tensile test raed PRO weblock 2016 vs 2017

Destruction pr0n ftw: In preparation for the International Slackline Association - ISA safety certification of weblocks we performed some internal tests of our weblocks. And we want to share the results with you. On a highline your life might depend on our gear. That's why we believe it's important for you to know that you can trust Raed Slacklines gear under all the weirdest circumstances and under heaviest conditions. In this test we performed a single wrap with Parsec webbing on both weblocks. The recent 2017 version and the discontinued 2016 version. As you can see, the webbing slips once in the 2016 version at 25 kN. At 30 kN the webbing breaks in the 2016 model. In the recent 2017 model no slipping occures and a breaking strength of more than 30 kN is maintained. Stay safe and keep the balance!
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