New product: raed sling trainer from recycled slackline gear

Do you want to become a better and stronger slackliner? We have the right training tool for you, completely made from slackline components: The raed sling trainer

A slingtrainer is the perfect training tool for your core stability. The raed suspension trainer is a very simple but powerful tool that makes you stronger everytime you use it. And it's fun to take it to the park too: Connect it to a branch of a tree and train after a slackline session. You will love the feeling of getting stronger outdoors.

sling trainer

There are 2 versions of our slingtrainer available. The brand new version is built from new materials. New pulley, new rope, new carabiner and so on. The recycled version of our sling trainer is very environmental friendly. It comes with recycled pulleys, carabiners and slings from used slackline sets and pulley systems. So this slackline gear gets a new life after its awesome slackline use. You will see that it had a great life as slackline gear before and it will still bring you environmental friendly fun and huge training effects.

Every part is completely tested for safety of course. Every part of our raed sling trainer is made in Germany and oringinally made for the daily slackline use. The webbing for the slings is made from our most famous MOTM for example. It's so smooth and soft, it's just perfect to snuggle it to your wrists in training sessions. The pulley on the other hand is from our PRO pulley system. It's completely frictionless, so it challenges you for really intense body engagement during your training sessions. You see: every single part is very strong and robust. This sling trainer will be your best training buddy for years and it will make you as strong as you never believed to be. Go hard or go home ;) 

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