Highline World Record!

Highline World Record!

2710m: New Highline World Record walked by raed athlete Julien Roux!

2710m. 2h 54min on the line, holding the arms up and being fully focussed on nothing but the next step. Raed athlete Julien Roux from France sent the world record line of the Twentysevenhundreds project. They incorporated 800m of Dyneemite PRO / Pulsar into the line, to make the center part easily walkable and to minimize the influence of wind. That's what these webbings are absolutely perfect for! If you'd like to read about all of Julien's emotions during and after this walk, we highly recommend to read his instagram post about it!

Spot: Col de la Croix Saint-Robert, Auvergne, France

Julien's first attempt : 3rd of august from 11:00 to 12:50 (leashfall at 1750m)

Julien's second attempt : 13th of august « Now or never » 01:30 to 04:24 (by night, under the full moon with the shooting stars)


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