Lightweight Slackline Anchors

Longline sets used to be heavy and bulky over the last years. But somehow times change and things get better - and lighter. Time for us to take a closer look on slackline anchor systems from the perspective of their weight.

Longline anchors usually work the same way: you wrap some kind of sling around a tree and connect your slackline gear to it. But this is where the similarities end. There are many differences in slackline anchors. Some brands use relabeled spansets that are known from industry rigging, others use modified webbing and a quite new approach is the use of spliced Dyneema rope.

For our comparison we took the most known longline brands and added the weights of their anchor components: the anchor sling itself plus the treeprotection that is usually sold along. Let's keep it short & simple, these are the results, sorted from lightweight to heavyweight:

slackline anchors by weight

  1. raed whoopie + TreePRO (894 g per set)
  2. BC adjustable sling + TreeLite (1024 g per set)
  3. Slacktivity adjustable sling + Treeprotector (1380 g per set)
  4. SlacklineTools Baumschlinge + Landcruising TreePlus (1760 g per set)
  5. Landcruising Spanset + Landcruising TreePlus (2580 g per set)

slackline anchors: potential weight savings

As you can see, there is a very easy way to save lots of weight in your slackline backpack. The difference between the commonly used combination of spansets / TreePlus and whoopies / TreePRO is more than 1650 grams. Thats the equivalent of a 1.5l water bottle!

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