Howto: Build a Sling Trainer from recycled slackline and climbing gear

Winter days are training days. One of the most effective training tools to become a stronger slackliner is a sling trainer. This is how you can build your own simple and effective sling trainer  from old slackline and climbing gear, you don't want to use anymore. Here's what you need:

Gear used for building a slingtrainer

  • 1 piece of rope between 4m and 8m, depending on the height you want to use it
  • 1 pulley,
  • 1 carabiner,
  • 1 6mm Paracord sling, 1-2m
  • 2 3mm Paracord slings, 50 cm each
  • 2 pieces of webbing, 1m each (we use MOTM tubular nylon webbing here)


Step 1: Connect the pulley to the carabiner and thread the rope through the pulley. Build your own slingtrainer



Step 2: Connect one 3mm Paracord via a Prusik Hitch to each strand of the rope. Use an overhand knot to tie the ends of the Paracord. Build your own slingtrainer


Step 3: Connect the webbing pieces to the prusik slings. Tie the ends of the webbing with an overhand knot Build your own slingtrainer


Step 4: Connect the 6mm Paracord to the carabiner. Use the Cord to attach your sling trainer to a branch or a hook in your wall. Build your own slingtrainer


You are ready for training now! Have a look at the inspiring training videos in our Sling Trainer page

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