Beginner Longline Set

Beginner Longline Set

Advanced Longline Set

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Our Advanced Longline Set is the right kit if you want to hit that magic 100m mark very soon. It comes with our BLNC 9:1 Pulley System - a true powerhouse with a max 45x mechanical advantage. It also brings the strong BLNC weblock, everything you need for your anchors, as much longline webbing as you like and all the small finesses to make your slacklife easy. This is the perfect kit for ambitious longliners who want to get the most performance for their money.

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Advanced Longline Set
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Sewn Loop End   + €13.95
BLNC 9:1 pulleys incl. brake   + €302.15
PRO Double Multiplier Pulley   + €39.95
Spanset Black 3m 10kN   + €16.95
Omega Stainless Steel Shackle 12mm w/ Captive Pin   + €13.95
RopeGrabber   + €14.99
2* Felt TreeProtection   + €9.99

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Advanced Longline Set
Advanced Longline Set

In stock



    Because you don't want 5 guys to pull for your longline.
    Because you want to have fun on the line - not rigging it.
    Because you don't want to carry heavy gear to your slackspot.

    Our BLNC 9:1 pulley system is the strongest affordable longline pulley system on this planet. It combines:

    • The strong BLNC 9:1 Pulley System
    • Abrasion resistant pulley rope with PES core and Technora cover
    • Our Power Pulley multiplier
    • The awesome Rope Grabber
    • Strong shackles to connect to your anchor

    Do you need any special configuration you can't find here? Different rope? Different connectors? Drop us an email: - we will do our best to make you absolutely happy.

    BLNC 9:1 slackline pulley system

    BLNC 9:1 Pulley System

    We know you rather want to have fun on the line than rigging it. The well engineered design of the BLNC 9:1 slackline pulley system makes it the most efficient tensioning system ever seen in slacklining. The integrated zero friction brake and the built-in industry standard ball bearings allow tensioning longlines of more than 100 m with 1 person in less than 5 minutes. The times when 5 guys had to pull and sweat for 30 minutes to tension one line are over now. Easily attach shackles to the big connector holes and attach it to any type of anchor. Even a backup pin for the rope is included.  

    Pulley Rope

    The pulley system includes some very lightweight but robust 6mm rope with PES core and Technora cover. This rope is so strong and extremely abrasion resistant, yet very affordable.

    Concerning rope length: 40m of rope is enough to tension 100m of low stretch webbing like Parsec or 40m of high stretch webbing like MOTM in a flat park for a high tension line. 60m of rope equals 150m / 60m, 80m of rope equals 200m / 80m, If you prefer saggy lines, you might need less rope. Of course the rope comes preinstalled, so you don't have to hassle around with assembling, knots and so on. You're ready to go slacklining!

    Rope length depends on your line length and the tension you need to create to set your line up. You can calculate the rope length needed for your line in our slackline tension calculator

    P.S.: the rope color may vary depending on availability.

    raed PolyTwin 6mm TEC
    raed PRO slackline Pulley System Multiplier

    Power Pulley Multiplier

    The integrated Power Pulley and the double multiplier pulley with prusik cord give you additional strength of 5 strong men for your longest projects. It increases the strength of the base pulley system from 9:1 to 27:1 or even 45:1!

    Rope Grabber

    The patented Rope Grabber is an awesome piece of gear. It lets you grab any thin rope to pull it as hard as you can. But it's not like ascenders you might know from climbing. It has no movable parts so nothing can break. It weights only 52 grams. And it is extremely easy to use. If you used it once you will never want to miss it again - promised!

    Rope Grabber
    BLNC weblock

    BLNC Weblock

    The raed BLNC weblock fits naturally to your tensioning system. It's very easy to handle and pretension, lightweight thanks to its Frame Tec sidewalls and Hollow Tec Divider and very strong because it's made of ROC Solid steel. This is the right choice for your longline set!

    Parsec Longline Webbing

    Parsec is our awesome Polyester Longline Webbing for all your very ambitious longline and highline projects. Its low stretch makes it very easy to tension which is ideal for longlines of 100 m and more. With a huge breaking strength of 33 kN Parsec can be used for longlines up to 400 m and it provides a huge safety margin for your highlines. Due to an innovative Hydra Shield coating the webbing is very resistant to water, dust and dirt so you will have long-lasting fun with Parsec wherever your projects will lead you. The fine woven structure of the webbing makes it nice to walk and gives a gentle feeling for your feet and hands.

    Parsec Polyester Longline webbing
    Rope Grabber

    Anchor Slings

    Our 3m Spansets are long enough for big trees. With a breaking strength of 6 tons the are extremely strong and abrasion resistant. And due to their wide design they are very tree friendly too. And did we mention they're also very affordable? The right choice for a beginner longline set!

    100% engineered and made in Germany

    Please make sure to read and understand the MANUAL INSTRUCTIONS PDF before using the raed slacklines Longline Set.

    More Information
    webbing materialPolyester
    webbing width25mm
    optimized forLonglines
    optimal length50, 70, 100, 150

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