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The PRO slackline weblock is the perfect compagnon to our PRO pulley system and a perfect standalone weblock. It's easy to pretension, keeps your webbing safe, it's very lightweight, yet extremely strong and easy to handle. What else would you expect from a perfect weblock?
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PRO Weblock-20

The PRO Weblock is the result of many years of development at raed slacklines. In this version we added all our technologies to equip you with the best weblock we can imagine. And best means to us many very valuable characteristics:

  • PRE TNSN Tec for easiest pretensioning
  • FRAME TEC for best webbing guidance at lowest weight
  • Quick Lock PushPins for easiest handling
  • large Hollow Tec Diverter for best webbing strength at lowest weight
  • ROCsolid steel for best strength and durability

PRO slackline weblock


One of the most convenient features of our PRO weblock is the easy pretensioning. We optimized the geometry to provide a very easy pretensioning that is very safe at the same time and locks the webbing in a relieable manner. Because that's what you expect from a weblock, right?


The PRO weblock keeps the webbing in the right place like a frame keeps an image in the right and secure place. We added higher side walls for thicker or doubled webbings and we introduce a bow in the front which guides the webbing perfectly but makes it possible to slip out on a highline across the weblock without the pain of the spikes some other weblocks cause.

PRO slackline weblock
PRO slackline weblock

Quick Lock PushPins

The PRO Weblock comes with 2 extremely strong PushPins made of 17-4 PH steel. They are extremely convenient to use and keep weblock and webbing always in the right place. With a simple push on the button you can release them without any resistance. You'll love them.


Our webbing diverter is mostly made of air - lightweight air. The rest of it is made of high strength aluminium. This is the only part we use aluminium, because the load is carried by three high strength steel axes. This beaultiful combination allows us to drop the weight of our weblock to 306 grams including both PushPins. At the same time the diverter is large, so it remains about 95% of your webbing's strength. Light and strong - that's how you like it, right?

PRO slackline weblock

Safe Tieback

This is the raed approved method to tieback the raed PRO weblock and the raed BLNC weblock if you use them in loose slacklines and want to prevent slippage or tail walking. This method is not necessary if you use the raed RigLock, it brings its own anti slippage prevention. Stay safe and keep the balance!

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Lieferzeit 2-3 Tage
Optimized for Highlines, Longlines, Waterlines, Lowlines, Highline Freestyle
breaking strength 62 kN
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