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Freestyle TrickZone Sleeve - 5m

T-Loop sewings

T-Loop sewings

Webbing repair service

2-3 Tage
Repair service for one damaged area in your slackline webbing.
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Webbing repair service

Repair service for one damaged area in your slackline webbing. The repair service is available for all brands' webbings. Our professional webbing repair service will check the webbing and offer you options how to repair it for a second #slacklife
This way we increase the sustainability and reduce plastic trash. A win for every slacker and the environment!

Please send your webbing to our shop's address and mark the damaged area(s) in a clearly visible way, so we can easily find them.


Service contains either cutting and resewing the damaged area or sewing a reinforcement to one damaged area.

If your webbing has multiple damaged areas, please add multiple repair services to your cart.

The webbing needs to be clean for repairing. Dirty, sandy or dusty webbings can not be sewn, this would damage our machines. We claim the right to reject webbings that are not clean enough for safe sewing. 

Please be aware: Used webbings lose strength over time. The strength of the repair service highly depends on the remaining strength of your webbing. Therefore repaired webbings are not certified for use in highlines - so we only recommend the use in park lines after repairing. 

Shipping cost depends on the weight of your webbing. After repair service we will send you a link for the shipment. The webbing will be sent back to your adress after all repair work and the shipment cost have been paid. 

Happy second slacklife :D 

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