DuraLaVida 2.0 - Next Generation Split Highline Design

DuraLaVida 2.0 - the next generation split highline design

Current split highline designs like the Inov split or T-Loops are:

  • difficult to connect
  • hard to double check
  • very bulky for your leashrings to pass over
  • surprisingly weak

DuraLaVida solved many of these problems about 2 years ago. But with DuraLaVida 2.0 we now finally aim to solve all of these problems. We're proud to introduce a split highline design with these properties:

  • easy to connect
  • very easy to double check
  • extremely compact and easy to tape down
  • the strongest sewn connections 

We created a short video to showcase all of the details of DuraLaVida 2.0, please enjoy it: 

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