it!

100% engineered and made in Germany

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