HALO Titanium Highline Leash Ring

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The raed HALO Titanium Highline Leash Ring is an ultralight yet big, extremely strong leash ring for your highline leash. MBS: 88 kN, Inner diameter: 72 mm, Weight: 58 g
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HALO Titanium Highline Leash Ring

The raed HALO Titanium Highline Leash Ring is an ultralight, yet big and extremely strong ring for your highline leash.

It's completely made of Titanium, the metal with the best mechanic properties for engineering ultralight high strength gear. Compared to Aluminium and Steel it has by far the best strength to weight ratio - this allows us to design the HALO leash ring with the least amount of material at a maximum of strength. Titanium has no significant fatigue effects, so it won't crack under cyclic loading. This property, combined with a breaking strength of 88 kN provides full confidence to only use one leash ring in your highline leash. 


The huge inner diameter of 72 mm lets the HALO Leashring easily pass across split connections and backup loops. The optimized inner geometry provides a big contact surface between ring and webbing - a feature that minimizes the wear of your webbing in leashfalls. 

The HALO Leash Ring is certified for the use in highlines after ISA:37 by the International Slackline Association. This is the highest international safety standard and quality control available for highline gear. 

Always make sure to fully read and understand the user manual before using highline gear: https://raed-slacklines.com/media/attachment/file/r/a/raed-leash-manual_1.pdf

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weight 58 g
Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Optimized for Highlines, Waterlines
breaking strength 88 kN
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