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HUMBOLDT - Ultralight Travel Slackline Set

The HUMBOLDT Ultralight Travel Slackline Set is the lightest slackline set on the planet! It weighs only 780g in total for a 15m kit.

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HUMBOLDT - Ultralight Travel Slackline Set
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Eclipse - lightweight webbing   + €0.69
Sewn Loop End   + €13.95
RODEO weblock   + €64.95
Helium Anchorsling   + €16.99
Eclipse Soft Release - super short   + €15.99
Ultralight Treepro Felt Patches   + €4.99

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HUMBOLDT - Ultralight Travel Slackline Set
HUMBOLDT - Ultralight Travel Slackline Set

In stock



    Because you want the lightest for your travels
    If Alexander von Humboldt would have slacklined, he would have used this set. The HUMBOLDT Ultralight Travel Slackline Set is the lightest and smallest packing slackline set on the planet! It weighs only 780g in total for a 15m kit.

    The HUMBOLDT Ultralight TRavel Slackline Set comes with:

    • ultralight Eclipse webbing
    • super small RODEO weblock
    • Helium Treesling
    • Eclipse Soft Release for (De-) Tensioning
    • 4 small treepro felt patches

    Do you need any special configuration you can't find here? Different webbing or another length? Drop us an email: - we will do our best to make you absolutely happy.

    Eclipse webbing

    Ultralight: The weight of mere 30g/m makes walking on this webbing easier than you could ever imagine. It literally feels like cheating. Of course it makes carrying a big rig to the spot much easier too!

    16 kN MBS: This webbing provides enough strength for a travel set while being lightweight and affordable. The perfect combination of specs for travelers, right?

    Small Packing: This webbing is surprisingly thin, so 15m of it can be packed up incredibly small.

    5% stretch: Tensioning a line has never been that easy while it provides enough bounce for fun sessions

    Eclipse Ultralight Polyester Slackline Webbing
    raed RODEO weblock

    RODEO weblock

    You don't want any additional weight dangling around in your loose rodeoline. An incredible weight of merely 57 gram makes RODEO without any doubt the lightest fully functional weblock on the planet. And yet it's strong: With a MBS of 17 kN this weblock is precisely engineered for your surfy rodeo lines. The cnc milled 7075 aluminium body provides a high safety margin and a soft shackle attachment point allows for the lowest weighing setup ever. Of course it's easy to pretension too. So what are you waiting for? Go lightweight and surf BIIIG!

    The anchor point of RODEO is compatible to a 3mm soft shackle or your soft release, so it can easily be used in low tension park lines too.

    P.S.: If you're looking for a perfect webbing companion for your RODEO weblock, look no further: Eclipse webbing is the perfect choice.

    Attention: RODEO may never be used in highlines.

    Eclipse SoftRelease (super short)

    The Eclipse soft release allows you to easily tension and detension your line. Just wrap it 4-5 times between RODEO and the soft shackle - now you're set for tensioning or detensioning your line. Simple, huh?

    Eclipse Soft Release
    Helium Anchorsling

    Helium Treesling

    The Helium Treesling is an incredibly lightweight, yet robust and long living anchor sling

    More Information
    MBS (kN)16
    webbing materialPolyester
    webbing width25mm
    optimized forLowlines
    optimal length25
    webbing stretch @ 5kN5%
    webbing stretchmid stretch

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