Bouncing on a tubular nylon slackline is fun

Playing around on tubular nylon slacklines is the most fun you could get. Bouncing around nearly weightless like the man on the moon. Feeling the high stretch when going up and down. Surfing from side to side like on a huge wave in the ocean. The easiest way ta feel what I mean is to try our MOTM tubular nylon slackline webbing. Its key tech specs: It weighs only 56 g/m, has a breaking strength of 27 kN and some high stretch of more than 14%. It takes some effort to tension it, but when you got it right, you will definitely LOOOOOVE the bounce of it. Promise! P.S.: Of course there are other tubes on the market, Philipp even wrote a huge comparison of them all. But we are convinced: If you like to feel like the man on the moon, you absolutely need to get MOTM. tubular nylon slackline webbing.
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