FUN Kit - Beginner Slackline Set 20m

FUN Kit - Beginner Slackline Set 20m

Primitive Slackline Set Configurator

Primitive Slackline Set Configurator

Ninja Slackline Set

The Ninja Slackline Set will let you make your first tricks on a slackline: Big bounces, crazy surfs and maybe your first jump tricks!

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Ninja Slackline Set
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Aurora highline webbing   + €1.99
Sewn Loop End   + €13.95
Oval Steel Carabiner   + €11.50
Anchorsling RED   + €6.95
2 * Seasure D-Ring Linelocker   + €7.99
2* Felt TreeProtection   + €9.99

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Ninja Slackline Set
Ninja Slackline Set

In stock



    The Ninja Slackline Set will let you make your first tricks on a slackline: Big bounces, crazy surfs and maybe your first jump tricks! It contains powerful, bouncy webbing and is easy to setup. Just configure your preferred length of webbing, the rest of this kit is put together with love and an eye for comfort and quality.

    The NINJA Slackline Set contains the following components:

    • powerful and bouncy AURORA webbing with a sewn loop at one end
    • 4 strong shackles for highest safety and easy setup
    • Wide anchor slings and felt tree protection for highest treefriendliness
    • D-Rings as linelockers

    Do you need a special configuration you can't find here? Check out our Slackline Set Configurator

    AURORA webbing

    AURORA Webbing

    Aurora makes you shine like magic in the sky. This is the most fun, bounciest, softest, roundest polyester highline webbing we've ever made. The puffed edges feel like velvet during catches. And the 31 kN MBS gives you the comfort of high safety even in your craziest bounce tricks. Shine in the sky!

    Easy setup without heavy ratchet

    The 5 minutes quick setup of the line is done without any heavy objects like a ratchet. This will make it much easier for you to find balance in static yoga poses without irritating vibrations of heavy objects in the line

    Setting up the line follows a truly simple principle. It's so simple, it's called the "primitive system" a.k.a. "ellington pulley system". All you need to tension your line is 3 carabiners, that's it. Please watch the short tutorial video above to see how quick and easy it is.

    Primitive Slackline Ellington pulley system
    Tree friendly slackline slings and treeprotection

    100% Tree Friendly

    The Yoga Slackline Set comes with extra wide anchor slings, so the pressure on the tree is spread to a big surface to prevent damages on the tree. It also contains soft felt tree protection mats which protect the bark from abrasion. This setup is according to modern standards of the ISA - International Slackline Association. Please download their flyer to see how to install a slackline without harming the tree.

    More Information
    MBS (kN)22
    webbing materialPolyester
    webbing width25mm
    optimized forLowlines
    optimal length25
    webbing stretchmid stretch

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