Parsec Longline webbing is now stronger than ever before

Parsec is the most famous longline webbing webbing from raed slacklines. New tensile tests of this awesome piece of weavery show: It's stronger than ever before. The first generation of Parsec achieved a breaking strength of about 36 kN - we added some safety margin and it was sold as a 33 kN webbing.

The latest development of this webbing makes it even stronger. Tensile tests assure a minimum breaking strength of more than 37.5 kN in average. And again we add some safety margin. Parsec is now sold as 35 kN longline webbing. These improvements don't change anything on the price of Parsec webbing of course. You can buy it in our online shop for the best price possible. 

Always be safe and keep the balance - on strong Parsec webbing :)

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