A highline sunset session in sardegna

A highline sunset session in sardegna

A sunset session with a walk directly into the sunset is one of the most iconic things every highliner dreams about. Here's what raed athlete Soraya has to tell about this one:

"Before we went to Sardinia we did some research and had contact with a local highliner. He had never rigged the line at Capo Testa but he knew it has been done before. The information that he could give us was: bolting is not aloud. Everything is rigged natural.

We needed to go to this place as we got mesmerized by the pictures in the climbing topo.

After a short walk we entered the valley. I was impressed. The shapes of the rocks where fascinating and the highline was obvious. We scrambled/climbed up on both sides to check out the anchors and made a plan. You have to be creative when you rig a natural anchor what makes it a lot of fun. To rig a 155m highline in a team of 2 can be a challenge. It's always hard work but everything went smooth. Just before sunset we finished the highline and we could have the cherry on the cake: a beautiful session at sunset."

Line specs: 155m Double Rainbow ( https://raed-slacklines.com/rainbow-polyester-highline-webbing ) Anchors: all natural Location: Capo Testa, Sardinia Picture: Tom Peek

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